Business Value of Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems are optimized to run PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and Siebel which provides customers with extreme performance improvements over any other platform.  While performance is a key driver for customers to consider Engineered Systems there are many additional business benefits that are just as important.  These additional benefits include:

  • Reduced risk
  • Simplified monitoring and management
  • Consolidation
  • Business agility
  • IT spending less on day to day activities and more time adding value (more...)

T H March Seeks to Redefine the Jewelry Insurance Customer Experience

A young couple stands in front of a jewelry store window, holding hands and gazing in wonder at the life changing purchase they are about to make—a stunning engagement ring. It’s a timeless scene until the bride-to-be snaps a selfie with her smartphone to share on social media and the future groom checks the establishment’s reviews on Yelp. Welcome to buying jewelry in the digital age. (more...)

Reverse engineer and discover foreign keys with SQL Developer Data Modeler

Originally posted on HeliFromFinland:
You can easily document your database with Data Modeler: just reverse engineer the database with File-> Import -> Data Dictionary. But what if the database has no foreign keys? What’s the point of documenting then? Just tables that has nothing to do with each other…. Well, Data Modeler can help with…


No, not the 10th posting about first_rows() this week – whatever it may seem like – just an example that happens to use the “calculate costs for fetching the first 10 rows” optimizer strategy and does it badly. I think it’s a bug, but it’s certainly a defect that is a poster case for the inherent risk of using anything other than all_rows optimisation.  Here’s some code to build a couple of sample tables:

	dbms_stats. (more...)

Cloud Application Foundation Rocks OpenWorld

| Oct 31, 2014
Author: Jens Eckels, Princial, Technology Product Marketing, Oracle
Halloween is upon us, so of course we're all wearing orange, carving pumpkins and planning our evenings to either go trick or treating with the kids, stay home and hand out candy or leave town and avoid the neighborhood crowds like a Halloween Grinch. We're also busying ourselves in the aftermath of OpenWorld 2014, where WebLogic, Coherence and (more...)

Oracle EMEA News Digest – October 2014

Oracle Applications

Oracle staged an important event in London, Oracle Modern Marketing Experience Europe, from 14 - 16 October. The company used it as the platform for some significant announcements:


With the recent publicity about the POODLE bug, many web masters are turning off SSLv3 support. Depending on your Oracle database version/patch, that can present a bit of a problem for people using UTL_HTTP to access HTTPS resources, as described here.

  • UTL_HTTP Package Fails With ORA-29273 ORA-28860 When Using TLSv1 (Doc ID 727118.1) : Basically, older releases only allow SSLv3 access from UTL_HTTP. If you want TLSv1 access you need (more...)

Solaris Containers (zones)

In 1939, Ernest Wright published a 50,000+ word novel without using the letter 'e', the most common letter in English.
The point here is that he had to TRY VERY HARD to avoid any mention of that commonly used letter.

Well, here we have an article on containers, Are Containers the Beginning of the End of Virtual Machines?, and NOT ONE MENTION of Solaris containers (or "zones", if you prefer), that have been in (more...)

13 Un-scary Tips to Get You More Twitter Retweets

| Oct 31, 2014

Do you have Twitter-envy?  Come on, admit it.  You’ve been tweeting like a madman for months and have rounded up a grand total of 35 followers.  Meanwhile your friend just started tweeting last week about nothing but pickles and already has 20,000 followers.  And those followers are giving him retweets that help boost his fan base even higher.  

How are they doing it!?  Are there ancient secrets being (more...)

Realtime Monitoring von Oracle Datenbanken mit OraTop

Etwas versteckt hat sich mit dem Oracle Trace File Analyzer (kurz TFA), der in einem der letzten Community Tipps näher beleuchtet wurde, noch ein weiteres nützliches Werkzeug zum Monitoring von Datenbanken mit installiert: OraTop. Dabei handelt es sich um ein kleines Werkzeug, das wie der Befehl "top" bei Unix/Linux Betriebssystemen funktioniert. "top" liefert dabei für Betriebssysteme eine Liste aller aktuellen Prozesse und listet diese, ähnlich wie der Windows Task Manager, sortiert nach CPU Auslastung, Speicherverbrauch (more...)

MySQL : What management tools do you use?

