ORA-16534 When Converting to/from Snapshot Standby with DataGuard Broker

We here at Seilerwerks Industries (not really) have been using snapshot standby databases to refresh an array of unit test databases from a common primary. During the business day, these would be converted to snapshot standby databases for testing, then overnight they are converted back to physical standby and recovered up to the master again.

However we ran into one problem the other week. I noticed that the test3 database was still in physical standby (more...)

A Q&A with Australia’s Mobile Luminary Andrew Paterson

| Oct 22, 2014
Looking for an insight into what makes an award winning mobile solution amongst Oracle's customers? The following Q&A exert captures an online interview with Andrew Paterson from Rubicon Red, sharing his experiences in building a mobile solution for Australia's National Pharmacies that won the Enterprise Mobility Award at Oracle Open World 2014. The application was built using Oracle technology, a combination of Oracle's Mobile Application Framework (MAF) for the mobile front end, and Oracle's (more...)

New Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Academy Course

If you want to get into mobile application development with Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), there is a new Oracle Developer Academy course available for you.

This new course introduces you to the Mobile Application Framework, how to design a MAF-based application, integrate with device capabilities, how to develop with web services and how to secure a MAF application.

In this FREE two-hour interactive online course you'll learn and master the design, architecture, interoperability (more...)

Updated Case Study: Oracle’s Own E-Business Suite 12 Environment

Oracle's own use of the E-Business Suite has always been an excellent case study. Our internal EBS environment has grown and evolved over the years. We were running EBS 11i in 2006 with a 6 Terabyte database, after consolidating over 70 EBS instances into a Global Single Instance.  It grew to a 14 Terabyte EBS 12 database by 2008.

Larry Klein, Vice President of Oracle's Enterprise IT group, gave a snapshot of the latest (more...)


A recent question on the OTN forum asked about narrowing down the cause of deadlocks, and this prompted me to set up a little example. Here’s a deadlock graph of a not-quite-standard type:

Deadlock graph:
                                          ---------Blocker(s)--------  ---------Waiter(s)---------
Resource Name                             process session holds waits  process session holds waits
TX-00040001-000008EC-00000000-00000000         50     249     X             48       9           X
TX-000A001F-000008BC-00000000-00000000         48       9     X             50     249           S

My session (the one that dumped the trace file) is 249, and I was blocked (more...)

Up you database skill level!

| Oct 22, 2014

Learn Oracle with the new Oracle Database 12c Release 1 training series.

Determining which IdP to use for Federation SSO

As a Service Provider, when triggering a Federation SSO operation, the main challenge sometimes lies with determining which IdP will be selected for the SSO flow, in cases where the SP has trust agreements with multiple IdPs.

OIF/SP has different mechanism to select the IdP for the Federation SSO operation, including:

  • Having the OAM Federation Scheme indicating the IdP to be used
  • Having a custom OAM Authentication Plugin setting the IdP to be used
  • Using (more...)

Grupo Farmacos Cuts CapEx, OpEx with Platform Consolidation

| Oct 22, 2014
Oracle AppAdvantage IT Leaders Series
Oracle Corporation
Oracle AppAdvantage IT Leaders Series
Grupo Farmacos is the leading distributor of medical equipment and medicine in Mexico, and services customers across the public and private sectors. In order to support its diverse business operations, the company built a high-performance virtualized infrastructure in the cloud.

Join this live webcast for an in-depth look at how Grupo Farmacos implemented Oracle’s engineered systems and middleware to:
  • Consolidate its architecture to control costs and improve IT efficiency
  • Support (more...)

SAP on Exadata Deep-Dive Training for Partners – Walldorf, Nov. 24-28th

“SAP on Exadata Deep-Dive Consultant Training” for Partners

Covering SAP Implementation/Migration/Deployment on Exadata

Nov. 24 – Nov. 28 2014 (5 days), Walldorf, Germany

Oracle Exadata is the best solution for running Oracle DB for SAP. Exadata is certified to run SAP applications and now it is right time to train more SAP Technical/BASIS consultants to do migrations, implementations, deployment based on this platform on proven Oracle technology.

Join this training in order to (more...)

Top Exastack ISV Headlines: Mednet – Microstrategy

  • Mednet's MedNext+, a solution for managing health insurance risks, is now Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Optimized - Watch now
  • MicroStrategy leverages the processing power of Oracle Database 12c in its Mobile Platform and enterprise analytics by pushing analytics to the database - Learn more



| Oct 22, 2014

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作为Oracle最 新学习平台的甲骨文学习串流旨在为您提供直接由Oracle专 家讲授的最新产品知识,视频学习内容更是无间断更新,方便您在90天免费访问期内随时观看进行学习。此外,您还将尽享两大优势——围绕热点话题的网络在线研讨会以及联系专家教师进行实时答 疑,轻松获得无间断学习帮助。

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Oracle 12c Multitenant – Inmemory (pre-basics)

A couple of very, very basic observations on getting going with 12c Inmemory in a multitenant database.

