What’s new in 12.2: CELLMEMORY Part 3

The Cellmemory Stats in RDBMS 

The RDBMS stats for Cellmemory are designed to closely follow the pattern used by the Inmemory stats 

Query Stats 

 Each column in each one MB of disk blocks will be rewritten into one IMC format Column CU in flash and a set of Column CUs comprise an overall Compression Unit so these stats reflect the number of 1 MB rewrites that were processed (not the number of column CUs).

  1. "cellmemory (more...)

McGraw Hills Journey to Oracle Public Cloud

Chandan Ghosh describes McGraw Hills' journey to the cloud and why Oracle's Integrated Cloud platform with high performance, massive scalability, and reduced costs, was the best option for moving their entire IT footprint to the Oracle Cloud.

McGraw Hill has been experiencing rapid grow in their digital educational subscriptions and needed a way to speed up their delivery model.  Find out how they were able to set up environments in only a few hours versus (more...)

Character selectivity

A recent OTN posting asked how the optimizer dealt with “like” predicates for character types quoting the DDL and a query that I had published some time ago in a presentation I had done with Kyle Hailey. I thought that I had already given a detailed answer somewhere on my blog (or even in the presentation) but found that I couldn’t track down the necessary working, so here’s a repeat of the question and a (more...)

Conference Networking- Tips to Doing it Right

I was in a COE, (Center of Excellence) meeting yesterday and someone asked me, “Kellyn, is your blog correct?  Are you really speaking at a Blockchain event??”  Yeah, I’m all over the technical map these days and you know what?

I love the variety of technology, the diversity of attendance and the differences in how the conferences are managed.  Now that last one might seem odd and you might (more...)

Using Account Ticker and RSS Feeds in Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

Stock Symbol 

If you enter the Stock Symbol value for your customer Account records, the Sales Cloud Mobile App will show this and hyperlink it so that it shows details from Yahoo finance. Note that adding the stock symbol value is by default done in the More Details pages (desktop UI) but could be exposed on the simplified pages by customizing the Layout - ensuring this data is completed and the mobile app has this (more...)

The 4th Industrial Revolution and Oracle IOT

Did you get a chance to the see Mr. Mukesh Ambani's talk at the India today conclave?, I'd recommend that you watch the video below, especially from 6:30 mins onward. Mr.Ambani's articulation of Industry 4.0 is succinct and the idea that, "in the next 20 years as a human civilization, we will use exponential technologies to collectively achieve more than what we have achieved in the last 300 years", nails (more...)

Error ORA-01033 After Doing a Switchover in a 12.1 RAC Environment

The other day I did a switchover in a RAC environment , which went pretty smooth , but after doing the switchover in the primary, I kept getting the following error:

select dest_name,status,error from gv$archive_dest_status where dest_id=2;

--------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
ERROR	  ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

ERROR	  ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

I went and checked the standby, and saw the standby was in recover mode (more...)

Oracle NoSQL Database on Docker

Docker makes it easier for developers to package, deploy and run applications by using Containers. It makes applications portable across operating systems running across Cloud platforms.

The (more...)




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Oracle IOTs against SQL Server Clustered Indexes

I’m itching to dig more into the SQL Server 2016 optimizer enhancements, but I’m going to complete my comparison of indices between the two platforms before I get myself into further trouble with my favorite area of database technology.

<–This is sooo me.

Index Organized Tables

Index Organized Tables, (IOT) are just another variation of a primary b-tree index, but unlike a standard table with an index simply (more...)

Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.1.1 : Live on Production Systems

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about our roll-out of APEX 5.1.1 to our Dev and Test systems. In that post I said we would probably go live pretty quickly. I intended to write a quick post to say when it happened, then promptly forgot… 🙂

Just a quick note to say there were no issues found in our Dev and Test systems, so we quickly moved it out to production. I think it (more...)