A quick question out to the world. What management tools do you use for MySQL?

We currently have:

  • MySQL Workbench : It’s OK, but I don’t really like it. It feels like half a product compared to tools I’ve used for other database engines…
  • phpMyAdmin : I’ve used this on and off for over a decade for my own website. While I’m typing this sentence, they’ve probably released 4 new versions. :) We have an installation of (more...)

Oracle VM 3.3.1 script: guest hot-backup on different repository (v. 0.4)

| Oct 30, 2014

== The target of this script is to schedule hot-backup(s) of running guests ==

Enhancements( from release 0.1 / 0.2):

1. script is actually able to hot-clone guests that own also physical disks (phy-disks will be excluded in the cloned guest) 

2. script is able to hot-clone guests with virtual-disks on different repositories

3. after the moving on the target repository  the cloned-guest is moved under "Unassigned Virtual Machines"

4. improvement on timeout (more...)

Adding NOT NULL Columns with DEFAULT values

In Oracle, if we add a column to a table which is NOT NULL, we are allowed to do it directly, in a single statement, as long as we supply a DEFAULT value to populate any pre-existing rows.
This would mean that every row in the table was updated with the default value. This could be a pretty nasty side effect, as lengthening every row in the table will inevitably lead to chained rows, and (more...)

Oracle Virtual Technology Summit Kicks Off November 18

The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) invites you to the next Virtual Technology Summit, on November 18th. Learn first hand from Oracle and community experts about Oracle Middleware, Mobile Architectures and more. Participate in hands-on labs and technical presentations, and chat with other developers. Register here!

Featured at the Summit:  Securing Mobile apps and data in a BYOD world

By Indus Khaitan, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle

Mobile apps are changing how employees interact with (more...)

Quiz night

Here’s a little puzzle that came up on OTN recently.  (No prizes for following the URL to find the answer) (Actually, no prizes anyway). There’s more in the original code sample than was really needed, so although I’ve done a basic cut and paste from the original I’ve also eliminated a few lines of the text:

execute dbms_random.seed(0)

create table t
select rownum as id,
       100+round(ln(rownum/3.25+2)) aS val2,
       dbms_random.string('p',250) aS pad
from  (more...)

Metric Thresholds and the Power to Adapt

Metric thresholds have come a long way since I started working with OEM 10g.  I remember how frustrating it could be if an ETL load impacted the metric values that had to be set for a given IO or CPU load for a database when during business hours, a much lower value would be preferable.  Having to explain to the business why a notification wasn’t sent during the day due to the threshold (more...)

Structured XML output from Oracle SQL query

Got an interesting question today: There are tables TABLE1, TABLE2 and a junction table that joins them called JUNCTABLE. Need the following output as XML



I know the output could be aggregated using XMLAGG, but I have never looked into how to format the tag names and attributed in the output like requested.

Data in my very simplified sample tables:

SQL> select * from table1;


SQL> select * from table2;


Oracle Trivia Quiz

All the answers can be found in the November 2014 issue of the NoCOUG Journal. Which executive vice-president of product development at Oracle began as the PL/SQL product manager? (page 23) Which senior vice-president of server technologies at Oracle wrote the B-Tree indexing code back in the day? (page 23) What is the evil twin […]

OTN APAC Tour 2014 : It’s Nearly Here!

airplane-flying-through-clouds-smallIn a little less than a week I start the OTN APAC Tour. This is where I’m going to be…

  • Perth, Australia : November 6-7
  • Shanghai, China : November 9
  • Tokyo, Japan : November 11-13
  • Beijing, China : November 14-15
  • Bangkok, Thailand : November 17
  • Auckland, New Zealand : November 19-21

Just looking at that list is scary. When I look at the flight schedule I feel positively nauseous. I think I’m in Bangkok for about 24 hours. It’s sleep, conference, fly. :)

After (more...)

SOA Suite 12c: Bulk Fault Recovery

In earlier versions of the Enterprise Manager it was already possible to recover faulted instances of webservices. Like for instance when a service that the instance depends on is down, the instance will throw a fault and stop processing. When the underlying service is up again, you could go back to the faulted instance and use recovery to have it continue from the step it faulted on.

Now with the introduction of 12c the Error (more...)