1. When trying to set inmemory_size within a PDB when inmemory_size is 0 in the CDB
ORA-02096: specified initialization parameter is not modifiable with this option

SQL> alter session set container = cdb$root;
Session altered.

SQL> select value from v$parameter where name = 'inmemory_size';

SQL> alter session set container = orcl;
Session altered.

SQL> alter  (more...)

Plan depth

A recent posting on OTN reminded me that I haven’t been poking Oracle 12c very hard to see which defects in reporting execution plans have been fixed. The last time I wrote something about the problem was about 20 minhts ago referencing; but there are still oddities and irritations that make the nice easy “first child first” algorithm fail because the “depth” calculated by Oracle doesn’t match the “level” that you would get from (more...)

Dallas Oracle Users Group Performance Meetup

I spoke at a one day DOUG meeting yesterday. It was pretty cool. Very small intimate group of about 50. The speakers were Nitin Vengurlekar, Charles Kim, Cary Millsap and myself. All are Ace Directors and either work at Viscosity or Enkitec. As a bonus, Tanel Poder showed up to weigh in on some open discussion. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I promised the group I would post my slides and a zip file with (more...)


Here’s a question that appeared in my email a few days ago:


Based on the formula: “sreadtim = ioseektim + db_block_size/iotrfrspeed” sreadtim should always bigger than ioseektim.

But I just did a query on my system, find it otherwise, get confused,


SNAME                          PNAME                               PVAL1 PVAL2
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---------- --------------------
SYSSTATS_INFO                  STATUS                                    COMPLETED
SYSSTATS_INFO                  DSTART                                    10-08-2014 10:45
SYSSTATS_INFO                  DSTOP                                     10-10-2014 10:42
SYSSTATS_INFO                  FLAGS                                   1
SYSSTATS_MAIN                  CPUSPEEDNW                     680.062427
SYSSTATS_MAIN                   (more...)

Setting Up Chargeback in EM

Some time back, I posted a blog entry about Metering and Chargeback in Enterprise Manager, where I covered the basic capabilities of the Chargeback Application. It’s taken me some time to get back to the promised followup blog post on setting up Chargeback, what with Oracle Open World getting in the way of things, but that’s what I’m finally doing now.

Chargeback can be setup in EM12c by any user with the EM_CBA_ADMIN role, or (more...)

Just a couple of screenshots of sqlplus+rlwrap+cygwin+console

I previously wrote that I peeped the idea about showing the session information in terminal title from Timur Akhmadeev’s screenshots, and Timur wrote:

I’m using (a bit modified) Tanel Poder’s login.sql available in his TPT scripts library: http://tech.e2sn.com/oracle-scripts-and-tools

Tanel’s i.sql
My title.sql and on_login.sql

Colored prompt is the one of many features of rlwrap.

Connected as simple user:
Connected as sysdba:

SQL*Plus on OEL through putty:

@inc/title “*** Test ***”

Code can be scary when you simplify it

Disclaimer: I’m not posting to make me look better, we’ve all written code that we’re later ashamed of, and I’m no different!

This is some code from a system I was maintaining some time ago. I’ve kept it since then because it illustrates a number of things NOT to do:

FUNCTION password_is_valid
  (in_password IN VARCHAR2)
-- do NOT copy this code!!! ...
  l_valid VARCHAR2(1);
  l_sql VARCHAR2(32000);
  CURSOR cur_rules IS
    SELECT REPLACE(sql_expression
                  ,''''  (more...)

Patching Time

Just a quick note to point out that the October PSU was just released. The database has a few more vulnerabilities than usual (31), but they are mostly related to Java and the high CVSS score of 9 only applies to people running Oracle on windows. (On other operating systems, the highest score is 6.5.)

I did happen to glance at the announcement on the security blog, and I thought this short (more...)

Managing your Database in a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Server Room

Only two things are really certain: network latency over long distances, and the fact that humanity will soon rapidly degenerate into undead brain-eaters.

When that day comes, when the dead are crowding at your door and the windows are busted out and ripped up rotted arms are clawing at the inside of your home, I know what you’ll be thinking: is my database protected?

Don’t worry, my friends. The Oracle Alchemist has you covered. We (more...)