MONDAY SPOTLIGHT: Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux R3 Webcast and More

Last week we have released Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 3.0, based on upstream Mitaka, you can read about the details of this announcement in our Oracle OpenStack blog

We have recorded a short "An Introduction to Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux 3" podcast that gives a snapshot of the announcement.

You are also welcomed to watch  "Easy Deployment of Oracle Applications and Database with OpenStack" webcast (on demand) that (more...)

My Oracle Support (MOS) 17.2 Release

The My Oracle Support (MOS) portal has a quarterly release and MOS 17.2 was just released on April 7, 2017.  See the following documents for detailed information: 

My Oracle Support Resource Center (Doc ID 873313.1)

  • What's New: Release Notes, Browser Support, Supported Languages, and My Oracle Support FAQ
  • Key Things to Know: Support Tools and Resources, Get Proactive, and How to Work Effectively with Support and Oracle Best Practices
  • Test (more...)

Learn More About Chatbots With Oracle VP Suhas Uliyar

Recently, Oracle Vice President of Product Management and Mobile Strategy Suhas Uliyar sat down with Cognizant Sr. Analyst Kevin Benedict for a discussion about everyone's new favorite topic: chatbots!  Most likely, you have heard some mention, somewhere, of how chatbots are going to change the way that customers interact with businesses, and that the "app revolution" is about to die off, soon to be replaced by bots that will assert their control (more...)

Have a #GoldenGate question? … Go askTom


A little over two weeks ago, I attended my first Customer Advisory Board (CAB) as a product manager for the Oracle GoldenGate platform. It was very interesting being involved in the CAB from an Oracle stand point compared to a customer view point. As part of the CAB, the product management team asked customers what would be helpful in giving themselves and their organizations more insight to Oracle GoldenGate. There were many things that (more...)

Parallel First_rows()

A recent posting on OTN raised the question of whether or not the “parallel” hint and the “first_rows(n)” hint were mutually incompatible. This reminded me that from time to time other posters on OTN (copying information from various websites, perhaps) have claimed that “parallel doesn’t work with first rows” or, conversely, “first rows doesn’t work with parallel”. This is one of those funny little myths that is so old that the script I’ve got to (more...)

The Collaborate 2017 Experience

This week, I participated in one of my favorite Oracle user group events, Collaborate2017, in Las Vegas NV. The tagline for this event is “Where Oracle business application users and decision makers conquer challenges together” which quite accurately reflects why I enjoy presenting to this community, it allows me to engage with the varied Oracle user community at large, and witness first-hand the positive energy around all-things Oracle.

This year’s event consisted of 1,250 (more...)

PITSS Innovation Day – Digitale Transformation – informieren, planen, starten!

Die Digitalisierung birgt für Unternehmen viele Chancen. Aber haben auch alle Verantwortlichen erkannt, welche Auswirkungen sich im nationalen und internationalen Wettbewerb daraus ergeben? Und wenn ja, bestehen bereits konkrete Pläne für die Einführung oder den Ausbau bedeutsamer Digitalisierungsprojekte? Wie stellen Sie sich strategisch den digitalen Herausforderungen? Wie sieht Ihre Agenda aus?

Auf dem PITSS Innovation Day, am 19.5.2017 in Stuttgart, klärt unser Gold Partner PITSS diese und viele weitere zentrale (more...)

Quickly Change Any User To Have Read-Only Access

The use-case for this is where a user requires short-term access to the system but should not be able to actually create or change data. Examples might be as-yet-untrained new hires, auditors checking data, and help-desk staff doing restricted troubleshooting.

This feature is certainly NOT an alternative to the proper custom security implementation. As shown below the long-term solution is to use the Security Console to create a dedicated view-only Job (or Duty) Role with (more...)

What is the future for an Oracle DBA?

I have worked with Oracle databases for around 25 years now and during that time I have been very fortunate in that there has always been work for DBAs and it has been one of the higher paying disciplines within IT.

I am not prophesying the end of the Oracle database engine but I do see the writing on the wall for some of the large corporate solutions sitting on physical equipment in a datacentre. (more...)