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This month in the news:

Inoculating the Cloud

Another day, another data breach. From the recent cyber attack on the Internal Revenue Service to news of a security bug called VENOM, it seems as if frequent (more...)

Modern Finance: The Swiss Army Knife CFO

The CFO often must be the most multifunctional tool in the executive office.

And I mean ‘tool’ as ‘a device used to carry out a particular function’ (not the urban slang definition). The CFO’s I interact with are multi-learned, multi-talented, multi-skilled. That’s because their responsibilities typically go well beyond finance, most often to overseeing IT and HR functions.

The Best Talent is Hard to Find

ManpowerGroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey identifies ‘management and executives’ (more...)

TekStream Streamlines Client Project Delivery with Oracle Documents Cloud

Read this latest announcement from Oracle to find out more about how TekStream Solutions, a solution services company in North America streamlined project management and administration and improved client project delivery with Oracle Documents Cloud Service, an enterprise-grade cloud collaboration and file sync and share solution. Learn how, within the first month of its use, TekStream was able to cut project administration costs by 30% and reduce complexity to not only drive client results faster (more...)


A recent question on the OTN Database Forum asked:

I need to check if at least one record present in table before processing rest of the statements in my PL/SQL procedure. Is there an efficient way to achieve that considering that the table is having huge number of records like 10K.

I don’t think many readers of the forum would consider 10K to be a huge number of records; nevertheless it is a question that (more...)

Create and set clientAttribute to ADF Faces component programmatically to pass value on client side JavaScript by Ashish Awasthi

clip_image002This post is next in series of "Working with ADF Faces Components programmatically"
So this post is about creating client Attribute, applying it to component and setting it's value programmatically
this requirement comes in picture when user is dealing with dynamic layout means components are created programmatically at run time and it is not possible to apply clientAttribute and other properties declarative
In this i am extending my previous post -
Apply Client/Server (more...)

Optimizing the PL/SQL Challenge VII: Removing Function Calls

Waaaay back in the first entry in this series we tuned one of the queries on the PL/SQL Challenge. The index we created improved its performance significantly. This missed the bigger picture however.

The query was embedded in a PL/SQL function. The main SQL statement on the Library page called this function. We could still make noticeable performance gains by extracting the query out of PL/SQL and placing it directly in the main select.



Creating standby database inc DG Broker and 12c changes

I thought I would refresh my knowledge of creating a standby database and at the same time include some DataGuard Broker configuration which also throws in some changes that came along with 12c


Database Name QUICKIE host server 1 ASM disk

Database Name STAN host server 2 ASM disk

Create a standby database STAN using ACTIVE DUPLICATE from the source database QUICKIE


(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = server1)(PORT  (more...)

Transportable Database 12c Certified for EBS 12.2 Database Migration

Database migration across platforms of the same "endian" (byte ordering) formats using the Transportable Database (TDB) process is now certified for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1.0).

The "endian-ness" of platforms can be checked by querying the view V$TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM using SQL*Plus (connected as SYSDBA):

SQL> select platform_name, endian_format from v$transportable_platform;

The following is a list of relevant platforms certified for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (12. (more...)

Voxxed Days Istanbul 2015 Trip Report

| Jul 28, 2015

Voxxed Days Istanbul 2015 was held on May 9th. It might seem surprising but this was the first large scale independent Java focused conference ever to be held in Turkey. It was a deliberately modest but solid first step with gradual future growth in mind. Though the event was modest in scope it was certainly not in terms of spirit and enthusiasm. It attracted some of the best and brightest in the Java ecosystem including (more...)

Persistent Federation Data Store

When performing Federation SSO operations, the user will be referenced in the SSO message via a unique identifier that will then be used by the SP to map the incoming SSO response to a local user.

Sometimes the unique identifier is an attribute part of the existing LDAP user record, such as the email address or the username, while other times, the identifier only exists for the Federation SSO operation between the SP and IdP (more...)

