EM12c and the Optimizer Statistics Console

Today we’re going to review another great feature in the EM12c that you may not have realized was available.  Once logged into a database target, click on the Performance menu and navigate to the Optimizer Statistics Console:


Optimizer Statistics Console Page

The new console page is clean, easy to navigate and has great access points to manage and monitor optimizer statistics for the given database target.


We’ll actually start at the bottom of the (more...)

Performance Issues with the Sequence NEXTVAL Call

Is SELECTing from a sequence your Oracle Performance Problem? The answer to that question is: it might be!

You wouldn’t expect a sequence select to be a significant problem but recently we saw that it was—and in two different ways. The issue came to light when investigating a report performance issue on an Oracle non-RAC database. Investigating the report problem required an AWR analysis and a SQL trace (actually a 10046 (more...)

ORA-28043: Invalid Bind Credentials for DB-OID Connection

Have you ever encountered this error connecting to a DB using global authentication against OID? Was re-registration a temporary workaround, but the issue came back after some time? Check out this solution for ORA-28043: invalid bind credentials for DB-OID connection.

During a long project which included changing human account’s authentication method from local to global on several databases, users started to report ORA-28043 after a couple of days.

$ sqlplus rambo@orcl

SQL*Plus: Release 11. (more...)

Oracle database operating system memory allocation management for PGA – part 4: Oracle and AMM

This is the 4th post in a series of posts on PGA behaviour of Oracle. Earlier posts are: here (PGA limiting for Oracle 12), here (PGA limiting for Oracle 11.2) and the quiz on using PGA with AMM, into which this blogpost dives deeper.

As laid out in the quiz blogpost, I have a database with the following specifics:
-Oracle Linux x86_64 6u6.
-Oracle database PSU 4
-Oracle (more...)

Oracle AWR Reports: When IOStats Lie


If you’ve been unfortunate enough to follow my dithering on Twitter recently you’ll know that I’ve been lurching between thinking that there is and isn’t a problem with Oracle’s tracking of I/O statistics in its AWR reports.

I’m now convinced there is a problem, but I can’t work out what causes it… so step 1 is to describe the problem here, after which step 2 will probably be to sit back and hope someone far (more...)

ADF meet smartphone, phone meet smartADF

| Dec 17, 2014

Here’s a question we spent time investigating recently.

We know ADF works well on tablets, but is it suitable for smartphones too?

Sometime back in the JDeveloper 11gR1 and 11gR2 branches (search for ‘tablet’ in those links) of ADF we added a wide range of support for touch gestures, mobile optimizations and more. More recently the Alta skin and UI guidelines contain considerable collateral around building ADF applications to be optimized for tablets.

Yet when (more...)

Long Class-Unloading Pauses with JDK8

| Dec 17, 2014
Recently, I came across a report where a user was facing long GC pauses with JDK8. They didn't see this issue while running with JDK7. The problem with jdk8 was that sometimes the class unloading step of CMS-remark phase was taking a very long time to do its job. They were running with large pages enabled with both jdk7 and jdk8.

2014-11-30T01:51:35.632+0000: [GC (CMS Final Remark) [YG occupancy: 292006 K (1179648 K)][Rescan (parallel) , (more...)

Execution Plans

This is the index to a series of articles I’ve been writing for redgate, published on their AllThingsOracle site, about generating and reading execution plans. I’ve completed a few articles that haven’t yet been published, but I’ll add their URLs when they’re available.

I don’t really know how many parts it’s going to end up as – there’s an awful lot that that you could say about reading execution plans, even when you’re trying to cover just (more...)

E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata

This blog post summarizes important references available for E-Business Suite customers on Exalogic and Exadata.

For general E-Business Suite recommendations, refer to the current quarterly blog post on the E-Business Suite Technology blog.

For new deployments/installations of E-Business Suite on Exalogic and Exadata, refer to MOS Doc 1460742.1 - Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Migrating an existing E-Business Suite to Exalogic and Exadata consists of (more...)

