Distinct Icons per Java Type in NetBeans IDE

| Jul 23, 2014

For details:

Many thanks Hermien Pellissier from South Africa for raising this issue! It will be available from NetBeans IDE 8.0.1 onwards.


| Jul 22, 2014

The recently held NetBeans Platform course in Leipzig has resulted in a very nice enhancement for the NetBeans Platform community. It can be read about here, by its author Daniel Koll, from Aachen:

TopComponentGroup mit Annotation

No worries if you don't understand German. All you need to understand is Java! 

To get started with this enhancement, do a checkout:

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/topcomponentgroupregistration/code/ topcomponentgroupregistration-code

You'll end up with a NetBeans module that (more...)

French, Polish, Dutch Updated Translations of NetBeans Platform

| Jul 18, 2014

Mixing existing translations from the community translation project with new supplemental translations, as described here, we now have NetBeans Platform translations updated to Polish, French, and Dutch during the last few days:

French, by Constantin Drabo:

Polish by Sławek Mikuła:

Dutch by me:

If you want these translations as the basis of your own work, let me know in the comments to this blog entry. We're collecting the translations at https://java.net/projects/localized-netbeans, which is (more...)