Upgrade Cloud Control 12cR4 to 12cR5

em-12cA couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about doing a Cloud Control 12cR5 installation and said I would be testing the upgrade from 12cR4. I’ve now done that.

The upgrade documentation is quite extensive and the prerequisites are going to be different depending on the database and cloud control versions you are starting with, so this is no way (more...)

From the Cloud Launch – Focusing on Mobile, the Other Side of the Proverbial Coin

No doubt you tuned into the recent Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) launch. Lots of new and exciting cloud based offerings including:

  • Oracle Database Cloud - Exadata Service
  • Oracle Archive Storage Cloud Service
  • Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Big Data SQL Cloud Service
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service
  • Oracle Process Cloud Service

And last but certainly not least Oracle Mobile Cloud Service! The Cloud is touching every facet of IT infrastructure - and (more...)

RESULT_CACHE: run-time dependency tracking

As you know, since 11.2 “relies_on” clause was deprecated and oracle tracks dependencies at runtime now.

Test function and tables
create or replace function f_without_deps(p_tab varchar2) return varchar2
   res varchar2(30);
   execute immediate 'select '''||p_tab||''' from '||p_tab||' where rownum=1' into res;
   return res;
create table a as select 'a' a from dual;
create table b as select 'b' b from dual;
create view v_ab as select a,b from a,b;


And (more...)

A function gets called twice if the result_cache is used

Recently I showed simple example how result_cache works with non-deterministic functions and observed strange behaviour: a function gets fired once in the normal query, but twice with the result_cache hint.
Moreover, only third and subsequent query executions return same cached results as second query execution.
I didn’t want to investigate such behavior, just because 1) we should not cache the results of non-deterministic functions and 2) it doesn’t matter if we use deterministic functions.
But (more...)

Platform for Innovation – Interview with Oracle’s VP of Java Cloud Services by Alexandra Huff

clip_image002In an interview with Mike Lehmann, vice president of product management for Oracle's Java Cloud Services and the Cloud Application Foundation group, you can hear about Oracle's most recent developments in Java for the Cloud, related technologies, and developer-friendly design concepts.
"Architecturally, without a lot of effort, you can bring multi-tier architectures together in interesting ways that previously would have taken weeks or maybe even months, depending on the complexity of your IT environment," says (more...)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the EXPLAIN PLAN Part 38: Utilizing Shakespearean wisdom in database upgrades

“ Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel; But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatch'd, unfledg'd comrade.” —the advice of Polonius, counselor to King Claudius, to his son Laertes who is leaving for France in Act 1, Scene 3 of The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare Every new version of Oracle Database comes—this should be no (more...)

Cloud World Developer Days fist stop Mexico July 9th 2015


Oracle CloudWorld Developer Mexico City, July 9, 2015 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Accelerate and simplify development with Oracle PaaS

Join us for a one-day developer-focused event featuring sessions spanning four Cloud tracks: Java, Mobile, Database, and Integration & Process. Learn firsthand from Oracle Cloud experts as they share their insight and expertise on using Oracle PaaS technologies for the full development lifecycle to help you develop better quality code with the agility and speed (more...)

Log Buffer #430: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition cuts through the crowd and picks some of the outstanding blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


  • Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software engineering approach in which teams keep producing valuable software in short cycles and ensure that the software can be reliably released at any time.
  • Query existing HBase tables with SQL using Apache Phoenix.
  • Even though WebLogic with Active GridlLink are Oracle’s suggested approach to deploy (more...)

Protecting People’s Privacy: The Power of Constraints

It’s Monday morning. You arrive at Acme, the small email marketing company where you work. You pour yourself a cup of lukewarm coffee from the communal coffee pot and head to your desk. 

You hear voices coming from the cavernous meeting room at the far end of the office. They sound angry. You ignore them and check your email. 

A few minutes later your boss bursts out of the meeting room and strides (more...)

