Java in the Trenches

Java has been driven into the trenches, some years ago already.

More or less the general consensus appears to be that the frontend battle has been won by JavaScript.

So, what's the role for Java in this brave new world? More or less the general consensus appears to be that Java has great value on the backend. The Java EE Platform is awesome in that it consists of specifications agreed upon across the industry, whereas (more...)

YouTube: WADL-Driven REST Client Generation

Did you know you can (1) let Jersey generate a WADL file and (2) let NetBeans generate REST client stubs from the WADL file? No? Well, watch this screencast to see it all in action:

YouTube: Defect Driven Design!

Every now and then, this very specific YouTube clip needs to be republished to the world, simply because it is so awesome!

Free: Inject Extra Power into the Browser!

Are you getting everything you can out of your browser? Sure, the browser can do so much more with new and richer content than a few years ago. However, did you know you can connect it to your development environment?

Install the free NetBeans Connector plugin into the Chrome browser and you're good to go:

Once you've installed the above, what can you do with it?

Quite a lot! Here are some small examples:

So, (more...)