OTN Yathra 2015 just got over!!

Quite well said – Investment in knowledge is the gives you the best returns. It was a great fun last week to be the speaker at OTN Yathra 2015, organized by All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG). The OTN tour covered seven cities and I was the part of it at three cities i.e. Hyderabad, Bangalore … Continue reading

One image for native zones, kernel zones, ldoms, metal, …

In my previous post, I described how to convert a global zone to a non-global zone using a unified archive.  Since then, I've fielded a few questions about whether this same approach can be used to create a master image that is used to install Solaris regardless of virtualization type (including no virtualization).  The answer is: of course!  That was one of the key goals of the project that invented unified archives.

In my (more...)

MAF available

Mobile Application Framework Release Notes

Bugs Fixed In This Release

Bug Number





Deployment to Android 5.0 device fails if app not yet installed




First SSL REST web service call has performance issue on iOS 8




Task flow doesn't navigate if optional input parameter is not specified




Redirect loop when accessing a protected web resource




2015年 必要IT技 能;薪资提高

我 们在近期关于IT专 业人士的必要技能和薪资的业内文章中发现了一些振奋人心的消息!

薪 资提高

IT行 业的薪资呈现提升趋势。人力资源公司Robert Half近 期完成的一份调 查指 出,新聘IT员 工的平均初始工资预期将提高5.7%, 而其他行业员工的薪资预期将平均提高3.8%

随 着薪资的提高,IT职 位的数量也有所增加。据CareerBuilder报 道,54%的 受访公司都希望聘用新的IT员工,尤其是掌握云技术、移动技术、安全性和大数据的专业人士。

其 他刊物也对IT行 业中就业机会的增多进行了相同的报导。

InfoWorld 发 表的一 篇文章 中 称,“IT行业的就业增长预计将超过整体经济的增长,那些掌握有利技能的人将受益匪浅”。

该 篇文章尤其提到市场中对Java技 能需求的增长,并指出,根据一份近期调查,在求职网站Dice中 仅旧金山地区就有443份 与Java (more...)

Oracle融 合应用程序和Oracle销 售云的全新实施培训

Jim Vonick,Oracle2015116

通 过部署Oracle销 售云和Oracle融 合应用程序,您将实现加快实施和采用过程的最终目标,从而使您的企业能够充分受益于这些解决方案带来的优势。

实 施团队成员需要掌握专业技能和知识,从而确保顺畅、快速、成功地实施应用程序。

通 过更好地理解应用程序的基础知识和配置选项,实施团队成员将能够在设置过程中做出更明智的决策,以最大限度地满足您的业务需 求。

为 了帮助您实现这些目标,我们强烈推荐您参加实施培训。

实 施培训

Oracle融 合应用程序Oracle销 售云的 全新升级培训现已推出。

这 些课程备受Oracle客 户期待。以下是新发布课程的列表。大部分课程既适用于云部署,也适用于内部部署。

内 部部署的核心实施培训

对 于执行内部部署安装和管理任务的人员,我们推荐:

· Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching(即 将推出)(5天 课程)

· Fusion Applications R7: Installation and Patching 2天 课程)

· Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management (more...)

Data Visualizations at Visualizing Information Design Jam

Oracle Data Visualizations are going to be presented next week at a great event organized by Laurie Pattison and our colleagues at the AppsUX innovation team:

The goal of this event is to bring together different teams within Oracle, and with a lot of help and guidance from the UX team, think about how to make our product more visually engaging and possibly come up with ideas for new visualizations.

In preparation for this event (more...)

Introducing TV Ad Exposure Segments

In this week's guest blog post J.T. Compeau of Affinity Answers shines new light on an old favorite, TV Advertising.

 Not having enough targeted reach for advertising with consumers is a growing problem for marketers, one that is not confined to online or broadcast media. This begs the question, “How do marketers effectively reach receptive audiences at sufficient scale and frequency?” Brand interactions on social media are the link between what a consumer (more...)

Get the Oracle Alta UI Demo Application with Oracle ADF Faces by Shay Shmeltzer

clip_image002The Oracle ADF team is happy to announce the release of the Oracle Alta Workbetter ADF application sample.

You can now get the complete source code for this sample application, so you can further learn how to develop cool user interfaces with Oracle ADF Faces that implement the Oracle Alta UI design patterns.

At the last Oracle OpenWorld conference where we announced Oracle Alta UI, we got great reactions from people who saw the (more...)

