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Why I’m Excited About Oracle Integration Cloud Service – New Video

By Bruce Tierney Oracle February 26, 2015 

Having worked with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) products for many years, I have come to the conclusion that,

Understanding SQL

From time to time someone publishes a query on the OTN database forum and asks how to make it go faster, and you look at it and think it’s a nice example to explain a couple of principles because it’s short, easy to understand, obvious what sort of things might be wrong, and easy to fix. Then, after you’ve made a couple of suggestions and explained a couple of ideas the provider simply fades into (more...)

Optimizing the PL/SQL Challenge IV: More OR Condition Woes

In the previous post in the PL/SQL Challenge optimization series, we'd made huge performance gains simply by removing optional bind parameter clauses. The main body of the query is still doing a significant amount of work however and taking several seconds to execute. Fortunately there are simple changes we can make to improve its performance. Let's take a look.

Reviewing our trusty autotrace report we can see the following: 

The red boxes highlight key issues (more...)

How to use Oracle Universal Connection Pool (UCP) with Spring Framework

This article illustrates the steps to use Oracle Universal Connection Pool (UCP) with the Spring framework, using a sample application built using the JDBC template.

  • Assume there is a simple table EMP in the database with (more...)

How to use Oracle Universal Connection Pool (UCP) with Hibernate

Hibernate ORM is an object/relational mapping framework for Java. Out-of-box, Hibernate supports two open source connection pools C3P0 and Proxool.

Universal Connection Pool (UCP) is Oracle’s feature-rich Java connection pool, replacing the Implicit Connection Cache (ICC), (more...)

Creating and scaling Dynamic Clusters using wlst by Jaap Poot

clip_image002Introduced in Weblogic 12.1.2, dynamic clusters is a great feature to scale your private cloud.
Dynamic clusters provides you easy scaling of Weblogic clusters by adding and removing managed server instances on demand. They contain one or more dynamic servers. These dynamic servers are based on a single servertemplate that guarantees that every member of the cluster is exactly the same.

Creating Dynamic Clusters

Let's take a look at some of the possibilities (more...)

Traffic Director is now available for Exalogic (Solaris)

Traffic Director is now available for Exalogic (Solaris) and SuperCluster. Oracle Engineered Systems customers can now uptake Traffic Director either as a new installation or simply installing on top of an existing Traffic Director 11.1.1.x release.

In addition to addressing several critical bug fixes, this service pack release also delivers the following key features:

1. (more...)

Managing Your Customers, Contacts and Related Sales Data – The Easy Way


The following article looks at the simplified web services available to Oracle Sales Cloud users for creating basic customer, contact, and other records. This is also documented in this MyOracleSupport whitepaper, however in this article you'll fine our own examples and many usage tips.

If you search in Oracle Enterprise Repository for web services related to managing Sales Accounts (also known as Customers) then you'll find that several are returned.

现以优惠价格获取Java SE 8 OCP认证

Brandye BarringtonOracle 2015428

Java SE 8颠 覆了人们编写代码的方式。

获得Java SE 8认证将帮助您充分利用其提供的所有新功能。

广大Java SE 8 OCA编 程人员,现在您成功通过Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z1-809)考试即可成为 Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8程序员。 该考试的Beta测试版现正以大幅优惠价推出,只需50美元。

准备这门认证考试的过程将让您深入了解功能显著升级的最新版本Java。 学习在日常编程时使用lambdas表 达式,从而降低开发时间,为编程创造更大的灵活性。

虽然这项认证不含培训要求,但还是强烈建议您参加推荐的培训课程Java SE 8 Programming。 该培训由教师指导授课,通过理论联系实践的方式,教您如何有效地在实际运用中利用所学的知识与概念。

欢迎访问并注册考试1Z1-809。 登录Oracle认 证网站了解所有备考详情,包括考试目标、考题数量、时间分配和考试价格等。.


· 认证路径: Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer

· 认证考试: Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z1-809)

· 推荐培训: Java SE 8 Programming

· 认证网站: About Beta Exams

· 立即注册: Pearson VUE

Nouveaux cours en Français disponibles à la planification

Sachez que depuis peu, les cours français suivants sont devenus disponibles à  la planification :

Fusion Applications:

· Fusion Applications R8: Administer using EM12c Cloud Control (3 jours)

· Fusion Applications: Fixed Assets Fundamentals (2 jours)

Identity Management:

· Oracle Access Manager 11g R2: Administration Essentials (5 jours)


· Java EE 7: Front-end Web Application Development (5 jours)

Middleware Development Tools:

· Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.1: Develop Mobile Apps (3 jours)

Oracle Linux:


UKOUG Systems Event 2015

ukougI have a bone to pick with UKOUG. I’m coming from Birmingham and I’m a lazy git, so why the heck am I on in the first slot? :) It was a 04:30 start to the day, for a train journey starting at 05:50. I could have got a later train, but it would have been busier and more importantly, more expensive… After putting the latest of my writing tips posts live and lying in the (more...)

Bash Arrays & Oracle

Last week, I wrote about how to use bash arrays and the MySQL database to create unit and integration test scripts. While the MySQL example was nice for some users, there were some others who wanted me to show how to write bash shell scripts for Oracle unit and integration testing. That’s what this blog post does.

If you don’t know much about bash shell, you should start with the prior post to learn about (more...)

GCS 网上讲座日程和下载地址

You can download it in Oracle Database Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive recordings (Doc ID 1456176.1)

JavaOne Java EE Track: Saying Thanks and a Look at the Real Decision Makers

| May 20, 2015

As some of you know the JavaOne 2015 CFP is now closed. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those that submitted their thoughtful topics and all those who considered submitting. The outstanding quality of submissions is a testament to your passion for the Java community and it is a great start on the road to keeping JavaOne a true success. In terms of the Java EE track we now have all (more...)

Docker – Take Two – Starting From Windows with Linux VM as Docker Host by Lucas Jellema

clip_image002My first attempt with Docker was from my Windows host machine using boot2docker, as described in this article: Boot2docker is a great tool for being able to work with Docker on a Windows machine. However, I ran into limitations – such as not being able to create containers with the GUI applications running in them. Besides, Linux seems to be – for now at least – the more natural environment for Docker. (more...)

Oracle Midlands : Event #9

oracle-midlandsThe traffic on the way to Oracle Midlands Event #9 was a complete nightmare! There are a bunch of roadworks around the city that are making the traffic movement really problematic at the moment. Added to that, the always slow M6 was causing tailbacks along the Aston Express Way into the city. The traffic islands were all blocked, with people blocking exits and jumping red lights in a desperate attempt to get on them. Fortunately (more...)

Installing Enterprise Manager 12c For Testing

A question I get asked fairly often when I’m at conferences, either during the Q&A for my sessions or in general chit chat (a.k.a. networking) afterwards is “I want to play around with the features in Enterprise Manager 12c but don’t want to do that in our Production environment. How do I go about installing a copy of Enterprise Manager 12c somewhere else in the easiest way as a test environment?” The (more...)

Groovy Tuesday: Using Data Types In Your Scripts

This weeks post looks at manipulating the data types used by your Groovy scripts within Application Composer.

Generally speaking Groovy supports the same primitive data types, complex data types (e.g. ArrayLists, Lists and Maps), and related classes as Java, therefore we'll not go over these basics in detail. For use within Application Composer it also supports ADF (oracle.jbo) data objects such as Row and RowSet, and you can find more about these (more...)

Oracle Data Summit Experts Will Deliver Real World Insights

The 2015 Oracle Data Cloud Summit is almost here, and we can’t wait. On May 20th in New York City, over 300 thought leaders are (more...)