What’s New for Oracle Integration Cloud Service Release 16.4.5


This release of Oracle Integration Cloud Service includes two new adapters (DB2 Adapter and Oracle Logistics Adapter) and enhancements to the REST Adapter, SOAP Adapter, FTP Adapter, and Salesforce Adapter. Enhancements are also provided for orchestrated integrations, scheduled integrations, orchestrated integration creation options, custom adapter uploads, Expression Builder functions, XPath extension functions, exported/imported integrations, diagnostic logs, and REST APIs. See below for details.

Read the complete article here.

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What those extra Healthcare flags on Oracle SOA and 12.2.1 update are for? by Bruno Neves Alves

Whilst upgrading to I came across the following Post Installation actions at the READ.ME doc of the 22524811 patch:
"4 Post-Installation Instructions"
2. Add em property : hc.jmsAndDBSameTxn with 'true' value.
3. Following Healthcare Server properties are needed:
        - hc.sequencedEndpoints
                + ALL,, - comman separate value
                + Any endpoints after ALL will not be sequenced.
                + In this example, will have sequcing turned off. (more...)

My private Corner – Happy New Year!


What will bring the New Year? New features for existing cloud services, or brand new cloud services like OSSA or API CS? As part of the community we will keep you updated, make sure you read this monthly newsletter, watch the monthly YouTube video and attend the monthly community webcast. Hope to see you all at the PaaS Partner Community Forum 2017! #jkwc

Jürgen Kress

SOA & BPM Partner Community

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SOA Messaging Reliability through JMS and Oracle Service Bus by Sebastian Lik-Keung Ma


This article describes the design of a reliable messaging solution for SOA integration projects. It uses concepts like canonical schemas, durable POJO (Plain Old Java Object) messages, publish-subscribe and error handling within the Oracle SOA, Oracle Service Bus and WebLogic JMS infrastructure.

The JMS Message

For consistency, the type of message we are publishing will be based on a canonical schema. Typically, you would have a JDeveloper project that stores the canonical schemas used by (more...)

Submit your Paper for Oracle Code

Thank you for your interest in submitting a session for Oracle Code 2017. If you have already submitted a session for consideration and want to have it considered for additional cities, send an email to speaker-services_ww@oracle.com with the confirmation number of the submission and the requested cities.

Have your abstract ready for upload prior to starting the submission process. A proposal cannot be edited once it has been submitted. If you need to reference (more...)

WS-Addressing callback interception using Service Bus by Jeroen Ninck


Maarten Smeets posted a nice article describing asynchronous interaction in BPEL and BPM using WS-Addressing and correlation sets. I wanted to use Service Bus 12c to force the callback to go through a Service Bus proxy instead of going directly to the consumer. This can be useful when the target service should not have the ability to call services outsite of its trusted domain or network.

All sources can be found in my GitHub repository.


How to create a SOA 12.2.1 docker image on OracleLinux (Now Oracle Certified) by Fabio Persico



What is docker?

Unless you’ve been living without internet access for the last two years, it would be hard not to at least heard of Docker. But, as an emerging technology not everyone has taken the time to work out what Docker is, where it fits in and how it can benefit you.
So, what exactly is Docker? Here’s what Docker themselves describe it as:
Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins (more...)

Oracle PaaS Partner Community Forum March 27th – 31st Split Croatia

Take this opportunity and register now for the Oracle PaaS Partner Community Forum that will be held in the Le Méridien Lav, Split, Croatia on March 27th & 28th & 29th 2017 with hands-on training on March 30th & 31st 2017. PaaSCommunityForum

Join us for a week full of keynotes, breakouts, hands-on sessions and networking opportunities. The conference will update you on the latest Middleware solutions & cloud services including:

SOA / BPM 12c – Useful Upgrade Content by Danilo Schmiedel

clip_image002With this post I'd like to provide a list of useful material regarding Oracle SOA 12c Upgrade.

SOA Expert Series presentation available by David Shaffer & Team


We’ve been talking about this for a couple years now, but finally did it. The idea is to take the very popular Open World panel session called “Oracle SOA Suite Tips and Tricks from Oracle Engineering and A-team” and bring this content to a much wider audience via webinar. We tested the waters with the first webinar in Jan, 2016 and it was even more successful than we had hoped.

We are now extending this (more...)

