The Minimum you Need to Know about Internationalization

Internationalization (i18n). A vital aspect to development of enterprise applications in today's world. Without i18n at the core of development activity, product globalization would be impossible, feature localization a nightmare, and UI translation turned into a twisted joke on the eventual end user. True, thanks to the baked-in world-ready goodness of Unicode and Java itself, much of the pain we've endured in the past when it came to internationalization is gone. But...

It's still good (more...)

Quickly Diagnose the Root Cause of Stuck Threads using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c JVM Diagnostics By Shiraz Kanga

One of the hidden gems in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is JVM Diagnostics. If you purchased the Weblogic Management Pack license then you already own it. JVMD allows administrators to diagnose performance problems in production Java applications. By eliminating the need to reproduce these “production only” problems in QA, it reduces the time required to resolve them. It does not require complex instrumentation or restarting of the application to get in-depth application details. Application administrators (more...)

The New Revenue Recognition Standard: Performance Matters

Last week I was talking to Seamus Moran, our resident accountant and we chatted about the new Revenue recognition Standard, Topic 606 and IFRS 15.

He’d just been speaking at a couple of conferences, and noted that the fundamentals of the standard are beginning to click with people.

A few months ago, he said, it wasn’t obvious to people that the core principle, “you should recognize revenue as you transfer goods and services to customers” (more...)

Az Oracle Database és az SAP alkalmazások együttműködése

| Sep 22, 2014

Az Oracle Database és az SAP alkalmazások kapcsolatáról:

Az az Oracle for SAP  Technology Update oldalon megtalálható a hírlevél aktuális kiadása: Download Newsletter - English Version (PDF). Néhány témáról a hírlevélből:

  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Functionality Adopted by SAP Customers
  • Oracle Database Appliance Certified for SAP Customers
  • Oracle Security Solutions for SAP Environments – A Holistic Approach
  • Q&A Oracle Exadata Database Machine for SAP Customers
  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (more...)

Welcome to the UX Innovation Events Blog!

It's been a while since I've posted to my other blog, and it's because we've been pursuing something interesting and fun over here in Apps UX. Our group has been holding, for lack of a better description, a series of Innovation Events. It started way back when we did our first Gamification Design Jam.  We got together about 150 people in Apps UX and some friends of Apps UX and spent a day designing what (more...)

OOW 2014 #CLONEATTACK Comes to OTN Lounge

Yes, Monday, 9/29 from 3:30 - 5:00 We'll be hosting a #CLONEATTACK at the OTN Lounge in Moscone South Lobby.

#CloneAttack is your chance to install a complete Delphix lab environment on your Windows or Mac laptop for you to play with and experiment at any time. Experts Kyle Hailey, Steve Karam, Adam Bowen, Ben Prusinski, and Tim Gorman will help attendees install virtual machine OVA files for the lab environment, and will work one-on-one (more...)

My Oracle Support Accreditation for Database and Enterprise Manager

| Sep 22, 2014

Take advantage of the fantastic Database Support Tools assisting you in managing your database
Complete My Oracle Support Database Accreditation Oracle Database learning path

Have you actively used My Oracle Support for 6-9 months? Take your expertise to the next level—become accredited! By completing the accreditation learning series, you can increase your proficiency with My Oracle Support’s core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle solutions, tools, and knowledge that enable productivity.

Accreditation (more...)

LDoms is available

| Sep 22, 2014

Yes, you read that right, Despite the numbering, there are a few important new features in this version. A summary is available in Oracle's Virtualization Blog, with more details in this OTN entry.

T H March Adopts Modern Best Practice to Deliver Priceless Customer Service

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – maximizing your week – Cloud, Enterprise Manager

As an Oracle OpenWorld attendee for over 15 years, I usually find myself busy wrapping up projects before I arrive to the event. Sound familiar? read on.

Then after I arrive, the week goes by so quickly and on the last day of the event, I find there were activities I could have taken advantage if I had known about them. It wasn't that they weren't published somewhere, but found later buried in an email communication, mentioned in (more...)

