LinkedIn Inclusion Closes Chapter 1 of the Oracle Social SRM Platform

| Jul 18, 2014

With big news having rolled out this week, we turn today’s guest blogging duties over to Oracle Social Cloud Group VP Meg Bear.

Back in May of 2012, Oracle completed a series of social media acquisitions launching its commitment to enhanced, effective digital customer experiences for brand marketers. Peering into the future, we saw that the age of carpet-bombing consumers with messages urging them to come to the brand was doing as much harm as (more...)

Advanced WebLogic Server Automation: Administration and Monitoring with WLST and JMX – New Book by Martin Heinzl

All production environments need automated, auditable, and reproducible processes. This book discusses how to automate all aspects of WebLogic, an essential prerequisite for all production environments. The WebLogic Server platform is recognized as one of the leading J2EE application servers and is the foundation of the Fusion Middleware platform. It is well suited for a variety of different application architectures including modern grid and cloud infrastructures. A large number of WebLogic installations from a single (more...)

DNS (Domain Name System) configuration in Solaris

| Jul 17, 2014

Step 1: Check /etc/resolv.conf file

/etc/resolv.conf file includes the primary and secondary DNS server IP address for Solaris system.

Step 2: Open & Edit /etc/resolv.conf

#vi /etc/resolv.conf

Add the following lines to it:

nameserver      10.xx.xx.223
nameserver      10.xx.xx.224
search domain

Step 3: Enable the name resolving using DNS

#cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf

Step 4: Test new name server



Address:  10.xx.xx.223
Non-authoritative answer:
Address:  10.xx.xx.224

Valuable BAU OEM reports – some examples

A well configured OEM 12c (or any previous version of your choice) is a fantastic enterprise tool and the reporting capabilities are a major asset.

I am going to share three examples of reports we use and find valuable and if anybody has any  other good ideas I am happy  to hear about them.

I don’t think I wrote any of them but I almost certainly identified the requirement and instigated the creation of each (more...)

AWR Warehouse Webinar from ODTUG

The webinar is over, but you haven’t missed out on everything I presented on the console feature, under the hood and behind the scenes!

You can access the slides from today’s presentation, as I’ve uploaded them to slideshare and the scripts are easy to locate on the scripts page here on DBAKevlar.

Thanks to everyone who attended and a big thanks to GP for doing the introduction and ODTUG for hosting us! :)


Del.icio. (more...)

IRS 1075 Risk Assessment Workshop

Learn how to achieve IRS 1075 compliance with Oracle Database 12c security solutions.  The Federal Government has issued mandatory guidelines, outlined in IRS Publication 1075, to ensure that effective security controls are in place wherever Federal Tax Information is received, processed, stored or maintained. This one-day workshop presents hands-on exposure to real-world use cases specific to IRS 1075, and provides participants with hands-on exposure to Oracle’s database security products to meet compliance with IRS (more...)

Oracle PSRM Self Service v1.1 is Now Generally Available!!!

| Jul 17, 2014

We are pleased to announce that Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management Self Service is now generally available for download from the Oracle Software Delivery cloud. The solution provides tax and revenue authorities with a single citizen portal – powered by Oracle Policy Automation for Public Sector, Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Application Development Frameworkand Oracle SOA Suite – that can integrate across multiple tax types and tax processing systems.

Oracle Public Sector Revenue (more...)

Change the Game and Lead Your Industry with Oracle SOA Suite 12c

In just a few years, the strongest leader in every industry will have an underlying secret: an IT infrastructure that capitalizes on Cloud, Mobile, Social, Big Data, and the Internet of Things and delivers on business value. Am sure this news is not a big surprise, as these waves of innovation have been gripping every one of us. However the real challenge is in making this a reality – where organizations are able to continue (more...)

Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management Analytics v2.0 Portuguese UI Available Now

We are pleased to announce the general availability of a Portuguese user interface (UI) language pack for Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management Analytics v2.0.

