2012 starts next week!

| May 24, 2011
Some retailers always rush things a bit by starting to sell Christmas items in September. In a similar way, Oracle likes to jump the gun by starting its Fiscal Year 2012 on June 1. This unusual schedule impacts the way Oracle interacts with its customers in a number of important ways. First, all energy in [...]

The JDE alliance with IBM gets stronger

| May 16, 2011
One of the more intriguing aspects of the IT industry is that businesses are often both great friends and bitter enemies at the same time. Oracle and IBM provide a great example. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison could hardly have been more vitriolic in his attacks on IBM’s hardware business at OpenWorld last September. Ellison used [...]

Ekdahl informs and entertains at Collaborate 2011

| Apr 18, 2011
Oracle VP Lyle Ekdahl can be counted on to be entertaining whenever he makes a public appearance as he did Tuesday at Collaborate 2011.  His annual state of the union address to over 500 of the faithful was energetic, articulate and informative as usual.  His declaration that we are entering a “new era for ERP” [...]

Rep gone rogue or disturbing trend?

| Apr 7, 2011
A JDE customer has told me that the local Oracle applications sales team is pushing his company hard to replace JDE with eBusiness Suite. In doing so the Oracle team has lost all credibility with this customer and has made serious enemies out of the many JDE advocates within his company. I have heard a [...]

Why Mark Hurd won’t come to Quest – but you should

| Apr 1, 2011
Every year I look forward to Collaborate, this year especially as I sit in Connecticut watching snow fall on April Fools Day. Orlando is certain to be nice this time of year, but my excitement about the event goes way beyond the prospect of finally feeling warm again. Every past trip to Collaborate has been [...]

Whatever happened to Fusion Applications?

| Feb 17, 2011
Oracle Fusion Applications were announced with great fanfare at an event at San Francisco City Hall over five years ago.  The announcement created a high enough level of concern and confusion that a year later Oracle introduced the concept of “Applications Unlimited” – a promise to keep the traditional applications (including JDE and PeopleSoft) viable [...]

JD Edwards Partner Summit

| Feb 3, 2011
 Over 300 people attended the recent JD Edwards Partner Summit in Denver – a clear indication that the product line remains alive and well.  Most were from the US with a sprinkling of partners from each of the other regions around the world.  Everyone that I talked to echoed the same story – after a [...]

What’s hot and what’s not in 2011 at Oracle

| Jan 11, 2011
 Speculation always seems to be fashionable at the start of a new year.  Why not engage in some regarding where Oracle is likely to focus its attention in 2011?  Before doing so, the obvious observation must be made that Oracle is currently on a roll. It appears to be poised for another year of growth, [...]

Oracle patchset released (and docs updated)

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***Sep 13th, Patchset has been released***

Today Oracle released latest patchset for Database Server 11g2: which packs some very interesting improvements and new features; for now, release covers Linux x86 and x86_64, with download measuring near 5Gb(!) .

Also updated all documents for release 11.2, in order to reflect improvements introduced by You can see on following picture a New Features addition
From now on you will see full distribution instead of a patchset (MyOracle Support Note 1189783.1 ), that's why seven ZIP (more...)

Back home and writing

After a few trips abroad and very interesting projects with vip-big customers & new features that demanded lot of time and concentration ... I'm back!

Want to share with you some goodies from my trips ... and advice.

Trinidad & Tobago: be aware of displicent and slow service, lot of chinese places.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: try Feijoada at Rondinella Rest. (Av. Atlantica, Copacabana Beach); if you go alone, ask for 1 person sizing ... you won't regret!!

11g Release 2 finalmente disponible!

Luego de años que apareciera Oracle Database 11g Release 1, hace pocas horas Oracle Corporation ha hecho pública la liberación de Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

El software puede ser obtenido desde ya en OTN

La relación de novedades que incluye esta nueva versión la pueden encontrar en New Features Guide. Si bien el software está disponible por el momento solo para Linux, es de esperar que en breve vayan apareciendo las versiones correspondientes (more...)