E-Business Suite Integration with Integration Cloud Service and DB Adapter by Ulrich Janke



Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is an Oracle offering for a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to implement message-driven integration scenarios. This article will introduce into the use of ICS for integrating an on-premise E-Business Suite (EBS) instance via Database Adapter. While EBS in recent releases offers a broad set of integration features like SOAP and REST support (i.e. via Integrated SOA Gateway), these interfaces are not available in older versions like 11.5.x. In the (more...)

Installing Developer 10g 32-bit on 64-bit Windows versions

E-Business Suite 12.1 and 12.2 require Forms Developer 10g and Reports Designer 10g.  Forms Developer 10g and Reports Designer 10g are part of Oracle Developer Suite 10g.  Oracle Developer Suite 10g is a 32-bit program certified with Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10.

Forcing 32-bit programs to run on 64-bit Windows

Although Windows 32-bit programs will not install by default on 64-bit versions of Windows, there are three possible workarounds:


OTN APAC Tour 2016 : Auckland

otnapac16dI woke up early and took a taxi to the event, got a chair and a coffee and played catch-up with my blogs and videos. After an hour it was time to start the NZOUG event in Auckland. It was a three track event with the same timetable as the Wellington event, so I will only be talking about the sessions I attended.

I started the day with “Pluggable Databases – What they will (more...)

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – October 2016

imageOctober 2016 top tweets by soaCommunity

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SOA & BPM Partner Community

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Blog (more...)

AWS DMS Tips for Oracle Migrations

Some time ago I published a post regarding the Database Migration Service (DMS) on AWS. The service had just appeared at that time and looked very promising. It is still appealing and has a good use and potential to mature and be better. I was able to test and try it in several cases moving data to AWS and between RDS databases inside AWS. During those exercises, I ran into some issues and wanted to (more...)

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud – Modern Learning at Its Best

Are you transitioning to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud? Are you looking to develop a solid foundation so you can configure, test, maintain, and use Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud?

If so, Oracle University has a unique solution to help you get the most of your investment.

Modern Learning at Its Best

The Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Learning Subscription is an all-digital solution for anyone on your team seeking training for Oracle Planning and (more...)

Oracle GROUP_ID Function with Examples

In this article, I explain what the GROUP_ID function does and show you some examples. Purpose of the Oracle GROUP_ID Function The GROUP_ID function is used to assign a number to each group that results from a SELECT query clause with a GROUP BY clause. It’s used to identify any duplicate groups in your output, […]

Integration Cloud Service (ICS) On-Premise Agent Installation by Greg Mally


The Oracle On-Premises Agent (aka, Connectivity Agent) is necessary for Oracle ICS to communicate to on-premise resources without the need for firewall configurations or VPN. Additional details about the Agent can be found under New Agent Simplifies Cloud to On-premises Integration. The purpose of this A-Team blog is to give a consolidated and simplified flow of what is needed to install the agent and provide a foundation for other blogs (e.g., E-Business Suite (more...)

New OA Framework 12.2.5 Update 7 Now Available

Web-based content in Oracle E-Business Suite 12 runs on the Oracle Application Framework (OAF or "OA Framework") user interface libraries and infrastructure.  Since the release of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 in 2013, we have released several cumulative updates to Oracle Application Framework to fix performance, security, and stability issues. 

These updates are provided in cumulative Release Update Packs, and cumulative Bundle Patches that can be applied on top of the Release Update (more...)

New preupgrd.sql is available – MOS 884522.1

A new preupgrd.sql got released this week via MOS Note:884522.1. Plus use this one for upgrades to Oracle Database instead of the deployed (or any other earlier version). Changes since initial release of Do not recommend pga_aggregate_limit for 12.1 databases fix... [Read More]

A technical security analysis of the snmp daemon on Exadata

Recently I was asked to analyse the security impact of the snmp daemon on a recent Exadata. This system was running Exadata image version This blog article gives you an overview of a lot of the things that surround snmp and security.