Language Patch Download:

To download the Portuguese language pack please log in to My Oracle Support

  • Select the 'Patches and Updates' tab
  • Type in the Patch number: 17968649
  • Click the Patch number
  • Download using the yellow download button on the right hand side

Password Management for Oracle PSRM

It is important for customers to understand how to maintain passwords for Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management (PSRM), which is built using Oracle Utilities Framework (OUAF).  PSRM and OUAF do not supply functionality to maintain a password.  It is Oracle's direction for industry products and core applications not to maintain security information as it is not their role in an architecture.  We recommend Oracle Identity Management Suite for password management as password rules and (more...)

Mapping Fed Authn Methods to Authn Levels in OIF / SP

In my previous posts, I explained how to configure OIF/IdP to map Federation Authentication Methods to OAM Authentication Schemes for authentication and to allow an SP to request at runtime a user to be authenticated via a specific OAM Authentication Scheme.

In this article, I will now look at OIF/SP and how it can be set up to request a specific Federation Authentication Method to be used by the remote IdP Partner at runtime, to (more...)

Customer Success isn’t exclusive to Cloud, Mobile, Social, you know

There has been a bumper crop of new customer stories that have appeared in the last few weeks on the customer success website.  It's always an interesting trip through them to see the bewildering variety of ways in which Oracle technology is helping businesses across EMEA in all sorts of ways.  Although Cloud, Social and Mobile figure highly among the hot topics of the moment, it's worth pausing to reflect that the technology (more...)

OTN Latin America (North) Tour 2014

For a few years now I (and I'm sure you have too) have heard about and followed the various Oracle User Group tours that OTN arranges/facilitates. A tour consists of a number of Oracle User Groups in a region coordinating together to have their conferences organised so that they can get speakers from across the world to come and present.

For most presenters it involves lots of travel. So instead of them doing all that (more...)

Microsoft Office 2013 Certified with E-Business Suite 12.0.6

EBS 12.1.3 was recently certified with Office 2013.  We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Office 2013  logoMicrosoft Office 2013 is certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.0.6.  For details, see:

Certified combinations include Office running in 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

EBS 12.0.6 + Microsoft Office 2013 (32-bit)

Microsoft Office 2013 32-bit desktop version is certified for (more...)

Using Social Media Plug-ins

As the inclusion of social media driven insights into business management continues to grow, so we thought it might be nice to provide a simple getting-started post for those wishing to incorporate data in their pages and dashboards. Fortunately most social media services provide plug-in like options for web pages through public API's with JavaScript libraries, and since Page Composer and Application Composer provide support for adding regions built of raw HTML, the two fit (more...)

Enterprise Apps As Easy to Use as…

Storytelling and being able to empathize with users is a critical part of user experience. So how should we gauge and communicate just how easy it is to use modern enterprise apps?

Consider this for an idea: If you can use a bank ATM or an inflight entertainment system on an plane then you be well qualified to pick up a tablet and start using the application on it immediately too. That’s the level of (more...)

Delivering DBaaS using EM12c

One of the jobs I’m currently working on is writing a technical whitepaper on Delivering DBaaS using EM12c. I realized as I was starting it that a technical whitepaper really isn’t the place for a step-by-step how-to sort of description, so I thought I’d better blog about it instead. Actually, I’m going to write a […]

VirtualBox 4.3.14

Oracle have given birth to VirtualBox 4.3.14. Mother and baby are doing well, with the downloads and changelog in the usual places.

Happy upgrading…




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Using Database In-Memory Column Store with Complex Datatypes (1)

The Oracle database version, with the In-Memory option, isn’t yet released, but a lot of detail is already out there since it’s announcement by...

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UXer Will Wireframe for Food. Well, Bacon.

I had great fun—and learned a lot in the process—by taking part in an internal Oracle hackathon using Estimote beacons. I joined a team developing a find food fast app using sensors, cleverly named iBacon (iBeacon, iBacon, geddit?).

iBacon didn’t win.

But what we achieved in those three days of the hackathon really knocked me out. It taught me a lot about teamwork and flexible working, and gave me a real-world insight into how (more...)