PaaS to Extend SaaS Workshops for EMEA Partners


PaaS for Extend SaaS workshops across Europe – register now free

These free five days hands on “PaaS to Extend SaaS Workshopsconsist of presentations, live demos, and hands-on laboratory exercises covering Java, Doc, Developer, Messaging Cloud Service.

Workshops can be participated Remotely or InClass. Five Workshops are conducted as follows:

PaaS Workshop

Start Dates


Week days



PaaS to Extend SaaS - Java, Doc, Developer, Messaging Cloud Service



Oracle Data Guard Certified with EBS 12.1.3

I'm pleased to announce the certification of Oracle Data Guard with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3.  Certification with Oracle Data Guard provides you the ability to create a Physical Standby Database for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 environments.  The creation of a Physical Standby Database is a key component of creating a disaster recovery site for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Detailed steps for setting (more...)

Using Universal Connection Pooling (UCP) with JBoss AS

Even though WebLogic with Active GridlLink is Oracle's suggested approach to deploy Java applications that use Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC), there might be scenarios in which you can't make that choice (e.g.: certification issues, licensing, library dependency, etc.). Application servers and their database connection pool mechanisms might end up being a bottleneck in the architecture of your applications and a critical component to provide performance, scalability and high-availability.

UCP, besides providing (more...)

Why We Do “Fancy Friday”

It started out innocently enough: One person wanted to bring back “Fancy Friday,” a tradition from the pre-acquisition days of the startup Vitrue. Since the dress code was relaxed, they decided to dress up on Fridays.

Seems simple, right?

It was - in the beginning. One person did it, then a few more joined in, and before we knew what was happening, we were dressed up as pirates.

Wait, what?

Yes, we’re dressed as pirates. (more...)

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance with EM12c, (ZDLRA)

I had a chance to take a closer look at the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, (ZDLRA) via Cloud Control today and really liked the dashboard that’s included in the plugin for the product.  This post isn’t going to cover the installation of the plugin or configuration-  I was just intrigued by the dashboard and wanted to go over the great features that are part of it.

Accessing the ZDLRA

As with any Targets, (more...)

MGMTDB not automatically created on Exadata X5 and GI

While deploying an X5 Full Rack recently it happened that the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository was not created by onecommand. The GIMR database was optional in and became mandatory in and should be automatically installed with Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c release 1 ( For unknown reason to me that didn’t happen and I had to create it manually. I’ve checked all the log files (more...)

LATERAL Inline Views, CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY Joins in 12c

love-sqlI was looking for something in the New Features Manual and I had a total WTF moment when I saw this stuff.

If you look at the final section of the article, you can see in some cases these just get transformed to regular joins and outer joins, but there is certainly something else under the hood, as shown by (more...)

The Hybrid World is Coming

Here’s the video of E4 keynote we delivered together with Kerry Osborne a few weeks ago.

It explains what we see is coming, at a high level, from long time Oracle database professionals’ viewpoint and using database terminology (as the E4 audience is all Oracle users like us).

However, this change is not really about Oracle database world, it’s about a much wider shift in enterprise computing: modern Hadoop data lakes and clouds are here to stay. They are already taking over many workloads traditionally executed on (more...)

IoT Hackathon Part II : Overview of Grove Pi sensors

This post gives you an Overview of Grove Pi sensors and the fun things that you can do with it. I will add the real content later, but for now we need a placeholder.

IoT Hackathon Part I : Setting up your Raspberry Pi

This post describes how you can setup your Raspberry Pi in order to start working with it. I will add the real content later, but for now we need a placeholder.

Investigating the full table direct path / buffered decision.

A lot of blogposts and other internet publications have been written on the full segment scan behaviour of a serial process starting from Oracle version 11gR2. This behaviour is the Oracle engine making a decision between scanning the blocks of a segment into the Oracle buffercache or scanning these blocks into the process’ private process global area (PGA). This decision is even more important on the Exadata platform, because the Oracle engine must have made (more...)