Lazybones Meets NetBeans (Part 1)

| Aug 30, 2014

One of the things I learned about at JCrete is Lazybones, which is a command-line tool, similar to what Grails, Gradle, and Play provide, for bootstrapping new projects.

In particular, Andres Almiray (@aalmiray) is interested in seeing a NetBeans plugin for Lazybones. The starting point for creating such a plugin is to install Lazybones and run it from the command-line, to make sure everything is set up correctly. Once you've done that, (more...)

JCrete 2014

| Aug 29, 2014

When you go to a conference, specifically a software programming conference, even more specifically a Java conference, you hold certain things to be self-evident. For example, there'll be a program, there'll be organizers, there'll be rooms, there'll be chairs. There'll be a ceiling.

Well, no such thing at JCrete, an invitation-only conference that strives to invite around 70 people in total. (Nice and small and intimate, and if it were any larger, the process described (more...)