Oracle Database High Availability at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – Download Your Schedule Now !

Learn how to maximize High Availability and Data Protection for your Oracle Databases at Oracle OpenWorld 2014. This year's conference offers 15 Oracle Database High Availability sessions that cover the entire spectrum of the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) - from database-integrated backup and recovery to zero data loss disaster protection to zero downtime maintenance. Discover how Oracle MAA and the latest HA enhancements with Oracle Database 12c can help you meet your availability service (more...)

ZFS Storage at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

| Sep 22, 2014
Join my colleagues and myself at this year's Oracle OpenWorld. We have five hands-on lab sessions available to attend. These are all heavily focused on 12c, MySQL, and the new RESTful API for the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

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HOL9715 - Deploying Oracle Database 12c with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance 

September 29, (Monday) 2:45 PM - Hotel Nikko - Mendocino I/II
September 30, (Tuesday) 5:15 PM - Hotel Nikko - Mendocino I/II
HOL9718 - Managing and  (more...)

You are invited! See the Power of Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware

The Oracle Fusion Middleware team is very excited to recognize the 2014 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation winners with a special Awards Ceremony on Tuesday September 30th during Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards honor customers with cutting-edge use of Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies to solve unique business challenges or create business value. Winners are selected based on the uniqueness of their business case, (more...)

JAXB 2.1.17 released

We have released JAXB 2.1.17.

It has several bug fixes:
- Fixed HashMap unmarshalling bug.
- Fixed wrong ref element generation.

But the main reason for the release was broken Maven dependency for builds 2.1.15/16. Because of missed dependency com.sun.xml.bind.core jar. Now it should be OK :)

Prepare for Openworld: ‘Focus On’ document for Exadata sessions

Prepare for Openworld!

The "Focus On..." documents provide you with a selection of the key sessions on specific solutions and product areas:  

Focus On Exadata

Other Engineered Systems:

New AQ Background Architecture in Oracle 12c

Advanced Queing

I know a some really high profile customers making heavy use of Oracle Advanced Queuing. Now in Oracle Database 12c there's a change in the background architecture of AQ. The doc describes it more clearly than I ever could:

As far as I can see there shouldn't be any backwards compatibility issues. But (as always) I'd be happy to hear, read and learn about your experiences :-) 

And (more...)

Extend linux partition on vmware

It was a quiet day, I worked as System Administrator and installed Oracle Linux on Virtual Machine guest. After installed Operating System, I wanted to extend disk on guest. So, I extended disk on guest. Anyway, I came back in my head what I was supposed to do on Linux then ? 
- Create new disk (and Physical Volume) and then add in Volume Group.
Checked my partition:
[root@mytest01 ~]# fdisk -l (more...)

Partner Community Members Presenting at Openworld 2014: WeDo Technology

XL Indonesia: Managing Exponential Data Growth Through Revenue Assurance on Oracle Exadata
Miguel ALVES, Technical Architecture Manager, WeDo Consulting - Sistemas de Informação, S.A.
Carlos Barberena, Director, WW Business Development, Exastack Program for ISVs, Oracle

Wednesday, Oct.1st

4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

Moscone South - 310 CON3151

The Mobile Top 10 List

What do Suhas Uliyar and David Letterman have in common? Well, besides their off camera witty banter, they both share the good use of a top 10 list. I love a good top 10 list! While Dave has few equals in terms of comedy, Suhas has him covered in terms of a mobile top 10 list entitled: Rethinking Mobile - Ten Trends in Enterprise Strategy and Development. Enjoy!

Going to Oracle OpenWorld?  You can catch (more...)

Fusion Concepts: Optimistic Locking

The following is a guest post from William Rudge, an Applications Architect in the Fusion SCM Development team at Oracle. 

Have you wondered why you can save a record in Fusion Applications the second time after the first attempt to save gets the error "Record has been updated by another user"?

The short answer is that Fusion Applications uses optimistic locking. To understand this better, let's compare locking in EBS and Fusion Applications:

EBS's (more...)