Integrating Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer with Oracle JET

There are many map components in the world out there—and I have documented how to integrate several of them in an Oracle JET application, e.g., 3DCityDB, Mapbox, Leaflet, and LuciadRIA

However, Oracle has its own map component, as described in detail below, which includes the Oracle Maps Javascript library:

Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer is a development toolkit for incorporating interactive maps and spatial analyses. It is (more...)

Translating Oracle JET Applications

The Oracle JET MOOC starts on Monday. When we talk about Oracle JET we always say that it solves "enterprise challenges". One of these is internationalization/localization/translation of JavaScript applications. Recently I started playing with the translation features of Oracle JET and they're pretty impressive. Really, if you want to create JavaScript applications that need to be translated, you should look no further than Oracle JET.

Let's start by looking at the result of a small (more...)

Sign Up Free, Today: Oracle JET MOOC

A lot of work has gone into the preparation of something completely different—an enterprise JavaScript MOOC (massive open on-line course) via Oracle JET, which will start coming Monday, 22 August. Oracle JET is a set of best practices, recommendations, architectures, templates, and components for enterprise JavaScript applications.

There are over 1,000 subscribers to the MOOC so far. The MOOC will take 3 weeks of your time, the first week starting on Monday, 22 August. (more...)

What Are Your Favorite NetBeans Features?

What are your favorite NetBeans features? Damir Demirović from Serbia answers that question today in a new article on JAXenter. An extract:

Read the article here:

Code Sharing for NetBeans Developers!

Through the years, a recurring request by developers everywhere—not least among NetBeans users—is a facility for collaborative development. In a new article on JAXenter, I share info on two platforms for snippet sharing and how neatly they integrate into NetBeans IDE.

Some extracts: 

The full article:

Favorite NetBeans Features!

The full article is here on JAXenter: