Open LaTeX Studio

Open LaTeX Studio is a lightweight LaTeX editor, with LaTeX code syntax highlight, code completion and live preview of the document in edition. It allows generating PDF files from the editor and provides Dropbox support, by allowing to connect the application with the Dropbox account, saving and uploading files to the remote directories and providing version control of the remote files. The application is delivered for the Windows and Linux platforms.

The project is Open (more...)

NetBeans Day Twente

Today NetBeans Day was held in Twente, which is an area in the east of the Netherlands, with a high population of grass and farm animals. The turnout was great, exactly as expected, though the narrow focus on MooTools, while relevant for the audience, limited active participation to cows only:

The photo above was taken during the workshop "JavaScript Developers Are Basically Sheep", which had as a subtitle "Weakly Typed Languages Are For (more...)