100 NetBeans t-shirts for NetBeans Day Munich!

Sponsored by Blue4IT in the Netherlands, here are 100 NetBeans t-shirts, ready for NetBeans Day in Germany tomorrow:

The above is more of the 2nd edition of the NetBeans Community T-Shirt. The 3rd edition is being planned, we'll have to squeeze things up a bit to fit the next set of sponsors into the puzzle! 

See the full program for tomorrow's NetBeans Day, which includes Jaroslav Tulach, Adam Bien, Toni Epple, and several more (more...)

Skeleton Node Hierarchy with Login on GitHub

The series continues with a login scenario:


Here's what you get, initially the same as last time, though this time no child nodes are available. Right-clicking on the node brings up the popup menu below:

When clicking on the popup menu, the dialog below is shown:

And, finally, if, and only if "foo/bar" is the "user/password", a new first level node is created in the hierarchy, together with all the children of the (more...)