Enum Code Completion in NetBeans IDE

Enum code completion in NetBeans IDE 8.1:

Compared to previous versions, e.g., NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 below:

See: https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=251669

NetBeans Find Usages Includes Dependencies

Normally, in NetBeans, when you do "Find Usages" (Alt-F7), you get less than you might expect. Here, I'm doing "Find Usages" on org.jdesktop.beansbinding.Converter in the Client Editor sample project that is in the New Project wizard in the IDE:

The result is, unlike what you might expect, that the usages of the class are only found in the project classes:

However... in NetBeans IDE 8.1 (development builds already available here and (more...)

VisualVM Convincingly Wins RebelLabs Java Productivity Report

The RebelLabs annual Developer Productivity Report has been released and has focused very specifically on Java performance. Having gathered data from over 1,500 participants, the report defined key characteristics of performance teams and applications and found that the common cause of issues are inefficient application code and too many database queries.

Those of us interested in the tools domain, should take note of the following statistics in the report, in response to the question "Which (more...)

New NetBeans Books in 2015

Each year brings new books about NetBeans. That's a given, at this point in time. This year's crop is particularly fine, with Apress, Packt, and Murach all bringing out completely new titles around NetBeans. Jump in, the water's fine, there's something for everyone:

And maybe there are others that I've left out here? Let me know! We'd love to promote any new book that is either about NetBeans or that uses or refers (more...)

My Current NetBeans Look

Quite happy with it. I set --fontsize 14 in 'netbeans.conf' file and am using the first of the two Dark Look and Feel Themes, from the plugin of the same name in the Plugin Manager. Also, Consolas 18 Bold is the font I am using. Click to enlarge the image below to get the complete impression:

Selenium for Java in NetBeans IDE

Selenium is a popular browser automation framework. There's a good introduction and examples here. Let's see how to use it in NetBeans IDE, for Java applications, without installing plugins. 

In the upcoming NetBeans IDE 8.1 (already available as development builds), create your Maven Java EE project, which will give you this:

In the New File dialog, you'll find Selenium test files:

When you select the Selenium Test Case above and click Next and (more...)

YouTube: Crossroads.js for Enterprise JavaScript Applications

A common routing solution for JavaScript applications is Crossroads.js. Using this blog entry, here's how to understand and get started with Crossroads.js:

Watch more NetBeans videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/NetBeansVideos

New Book: Learn Java with NetBeans IDE

"We chose NetBeans because we think it's the best IDE for beginners and because it will help you to learn faster. It's also easy to use, free, and runs on all operating systems."

In the latest big fat (660 pages) Murach book, NetBeans IDE plays a key role:

The cover features NetBeans quite prominently:

Get it here: https://www.murach.com/shop/murachs-beginning-java-with-netbeans-detail