Since it provides many components, it is an extensive toolkit for developers who can use it for complex functionality with little coding. by Maarten Smeets


Valuable Features:
  • The technology adapters (Database, REST, LDAP, File, many more), which allow easy integration with technologically diverse systems.
  • BPEL and Service Bus, which allow diverse integration patterns to be easily implemented.
  • The extensive Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control which provides management and monitoring capabilities.
  • The high availability features (mostly important for performance and stability).

Since the SOA Suite provides many components, it is an extensive toolkit for a developer, who can, with relatively little (more...)

The integration possibilities with other Oracle Fusion middleware products is the most valuable feature of the SOA Suite solution. By Andreas Chatziantoniou


Valuable Features:

The integration possibilities with other Oracle Fusion middleware products is the most valuable feature of the SOA Suite solution.

Improvements to My Organization:

I'm a contractor, so my client organizations are the ones who benefit from SOA Suite. With it, it's quite visible the number of both internal and external processes that are more integrated. Another organizational benefit is that less human intervention is required when running the suite of products in SOA.


Call for Paper OGh Tech June 15th & 16th 2017 Netherlands


Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of June, the Dutch Oracle User Group (OGh) is organizing the Tech Experience 2017, the biggest Oracle technology conference in the Benelux. Last year’s Oracle Fusion Middleware Experience and DBA & SQL Celebration Day will join forces in one event, covering the full Oracle Stack in this two day event.

The location will be rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. The OGh wants to ask its members and other interested parties for a (more...)

Using eBS Adapter in Integration Cloud Service – Part 2: Configure and Test ISG REST Services by Stefan Koser



Integration Cloud Service (ICS) enables connecting applications in the cloud or on-premise. It also provides an adapter for Oracle eBusiness Suite. This eBS adapter is different than the eBS adapter in SOA Suite – it does not use a database connection. Instead it uses the REST services provided by eBS as part of Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG).

This article describes the steps needed to get eBusiness Suite including ISG REST services ready – either (more...)

Enhancing ICS Mappings with Custom Java Classes by Ricardo Ferreira



One of the most common tasks performed during the creation of integrations in ICS (Integration Cloud Service) is the implementation of mappings. In a nutshell, mappings are the resources that ICS uses to allow messages coming from the configured source application to be sent to the configured target application. Failure in properly defining and configuring these mappings directly impacts how integrations are going to behave while sending messages downstream.

In order to build mappings (more...)

OUGN 2016 | Help! What integration solution is best for me? By Ronald van Luttikhuizen

clip_image002We used to have heated debates whether to use SOA Suite or Service Bus. With the release of Oracle’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) products like Integration Cloud Service (ICS) and SOA Suite Cloud Service (SOA CS), this discussion is fueled with even more options. In this session we will explain Oracle integration solutions like ODI, SOA Suite, etc. and compare ICS, SOA CS, Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite with each other. All (more...)

Fixing cloud integration by Andrew Bell


Today, most companies are still overwhelmingly on-premise. However, enterprises are turning more and more to the cloud in an effort to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT architectures.

Many hope to offload non-value adding processes and applications to the cloud, whilst others are looking to migrate fully to the cloud as part of their digital transformation journey. For SaaS applications to provide real value to businesses however, they need to integrate with (more...)

Using Event Handling Framework for Outbound Integration of Oracle Sales Cloud using Integration Cloud Service by Naveen Nahata



Oracle’s iPaaS solution is the most comprehensive cloud based integration platform in the market today.  Integration Cloud Service (ICS) gives customers an elevated user experience that makescomplex integration simple to implement.

Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) is a SaaS application and is a part of the comprehensive CX suite of applications. Since OSC is usually the customer master and is the center for all Sales related activities, integration with OSC is often a requirement (more...)

PaaS Product Series- Integration Cloud Services by Leon Smiers

In this series we will walk through different cloud products and how SaaS and PaaS can be combined together and their use in different projects.

In this podcast we discuss the Oracle Integration Cloud (ICS), part of Oracle PaaS Cloud and focused on delivering integration in Cloud. We emphasis on one specific discussion, with the move to the Cloud, and inclusion of SaaS applications, where do we place the center of gravity for integration, in (more...)

Loading Data into Oracle Cloud ERP R10 using the new LoadAndImportData operation by Angelo Santagata



As part of Oracle ERP cloud release 10 a new SOAP function has been made available to our customers which greatly simplifies the loading of ERP data using the batch oriented SOAP Services.

This article aims to give the reader, details of this new SOAP Service and how it helps in loading data files into Oracle ERP cloud.

Assuming the input file has been already produced, loading the data into Oracle ERP cloud service (more...)