Oracle Public Cloud : VNC Viewer

Dans le cas où l'on souhaite accéder en VNC sans passer par le tunnel SSH, il est nécessaire de modifier la politique d'accès dans le "Network Group".

Pour cela, il faut se connecter à "My Services", accéder à la console "Compute Cloud Service", sélectionner l'onglet "Network" puis "Network Groups"

Par défaut, la politique "Inbound Policy" est à "Deny".
Il faut la passer à la valeur "Permit"


OT: A software tool that improves my writing

I would like a little more help with my writing than the Spelling & Grammar check in Microsoft Word can provide so I am checking out a tool called Word Rake.(read more)

Smart Growth Strategies, Part I: Growth is Good. Smart Growth is Better

This is the first in a 3-Part Series gearing up to our Thursday April 2, 2 PM EDT, Webinar with RSR Research, IBM and Oracle. Register here to join us!

RSR Research recently published results from a study that included over 120 retailers worldwide focusing on growth strategies and the state of execution on key initiatives. There were a few surprises but in general retailers are compelled to grow and tend to look to a (more...)

Renaming tables with MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12.0


MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.12.0 (MEB) introduces a new feature for restoring an InnoDB table from a backup. Now it is possible to rename the table during restore. This is useful when the user wants to restore a table from a backup without overwriting the existing version of the table in the database.

The following example illustrates how the renaming feature could be used.  Suppose that the DBA has deleted three rows from a table T1 by mistake and (more...)

Private PaaS Online Assessment

clip_image002Have your customers embarked on building their private Paas? Invite your customers take this assessment to find out their Private Paas adoption maturity relative to their peers. Take the assessment here

Learn more about Java Cloud Service:

· Java Cloud Service Brief A perfect, quick-hit resource to discover how Oracle JCS stacks up against the competition.

· Java Cloud Service eBook Read about Oracle JCS: An Environment to Build, Deploy, and Manage Java Enterprise Applications


Einladung zum Oracle ‘In Touch’ PartnerCast: Real opportunities for real growth

Liebe Oracle Partner,

wir wollen Sie herzlich zum nächsten Partner Cast mit  David Callaghan, Senior Vice President Oracle EMEA Alliances and Channels, und seinen Studiogästen  am Mittwoch, den 1. April 2015 um 10:30am UK / 11:30 CET einladen. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie sich einwählen und unsere Diskussion über reale Wachstumschancen verfolgen. Dieser Webcast informiert Sie über die aktuellsten News in Oracle EMEA Allicances and Channels und David Callaghan und seine Studiogästen blicken auf (more...)

Klantenbinding: maak het persoonlijk

door David Lopes, Customer Experience Strategist bij Oracle

Hoe krijg ik klanten zo ver dat ze blijven? Voor Customer Service-experts is deze vraag zo oud als de weg naar Rome. In zijn onlangs verschenen rapport onderzoekt Philip Graves, specialist op het gebied van consumentengedrag, deze vraag vanuit verschillende invalshoeken van de gedragspsychologie. Hij wijst op wat de meesten van ons onderbewust wel weten: we houden van makkelijk.

Zoals het rapport meldt: we houden van merken (more...)

Business Analytics: Service Customers are Obtained via Digital Channels

Service requests are increasingly coming via email, websites and social media. Companies, however, are obviously not using this to their advantage.

In the latest Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report from Dimension Data, the companies asked predict that the number of customer contacts will increase by 74% in the next two years. At the same time, 42% expect that the proportion of enquiries discussed directly with an employee will decrease. 87% see the proportion of non-verbal (more...)

Resources Roadmap for Customizing Oracle HCM and ERP Cloud

This new roadmap applies to all Fusion Application cloud products outside Oracle Sales Cloud, which has its own roadmap already.

All our resources roadmap's provide access to our picks of the best items under one specific topic. They have a visual map-like format that includes logical and sequential guided progression. Hopefully it's simple to use and effective. Based around the requests we often see, we're publishing more of these maps every week, including the following (more...)

Thomas Kurian on the Role of Today’s CIO in Cloud & Business Transformation

clip_image002Expectations of business-driven IT are higher than ever and changing rapidly.  Words like agility, mobility, digital, data, cloud and customer centricity are common and constant from Line of Business (LOBs) executives like CMOs. Today’s business must move at the pace of – scratch that – ahead of the pace of today’s consumer. Businesses must anticipate customers’ needs to be truly customer-centric organizations.  Innovation through the cloud is a big force driving customer experience (more...)

