Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 Updates (2014/07/22)

| Jul 22, 2014
Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 Media Pack について、2014/07/22 にあった更新内容をお伝えします。

1. Oracle Identity Management
Microsoft Windows x64プラットフォームにおいて、下記製品を最新メディアに更新しました。
  • Oracle API Gateway
  • Oracle Identity Manager Connectors
製品概要については、Oracle API GatewayOracle Identity Managerそれぞれの製品ページをご参照ください。

2. Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance

Microsoft Windows x64プラットフォームにおいて、Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance 2.9のメディアを追加しました。


Getting Started with Coherence*Web in WebLogic Server 12.1.2 by Tim Middleton

Coherence*Web is a great feature which allows you to store your HTTP sessions in a Coherence Cluster. Doing this allows your to de-couple the HTTP sessions from your JVM’s that are running your web apps, (which can free up JVM memory) and take advantage of the RASP (Reliability, Availability, Scalability and Performance) capabilities of Coherence for storage.

With this separation you can also more easily scale and manage and your HTTP session tier as well (more...)

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Updates (2014/07/22)

| Jul 22, 2014
Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Media Pack について、2014/07/22 にあった更新内容をお伝えします。

1. Oracle B2B
Oracle B2B Document Editor 12.1.3のメディアを追加しました。
Oracle B2B Document Editorは、B2B用のガイドライン作成および実装アプリケーションです。

2. Oracle Tuxedo
  • Oracle Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor Plus 12.1.3 for Windows x64
  • Oracle Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor Plus for Oracle Tuxedo 12.1.1 for HP-UX Itanium (32-bit)
  • Oracle Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT) 12.1.1 for HP-UX Itanium (32-bit)


Big Ideas Are Good, but Every Plan Needs Building Blocks by David Talamelli

| Jul 22, 2014

A few years ago I attended a training course which was designed to help participants understand how they think and behave to help them make better decisions both individually and as part of a team. In this training I completed an Emergenetics Profile which helps you understand the way you think. There are 4 Distinct Categories which are Analytical, Structural, Social and Conceptual which are fairly self explanatory. The training was really insightful and helped (more...)

On SSE_ROLE DBA alternative

There is often an awkward quandary among DBA's whenever the development team asks the DBA to create SSE_ROLE per Oracle documentation. This is true especially in production.

Per Oracle Docuentation:

I suggest the following alternative to my clients:
Grant schema with CONNECT, RESOURCE, and SSE_ROLE_ALT. Use SSE_ROLE_ALT instead of SSE_ROLE

Grant below privileges to OBAW:

HR and Finance Agree? – Has The World Come To An End?

| Jul 22, 2014

By guest bloggers Alex Anvari and Mike Bollinger

HR and finance executives agree on many people and performance-related issues according to a survey of HR and finance executives by Towers Watson and Forbes Insight. 

The top areas of joint activity, according to the survey were, setting annual budgets for reward programs (cited by 46 percent of finance and 62 percent of HR), determining changes to reward programs (43 percent finance and 42 percent HR), (more...)

REGEXP_LIKE: strange unspecified value in parameter “modifier”

Today I noticed strange thing in predicate section of execution plan for simple query with regexp_like, where was not specified 3rd parameter “MODIFIER”:

SQL> select * from dual where regexp_like(dummy,'.');


SQL> select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor);

SQL_ID  97xuqf9cmjsta, child number 0
select * from dual where regexp_like(dummy,'.')

Plan hash value: 272002086

| Id  | Operation         | Name | Rows  | Bytes | Cost (%CPU)| Time     |

Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management v2.4 Dutch UI Language Pack Available Now

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Tax PSRM v2.4 UI (User Interface) Dutch language pack.

Language Patch Download:

1.   To download the Dutch language pack please log in to My Oracle Support

2.     Select the 'Patches and Updates' tab

3.     Type in the Patch number: 19230620

4.     Click the Patch number

5.     Download using the yellow download button on the right hand side

Database Certified with EBS on AIX, Itanium, Windows

As a follow up to the prior announcements, Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, 12.0 and 12.1 on the following additional platforms:

Release + (RUP 7):
  • IBM AIX on Power Systems (64-bit) (6.1, 7.1)
  • HP-UX Itanium (11.31)1
Release 12.0 (12.0.6 and higher):

Letölthető a Oracle Database

| Jul 22, 2014

Már letölthető az Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, jelenleg a következő platformokra (a lista tovább fog bővülni):

Linux x86-64, Oracle Solaris (SPARC systems, 64-bit) és Oracle Solaris (x86 systems, 64-bit).

