NFJS Lone Star Software Symposium Austin Trip Report

| Jul 25, 2014

As some of you may be aware, I recently joined the well-respected US based No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Tour. If you work in the US and still don't know what the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Tour is, you are doing yourself a very serious disfavor. NFJS is by far the cheapest and most effective way to stay up to date through some world class speakers and talks. Following the US cultural tradition of (more...)

ADF Mobile patch available ADF Mobile Version # (Jun 2014)

This is a minor patch release which contains some fixes for certain issues reported by customers. These are previously unpublished bugs. Other than the bugs fixed below, the known issues from version # (Jan 2014) still apply to this version.
Bugs fixed in this release:

Bug Number



ADF Mobile application hangs with an error "FAILED TO LOAD JS FILE : JS/AMX.JS"


SSL Invocation of E-Business (more...)

HowTo: Using MySQL for Visual Studio in you first ASP.NET MVC Application with EF 6

Last week it was released the RC version of MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.2. In this blog post we'll be showing one of the new features in this release. And we will be doing a short demo about some of the first steps when starting to use MySQL with .NET applications.

A very frequent comment or question we have from the users is about where to begin when they are just starting to (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Release – My First Observations. Licensed Features Usage Concerns – Part II.

In Part I of this series I aimed to bring to people’s attention what I see as a significant variation from the norm when it comes to Oracle licensed-option usage triggers. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition supports several separately licensed options such as Real Application Clusters, Partitioning, and so on.  A feature like Real Application Clusters is very expensive but if  “accidental usage” of this feature is a worry on an administrator’s mind there is a (more...)

Oracle ASM Filter Driver: First Impressions

This is a very quick post, because I’m about to log off and take an extended summer holiday (or vacation as my crazy American friends call it… but then they call football  “soccer” too). Before I go, I wanted to document my initial findings with the new ASM Filter Driver feature introduced in this week’s 12.1.o.2 patchset.

Currently a Linux-only feature, the ASM Filter Driver (or AFD) is a replacement for ASMLib (more...)

Inside Oracle Fusion Middleware Community

| Jul 25, 2014

Author: Debra Lilley, ACE Director

Once you have decided on your initiative to drive value from Oracle Applications using Oracle Fusion middleware you need to think about the skills you need. Are you going to use a Systems Integrator, in house capability, or increasingly some form of cloud offering? Whichever you decide on you will still have a learning curve which is where I believe community is the answer. Not all learning has to be (more...)

Customers Don’t Care Who’s In Charge, Just That Somebody Is

| Jul 25, 2014

You have to wonder sometimes if the average consumer is aware of how much marketers and technology people are talking about customer experience and customer-centricity. Do they think most brands care about their experience? Do they feel like their happiness lies at the very center of everything corporations do?

Probably not.

“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose (more...)

Oracle’s In-Memory Database: The True Cost Of Licensing

At last, the long-awaited release of Oracle Database has arrived, including the highly anticipated In-Memory Database Option. I have had the pleasure of being involved in the early beta stages of this feature and I have say: I'm impressed. This is truly game changing technology, and has been extremely well designed and implemented by […]

PaaS for SaaS: a special webinar for Oracle EMEA Applications partners – Tuesday August 27th, 10am CET

With the recent launch of Oracle Platform as a Service, Oracle now gives customers and Systems Integrator the ability to complement their SaaS solutions with Cloud powered customization platform that include Java as a Service and Database as a Service among others.

Join us on Tuesday August 27th, 10am CET, to discover the Oracle PaaS for SaaS value as well as the business opportunity for Systems Integrators. In this 60’ free webinar specialy designed (more...)


| Jul 25, 2014

上周,Oracle发布了2014财年第四季度以及年终盈利,文章的标题是Oralce成为世界第二大SaaS服务公司。这让我想起了那标志性的Avis汽车租赁广告:第二名应当更努力!这个标语伴随这家公司已超过了50年,直到去年才停止使用。根据Slate公司的报告, 该广告活动第一年就显著增加了Avis公司的市场份额——相对他最大的竞争对手来说。

Oracle,我们乐于取胜,但更重要的是,我们乐于竞争。正如我们的CEO Larry Ellison所说:我享受竞争,我享受学习的过程。当您将竞争视同为学习时,就会产生有利于您的客户的变化。Oracle2014财年将超过50亿美金的资金投入到研发成为第二大SaaS云服务公司验证了Oracle在创新方面的投入满足了客户的所需所想。这是一个重要的里程碑,但Oracle并不因此而固步自封。