Charts Tips: Zoom and Scroll with the Overview Window, Colors using Attribute Groups

The new Charts introduced in ADF 12.1.3 and MAF 2.0.x offer superior performance and user experience, including:

  • Client-side layout and interactivity
  • Redesigned zoom and scroll
  • Marquee zoom and selection
  • Redesigned Time axis
  • Improved data labeling

chart zooming and scrolling

Did you know how to turn on the overview window for zooming and scrolling, like shown in the image above?

Let's take you through some simple steps to enable zooming and scrolling and the overview window.


Oracle Public Cloud : utiliser Cyberduck

Oracle Cloud Storage est compatible Openstack.
Vous pouvez donc utiliser tous les outils compatibles; par exemple Cyberduck.

Pour cela, vous devez :

  1. Télécharger le logiciel
  2. Copier le fichier profile(Oracle Storage Cloud (US Commercial 2).cyberduckprofile) dans le répertoire profile
    (par exemple : D:Program Files (x86)Cyberduckprofiles) 
  3. Démarrer Cyberduck
  4. Renseigner les champs :

  5. Vous pouvez maintenant accéder à votre Storage Cloud !

Plus d'informations : https://trac.cyberduck.io/wiki/help/en/howto/oraclecloud

Maximizing ZFS Backup Throughput

I received an interesting question from a co-worker today. 

My customer has a large ZFSSA with a single filesystem "share". To meet their backup window, they will need to parallelize multiple NDMP streams simultaneously. So, can NDMP run multiple (20) streams simultaneously against our ZFSSA (Z4-4 in this case)?

In hopes that I can prevent future users from making the same mistake these guys did, here's my response. It really boils down to the (more...)

Is Mobile Over-hyped?

Don't get me wrong; I think mobile has and will continue to have a huge impact to the retail industry.  It's just that sometimes we get swept up by the shinny new object and neglect the basics.  Less than two years ago Marc Andreessen declared that stores were dead, yet they still typically represents more than 90% of a retailer's revenue.  Investments may not track contributions exactly, and that's understandable.  (more...)

Security Features of Standard Edition (One) – Part 1


A closer look on database hosts

The last couple of years quite a few organizations had a difficult time and internal costs where a main focal point was to save money. License costs was one thing where many IT-managers put their question marks and so often the decision was made to downgrade the Oracle database back to Standard Edition. On the other hand, often smaller organizations have embedded SE’s as part of their applications (more...)

SQL Developer: Viewing Trace Files

Just a quick plug for looking at raw sql trace files via SQL Developer.

There is a nice Tree View:

Which can be expanded:

Also summary view of statistics, filterable:

And a list view, filterable and orderable:


Some sort of right click summary for binds/waits might be a nice addition.

Exadata Documentation Available

Please join me in welcoming the Exadata product documentation to the internet. It’s been a long time coming, but glad it’s finally made an appearance!

Everything I Needed to Know About Enterprise Manager I Learned at Collaborate 2015

Collaborate 2015 at the Mandalay in Las Vegas is just around the corner and the sheer amount of Enterprise Manager focused content is phenomenal!  Oracle partners and power users around the world come together each year to provide the lucky attendees the best in use cases, tips and technical know -how regarding the best infrastructure management tool in the industry.

If you are one of the lucky masses who attend this incredible conference from (more...)

Real time sql monitoring – bulk bound statement

Moving through some observations of an ongoing investigation tackling the easiest ones first.

Previously I observed the slow execution of a recursive delete of statistics history but coming not from MMON but from a number of application processes which should have only been calculating stats for their own partitions.

Statement was sql id 9v9n97qj8z1dg:

delete /*+ dynamic_sampling(4) */
from sys.wri$_optstat_histhead_history
where savtime < :1
and rownum <= NVL(:2, rownum);

From the real time sql (more...)


Yesterday I mentioned issues with a recursive delete operation on statistics history.

This is a quick illustration of the last points I made on that post regarding the lack of a COUNT STOPKEY optimisation because of the use of NVL.

COUNT STOPKEY is an optimisation which allows processing to stop once the target number of rows has been reached.

For example:

create table t1 as select * from dba_objects;

alter session set statistics_level = all;


Goldengate: Problems with character sets

One complication that you may face with replicating data using Goldengate (or other tools) is when your source character set is different to your destination character set. This is particularly true when the source character set is UTF-8 and the destination is not.

If the application does not sanitise (or you do not want to sanitise) inputs to restrict them to the lowest common denominator within your systems, you will need to ensure that you (more...)

Meet me in Austin?

Late breaking news (aka I forgot to post this earlier)! I will be speaking at the first meeting of the Austin Oracle Users Group for 2015. It will be this coming Friday February 27, 2015 starting at 11:00 AM. I will give an intro talk on Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (the FREE data modeling […]