New Cookbook: Oracle Linux 6 Update 5 within an Oracle VM Template

Oracle-VMI’ve posted a new installation cookbook for using Oracle within a virtual machine running on Oracle VM. Surprisingly, I was unable to come up with a satisfactory method of accessing external storage that did not involve the use of Oracle ASMLib

Oracle Linux 6 Update 5 within an Oracle VM Template

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SOA & BPM Community Newsletter December 2014

Dear SOA & BPM Partner Community member,

Welcome to the last edition of the SOA & BPM Partner Community Newsletter in 2014. Before the years end please make sure that you register for the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 as 50% of the seats are booked already!
Our ACT on marketing campaign for Middleware Consolidation and Innovation is in full swing with more than 50 activities across Europe Middle East and Africa – thanks (more...)

Oracle database operating system memory allocation management for PGA – part 3: Oracle and AMM: Quiz

This is a series of blogposts on how the Oracle database makes use of PGA. Earlier posts can be found here (PGA limiting for Oracle 12) and here (PGA limiting for Oracle 11.2).

Today a little wednesday fun: a quiz.

What do you think will happen in the following situation:

-Oracle Linux x86_64 6u6.
-Oracle database PSU 4
-Oracle database (single instance) with the following parameter set: memory_target=1G. No other (more...)

GlassFish is here to stay. We heard it from the Oracle by C2B2

clip_image001We are at JavaOne 2014 and one of the key reasons for me to attend was to catch up on the future of GlassFish. So on Sunday I went along to the GlassFish community update at the Moscone Center to consult with the Oracle on the future of GlassFish.
The reason I go to JavaOne is to hear the definitive view on GlassFish and JavaEE futures from the people that make the decisions. There's no (more...)

Hardware Threading Makes a Difference in Clouds

Today’s server designs are based on multi-core and multithreaded processors, and these characteristics have a fundamental impact on the server performance that users observe when running enterprise workloads. Performance is not simply a factor of number of threads and performance per thread, but of balanced design and intelligent architectural choices.

A Bit of History

For decades, microprocessor designers improved performance by increasing clock frequency and adding capabilities (more...)

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Updates (2014/12/16)

| Dec 16, 2014
2014/12/16、Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Media Pack の更新は、前回 2014/12/10 に下記のメディアを更新しましたが、その際、一つ前の古いメディアが残ったままであったため、それを削除させていただきました。
  • Oracle Cloud Adapter for Oracle RightNow Cloud Service

SLOB 2.2 Not Generating AWR reports? Testing Large User Counts With Think Time? Think Processes and SLOB_DEBUG.

I’ve gotten a lot of reports of folks branching out into SLOB 2.2 large user count testing with the SLOB 2.2 Think Time feature. I’m also getting reports that some of the same folks are not getting the resultant AWR reports one expects from a SLOB test.

If you are not getting your AWR reports there is the old issue I blogged about here (click here). That old issue was related to a (more...)

Updated: Using Third-Party Identity Managers with E-Business Suite Release 12

This article is an updated version of two earlier articles: one written for EBS 11i + SSO + OID, and another written for EBS 12 + SSO + OID.  Oracle Single Sign-On has been superceded by Oracle Access Manager (OAM).  This latest article covers the latest options for using EBS Release 12.x (12.0, 12.1, and 12.2) and Oracle Access Manager with third-party authentication systems.

Like most of our (more...)

One for the books: MDC ShipIt!

This latest post is from our own Mindi Cummins, who is joining our panel of bloggers here. Mindi is a Principal Product Manager with Apps UX and this week was her first trip to Guadalajara for our ShipIt Event! Watch for more posts from Mindi in the future.

⁞⁞⁞Mindi, driving the lunch bus

Mindi driving the lunch bus

How to dial a phone number from Oracle Mobile Application Framework?

Sometimes you need to dial a number from within a mobile app and for my surprise that functionality was not directly exposed through the Oracle Mobile Application Framework APIs.

The Oracle MAF provides a component called Link (Go) available under the General Controls palette that can be used for navigation between pages but it can also be used to enable linking to external URLs.

Using the tel: URL scheme with the Link (Go) component gives (more...)

Career Paths: No Regrets?

No, this isn't a picture of Jim Lein

When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

High School? College? Still pondering that question? Do you have any regrets about your career choices?

Generally I don’t have regrets because a) they serve no purpose and b) every choice has a ripple effect. For example, had I not chose to be a low paid ski bum in my twenties I never (more...)