Jim Lein

我致力于传播面向中型企业的Oracle企业级解决方案。我于1999年加入JD Edwards,最近庆祝了加入Oracle15周年纪念。我工作在EvergreenColorado,热爱与软件、现场音乐或大山有关的关于创意与创新的故事。这里表达的观点为我个人观点,未必反映Oracle观点。

令人兴奋的Mary Meeker 2014年互联网趋势报告

| Jul 25, 2014


也许我不应该在星期一一大早就阅读Mary Meeker发布的2014年互联网趋势报告。但是我这么做了,这报告令我非常地兴奋。




·        2013年,平板电脑的使用率提高了52%,并且比个人电脑相对过去增长更为迅速

·        使用移动设备上网率达到了25%,而前一年只有14%

·        移动广告收入增长47%,目前占广告总支出的11%




Jim Lein

我致力于传播面向中型企业的Oracle企业级解决方案。我于1999年加入JD Edwards,最近庆祝了加入Oracle15周年纪念。我工作在EvergreenColorado,热爱与软件、现场音乐或大山有关的关于创意与创新的故事。这里表达的观点为我个人观点,未必反映Oracle观点。

How to integrate OpenLDAP with Agile PLM

Agile supports other kinds of LDAP serve as a Generic LDAP node in system with the customized groovy script to map LDAP Server‘s attributes to Agile‘s. The difficulty of integration for Agile Administrator is to understand LDAP specific attributes and write the correct groovy code. This article describes the principle of integration with OpenLDAP, an open-source LDAP server, with a sample of scripts.

After setting up the OpenLDAP Server, the administrator needs to import all (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 – Patchset availability

| Jul 25, 2014

DB patchset (Patch 17694377) has been released on

  • Linux x86-64
  • Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
  • Solaris x86-64

It is available for download from

Additional details about list of bug fixes and known issues is available via My Oracle Support

Was verbirgt sich hinter einer View? – Neue Möglichkeiten mit 12c

Wem ist das nicht auch schon mal passiert? Man möchte eine relativ einfache Abfrage tunen und hat es plötzlich mit einem sehr langen Ausführungsplan zu tun. Bei genauer Analyse stellt man fest, dass mehrere Views in der Abfrage genutzt werden; schliesslich gehört es auch zu einer der Best Practices, umfangreiche Abfragen über Views zu verbergen, um die Komplexität der Abfragen zu verringern. 

Wie erhält man nun die View Abfrage? Eine Möglichkeit, diese Fragestellungen zu (more...)

How to find out session info about session that comes from remote database through dblink

It is well known thing and you can even find it on MOS, but I have a little more simple script for it, so I want to show little example.

First of all we need to start script on local database:

SQL> @transactions/global.sql
Enter filters(empty for any)...
Sid           :
Globalid mask :
Remote_db mask:

 INST_ID  SID    SERIAL# USERNAME REMOTE_DB REMOTE_DBID TRANS_ID         DIRECTION   GLOBALID                                           EVENT                      
-------- ----  (more...)

Oracle WebLogic / Fusion Middleware puppet module V2 by Edwin Biemond

The Puppet ORAWLS module has many ensurable WebLogic puppet types and is fast cause of the new WLST domain daemon. Get it here.

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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Carts and Horses (A reoccurring series)

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

In my years of experience I’ve had the opportunity to engage so many different customers that I’ve lost count. In my professional life I have spent maybe 9 or 10 years total as a contractor. If you assume that I have engaged one new customer every 4 weeks as a contractor (which seems somewhat accurate in my head), then that would (more...)

Standalone sqlplus script for plans comparing

I have a couple scripts for plans comparing:


But they have dependencies on other scripts, so I decided to create a standalone script for more convenient use without the need to download other scripts and to set up the sql*plus environment.
I’ve tested it already with firefox, so you can try it now:

Some screenshots:


1. plans_active:

SQL> @plans_active  (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Release is Here!

...with the long awaited In-Memory option, plus 21 new features. Oracle Database 12c Release supports Linux and Oracle Solaris (SPARC and x86 64 bit).

Get the download here.

And for those of us who just LOVE *sparknotes, here's a quick index of those new features with quick links from good friends and scribes in the Oracle Doc group.  But first, a cool picture. 

Sea Dragon photo taken at (more...)

Gartner Analysis: PeopleSoft Update Manager Delivers Significant Improvements to the Upgrade Tools and Processes

| Jul 24, 2014

For the last several months Gartner Group has been in contact with PeopleSoft customers using the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). This new capability gives customers a high degree of flexibility to selectively apply new features, patches, and legal/regulatory updates.  To understand how customers are utilizing this new capability you can read the full report from Gartner Group here:

PeopleSoft Update Manager Delivers Significant Improvements to Upgrade Tools and Processes

For more information on the PeopleSoft (more...)