Process Cloud Service –> Quickstart apps by Niall Commiskey


Nice feature this...
As the docs says -
Choose a QuickStart App to quickly create an application and learn about Process Cloud Service. QuickStart Apps include all the implementation details needed to play and deploy them. Use these applications as a ready-to-use application to deploy or as a starting point to adapt by making changes such as editing task titles, modifying the web form, or adding new task actions. Read the complete article here.

SOA (more...)

Process Cloud Service – Web Form Design Approaches by Antonis Antoniou


Oracle Process Cloud Service uses a standards-based technology called "Web Forms" for defining the user interface in business processes. It's based on standards such as XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and allows business analysts and developers to create an end-user interface by just using the browser.
There are three approaches that can be employed when designing web forms:
Form-First: You can follow a "Form-First" approach where you create the form first before any (more...)

Oracle Cloud Platform Test Drive March 8th 2017 Oslo Norway


Invitasjon til Hands-On PaaS og IaaS Workshop

imageOracle og Sysco inviterer til Cloud Test Drive: PaaS og IaaS hands-on workshop. Vi tror på bedre læring ved å prøve ut  tjenestene i praksis, og har plukket ut en knippe tjenester som er relevante innenfor integrasjon, prosess, Java og mobil.

Seminaret passer for alle, og kanskje ekstra godt for arkitekter og de på forretningssiden som ønskerå få et godt overblikk. Ingen ekspertise eller erfaring kreves – ta (more...)

IoT Cloud Service Real Time Analytics: From Sensor Data to Business Value by Luc Bors


This session will show you how to use Oracle IoT Cloud Service for Real Time Analytics. You'll learn how to connect devices to the IoT Cloud Service and how to display sensor data from those devices in a web application. You'll also learn how to use the stream explorer analytics capability of IoT Cloud Service to analyze the data that is retrieved from devices connected to Oracle IoT Cloud Service, including how to implement stream (more...)

Oracle Cloud Platform Test Drive March 22nd in Madrid and March 23rd in Barcelona

Avanttic - Oracle Cloud Plarform Test Drive (Madrid, 22-03-17 - Barcelona, 23-03-17)

Evento: Hands-on para explorar los nuevos servicios de Oracle en la nube

El Cloud ha llegado para quedarse y sabemos que su departamento de IT escogerá la manera más óptima de acceder a él. Nuestro objetivo es enseñarle cómo combinar las tecnologías on-premise con herramientas nacidas en Cloud, para conseguir una arquitectura híbrida que le proporcione lo mejor de ambos mundos.

Por este motivo avanttic y Oracle hemos organizado una sesión práctica, a través de (more...)

FMW SOA Monitoring Module is released. (Supports 11g and 12c)


WLSDM SOA Monitoring, Diagnostics & Report Modules

  • SOA Smart Dashboards
    • Monitoring BPEL Engine (Only 11g)
    • BPEL Engine Dashboard (Historical – Only 11g)
    • Monitoring Composite Performance
    • Monitoring Callback and Invoke
    • Monitoring Composite Faults
    • Monitoring Deployed Composites Trend
    • Summarizing Composite List & Endpoint URIs
  • SOA Notifications and Alarms
    • BPEL Engine Notifications
    • Composite Performance Notifications
    • Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE) Notifications
    • Composite Faults and Errors Notifications
  • SOA Reports
    • Reporting SOA BPEL Engine
    • Reporting SOA Composite Performance
    • Reporting SOA Callback (more...)

Deploying Oracle Service Bus (OSB) Projects with Configuration Files in FlexDeploy by Greg Draheim


OSB Configuration files allow the developer to manage environment specific values during deployment.  FlexDeploy supports the use of these configuration files and extends them to using tokens in the configuration file that will get replaced with configured properties from FlexDeploy.   This way we do not need to generate a customization file for every environment where we are going to deploy the project.  We can have one configuration file that will work across (more...)

Converting ADLs to implement end to end JSON in SOA Suite 12.2.1 -PART I by Luis Augusto Weir


There is no doubt that web [Rest] APIs have become extremely popular and its usage has gone well beyond just building APIs in support of mobile apps. We can see the adoption of resource-oriented architectures (ROA) by probably all SaaS vendors who provide out-of-the-box APIs as the means to connect and interact with their cloud applications. Take for example the Oracle Cloud. To discover and consume publicly available Oracle SaaS APIs, all one need to (more...)