First of all what packages are installed doing something with snmp? A list can be obtained the following way:

# rpm -qa | grep snmp
net-snmp-utils-5.5-54.0. (more...)

OTN APAC Tour 2016 : Wellington to Auckland

otnapac16dFrank and I were on the same flight to Auckland, so we picked up our bags from the conference hotel, then got a taxi to the airport. It was after rush hour and the Wellington traffic seemed incredibly quiet, so there was no problem getting to the airport.

Check in and bag drop for New Zealand Air was all self service. It took me three attempts before it would recognise my flight details, but I (more...)

Take Action on Dirty COW

I am sure you have heard about "Dirty COW" by now and may be trying to figure out if you need a patch or how to patch your Linux systems.

Dirty COW is a concurrency vulnerability in the Linux kernel’s memory subsystem that allows uncontrolled access to shared data. Specifically, this is a copy-on-write (COW) breakage that could allow an unprivileged user to gain write access to otherwise read-only memory mappings and potentially increase their (more...)

Quarterly CPU – To Patch or Not

If the organization is mandated by regulation, e.g. PCI, then it’s a no brainer.

What if the is no regulation and system is stable?

At this point, it depends on risk tolerance.

Review Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory – October 2016 and search for Oracle Database Server Risk Matrix.

This example is for Oracle Database Server and please search accordingly for the required components.

Remote Exploit without Auth.? NO for all except Application Express

How (more...)

Implementing an SFDC Upsert Operation in ICS by Ricardo Ferreira Leave a Comment



While designing SOA services; especially those ones that represent operations around a business object, a common implementation pattern used is upsert. Upsert is an acronym that means the union of “update plus insert”. The idea behind is having a unique operation that decides which action to take – either update the existing record or insert a new one – based on information available in the message. Having one operation instead of two, makes the (more...)

OTN APAC Tour 2016 : Wellington

otnapac16dI slept for about 12 hours last night, which was really good news!

I met up with Frank in the hotel lobby, we checked out and took a taxi to the hotel for the NZOUG event in Wellington. Some quick hellos and a couple of coffees, then it was time to start. It was a three track event, so I will only be talking about the sessions I attended.

My “Pluggable Databases – What (more...)

Isolate Your Code

I fail to understand anonymous PL/SQL block is used with dbms_scheduler.

Here is an example:

hawk:(SYSTEM@hawk):PRIMARY> @x.sql
hawk:(SYSTEM@hawk):PRIMARY> set echo on
  3  program_name=>'TESTING',
  4  program_action=>'DECLARE
  5  x NUMBER := 100;
  6  BEGIN
  7     FOR i IN 1..10 LOOP
  8        IF MOD(i,2) = 0 THEN
  9           INSERT INTO temp VALUES (i);
 10        ELSE
 11           INSERT INTO temp VALUES (i);
 12        END IF;
 13        x := x + 100;
 14      (more...)

OTN APAC Tour 2016 : Birmingham to Wellington

ace-directorI got to Birmingham Airport about 2.5 hours early, so I had no drama at the bag check or security. I’ve mentioned a couple of times I’ve been really nervous about this journey. As I waited the nerves started to take their toll and I puked before I got on the plane.

The flight to Dubai was unusually uncomfortable. I think part of that was because I was already really tired before getting on (more...)

Performing a 12c Upgrade with a New Install

Software updates often include new features, and while useful, these new features are often the only driving factors in upgrading software. There's no harm in wanting to play around with the shiny new toy but many software updates also include much more significant changes, such as resolving bugs or security vulnurabilities.

In fact, bug fixes and security patches are usually released on a more frequent schedule than new feature sets. These changes are necessary to (more...)

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Released


We are proud to announce the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Media is available for download on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC). This includes the following products:

  • Oracle SOA Suite and Business Process Management 12c (
  • Oracle B2B and Healthcare 12c (
  • Oracle Service Bus 12c (more...)