Are You In the Know? Latest News From the Desk of Troy Richardson

Did you get it? The first edition of Troy Richardson's quarterly communication was distributed earlier this week, specifically for our strategic partner community. Topics covered in his communications include key initiatives, events, assets (more...)

Employee Advocacy, Part 2: Putting Employees in Motion

In the second installment of this series on Employee Advocacy (EA), we are discussing strategies to  engage employees in advocacy. Part one discusses what EA is and why it’s important.

It’s really lovely to talk about how 500 employees could relay your message to a potential audience of 50,700, but it’s a lot harder to make those numbers happen. Here’s how we do it:

Begging is not a good look (unless you have fur).

1. (more...)

Database Certified with EBS 12.2 on Additional Platforms

As a follow up to our prior announcement, Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (12.2.2 and higher) on the following additional platforms:

  • HP-UX Itanium (11.31)
  • IBM AIX on Power Systems (64-bit) (6.1, 7.1)
  • IBM: Linux on System Z (RHEL 5,6, SLES 11)*

* This is a 'database tier only' or 'split tier configuration' certification where (more...)

A trip down memory lane

In Scott Lynn's announcement of Oracle's membership in the Open Container Initiative, he gives a great summary of how Solaris virtualization got to the point it's at.  Quite an interesting read!

Groovy Tuesday: Careful Use of Aggregate Functions

Another of the Application Composer tuning recommendations made by our internal Performance, Scalability and Reliability (PSR) team to be aware of is the potential overhead of using aggregate functions in your scripts. As shown below these functions are listed under the Number category in the groovy palette and include avg, min, max, sum and count.

What is significant is that when used they will read every row in the database query to perform their operation. (more...)

July 2015 PSU now available for patching Database as a Service instances

The July 2015 PSU (Patch Set Update) is now available for patching existing service instances of Oracle Database Cloud Service (Database as a Service).

Before you apply the patch
Before you apply this patch, you need to update the cloud tooling on the service instance by following the instructions Updating the Cloud Tooling on an Oracle Database Cloud Service (Database as a Service) Instance.

When you apply the patch
You can precheck and apply the (more...)

Eine crossmediale Erfolgsstory der MT AG: Forms erfrischen!

Wie wir kommunizieren und in Kontakt bleiben, hat sich mit dem Siegeszug von Social Media binnen kürzester Zeit radikal verändert. Das stellt auch Unternehmen vor neue Herausforderungen – vor allem im Marketing. Hier lösen sogenannte Multi-Channel-Kampagnen die klassisch eindimensionale Kundenansprache ab. Oracle unterstützt Partner dabei, diese neue Dimension des Marketing für sich zu entdecken und umzusetzen. Wie das funktioniert, hat die MT AG mit ihrer erfolgreichen Cross-Media-Kampagne „Forms erfrischen“ vorgemacht.

Der Anlass: Das (more...)

Voice of the Customer is Powerful

Last week on AdWeek’s “SocialTimes” social media blog, they highlighted what brands can learn from customer conversations on social media. Here at Oracle Data Cloud, we (more...)

ADF Goodies – Conveyor Belt Component and Alta UI by Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image002It doesn't seem to be announced, but newly released ADF is shipped with Alta UI support. All you need to do, is to set alta skin name in trinidad config file. This enables applications running on ADF 11g platform to leverage new Oracle UI layout and to be prepared for ADF 12c upgrade. Besides Alta UI, there are several new UI components, one of them is Scrollable Bar (ConveyorBelt) - Displaying (more...)

Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services: così Oracle interpreta l’era della coesistenza

Non più solo Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together ma sempre più Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services.

È tutto nella nuova tagline, il posizionamento e la visione di Oracle per i prossimi anni. Un visione che vede il Cloud come fulcro, motore e abilitatore della trasformazione digitale delle aziende. Grazie al Cloud si acquista in agilità e l’innovazione diventa più accessibile sia per le grandi ma anche per le medie e piccole aziende. (more...)