Next step with Docker – Create Image for Oracle Database 12c using Puppet

In a previous article – – I have discussed my first steps with Docker. With Windows as my host environment I used Vagrant to create a VirtualBox VM with Ubuntu. In that VM I installed Docker can played around creating some containers, images and eventually an image for Oracle WebLogic 12.1.3. I leveraged the excellent work by Mark Nelson (especially his article

In this article I (more...)

Kövesse a HOUG Konferenciát a mobil app segítségével!

Érdemes letölteni a mobil készülékekre a HOUG 2015 appot, így lehet követni a programot, az előadásokat, információkat, nyereményjátékot.

Setting up SQL Developer with Instant Client on MacOSX

Since I started a new job I also wanted to try out MacBook as my new laptop. I've never been a Mac user, but there seems to be a large group of people who think Macs are the best, so I needed to find out the goodness of Macs myself :) A quick tip: Don't upgrade to Yosemite if you laptop is bound to Active Directory.

One part of setting up my new laptop was (more...)

Transition to Solaris 11 Session at Hyderabad

With a number of networking features introduced and enhanced in the Solaris 11.2 release, it was quite an engaging session last week on 'Transition to Solaris 11'.

Find more details about Solaris 11 here.

Before I forget, let me mention here that those who take up Instructor Led Training Programs or Live Virtual Classes from Oracle University is eligible for a free trail on Oracle Learning Streams. Details about it can be found here

The Case for Better Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics

For several years, Retail and Consumer Goods industries have been converging on the same target – the consumer. Specifically, developing an understanding of consumers to inform marketing, product design and assortment, commerce channels, supply, service, and cross industry collaboration. Many have made strides in the right direction, but challenges remain.

For example, both industries continue to face price oriented buyers and declining loyalty. For branded goods suppliers, the bar is that much higher for creating (more...)

Oracle Public Cloud : VNC Viewer (en SSH)

Pour utiliser VNC Viewer avec les instances Oracle Public Cloud, il suffit de :

  1.  Télécharger le logiciel VNC Viewer ou d'installer l'extension pour Chrome
  2. Installer (si ce n'est pas déjà fait), VNC Server sur la VM
    yum install tigervnc-server
  3. Démarrer une session Putty avec tunnel SSH
    (Forwarding du port)

  4. Démarrer le serveur VNC
    (spécifier le password; par exemple : oracle)
  5. Exporter le Display
    export DISPLAY=localhost:1
  6. Démarrer le client VNC et se connecter

What’s this ‘WHERE 1=1′?

Since some time I have been adding WHERE 1=1 to all my queries.
I get queries like this:

  FROM emp e
 WHERE 1=1
   AND e.ename LIKE 'A%'
   AND e.deptno = 20

Lots of people ask me what’s the use of this WHERE 1=1.

You know I like to type as little as possible but here I am typing a lot of extra characters. And yet, it makes my development life a (more...)

Studio 12.4 C++11 + Boost == engaged but not yet married

Studio 12.4 is our first release of a C++ compiler that implements C++11 ISO standard (under -std=c++11).

We are proud to be able to implement vast majority of C++11 features in a single release, however that comes with a price - we did not have enough time to clean up all the dark corners. And since Boost is keen on exploiting full potential of C++ standard, it puts a real pressure on compiler (more...)

IOUG 12 Months of DB12c / Arup Nanda

I recently did a joint presentation with Oracle Ace Arup Nanda as part of IOUG's "12 Months of Database 12c" series. (So we've just completed our seventh quarter since launching DB12c, but who's counting? Time flies, when you're having fun, after all!) As usual IOUG did a great job of setting this up. I like their introductory blurb, so here it is in their very words:

You’ve heard about the multitenant feature (more...)

I Created an ETL Schedule Through the Web Configuration, How Do I turn the Schedule Off?

In P6 Analytics 3.3 a web configuration utility that can be deployed in Weblogic was introduced.  Through this utility you can define an ETL schedule or run the ETL on demand. This web utility will also create a queue to prevent ETL processes from colliding. If you have multiple data sources you can define a schedule for each and the queue will be built to so the ETL process will wait for the (more...)