Oracle Database – New Features

The world around us is changing and new stuff in the Oracle database arena is nowadays released on patch level. Although not many new features...

Read More

Oracle BPM & PeopleSoft a Vanilla Approach

| Jul 22, 2014

Want to know how Oracle BPM can be used with PeopleSoft to gain more out of your ERP. Check out the link below from Oracle Platinum Partner Sofbang on their Vanilla approach.


Macros and parameter passing macros with #goldengate

Replicating data can be a time consuming process to setup.  Fortunately, Oracle GoldenGate provide a few tools to help ease the  complexity of setup.  One of these tools is the “macro”.  Macros are used to simplify and automate the work associated with setting up and replicating data.  So what exactly is a macro?  Oracle defines a macro as:

A macro is a built-in automation tool that enables you to call a stored set of processing (more...)

Megjelent a Database, az új Database In-Memory-val együtt

| Jul 22, 2014

Megjelent a Database, azaz az első patchset a Database 12c-hez.

Nemsokára letölthető lesz:
Ebben megjelent a Database In-Memory is.

Már elkezdhetik tervezni a cégek a 12c-re való upgrade-et, pláne, hogy 2015. januárban lejár a 11gR2 Premier Supportja, s kezdődik az Extended Support periódus.

Az Oracle Database In-Memory funkció nagymértékben felgyorsítja a rendszereket, kimagasló in-memory teljesítményt nyújt, kompromisszumok nélkül, kockázatok  nélkül, a komplexitás növelése nélkül.

Használatához az alkalmazásokat (more...)

Cut Yourself a Break: Get a Social Management Platform

| Jul 22, 2014

If you’re a community manager who’s publishing, monitoring, engaging, and analyzing communities on multiple social networks manually and individually, you need a hug.  We’re sure you’re getting (more...)

FY15 OPN Partner Kickoff: Neue Strategien und Programme für Oracle Partner

Das Exastack Programm gibt es jetzt auch für Oracle Big Data Appliance und Oracle Database Appliance – 120.000 zertifizierte Partner sind es mittlerweile weltweit, darunter 15.000 bei 600 Partnern für die Cloud.

  • Anlässlich des jährlichen Oracle PartnerNetwork Global Kickoff Event hat Oracle zahlreiche neue Strategien, Erkenntnisse und Programme vorgestellt, die die 25.000 Partner des Unternehmens dabei unterstützen, zu wachsen und mit Oracle erfolgreich zu sein. Dazu gehören zusätzliche Oracle Exastack Zertifizierungen, Incentive-Programme (more...)

[Oracle Identity Manager] Custom Event Handlers

| Jul 21, 2014
In an Identity Management system, any action performed by a user or system is called an operation. Examples of operations are creating users, modifying roles, and creating password policies. The process of any Oracle Identity Manager operation that goes through a predefined set of stages and executes some business logic in each stage is called an orchestration. The type of object that is changed by the orchestration is called an orchestration target. 

Orchestration is (more...)

Using the Self Service Portal with PDBaaS in EM

Following on from my earlier blog post on setting up Pluggable Database as a Service (PDBaaS) in EM, this post will cover how you actually use the Self Service Portal to create on demand an empty pluggable database within the container database I created for that earlier post. You’ll no doubt be pleased to […]

Environment Variable Tip when using OHS 12.1.2 by Simon Haslam

OHS in co-located WebLogic configurationHere's a silly little issue I hit this afternoon - mostly a case of "administrator error" but a time waster nevertheless.
To recap, there was a big change to Web Tier administration in 12.1.2 in that OHS is controlled with what's now called the "WebLogic Management Framework" - in short this means OHS instance configuration is handled via WLST and lifecycle (start/stop etc) by Node Manager (i.e. OPMN has gone). You have (more...)

MySQL Connector/NET 6.9.2 RC has been released

Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Net 6.9.2 a new version of the all-managed .NET driver for MySQL has been released. This is a RC release for 6.9.x and is not recommended for production environments.

It is appropriate for use with MySQL server versions 5.5-5.7.

It is now available in source and binary form from

(note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this (more...)