NightHacking at Jfokus 2015

JFokus is Sweden’s largest developer conference. If you aren’t able to make it, see what’s going on with Java with NightHacking recordings from the live stage at Jfokus. Java Evangelist Stephen Chin has great interviews a lined up!  You watch the entire event live at

Jfokus HerosHere is the full schedule 
(all times are in CET – Central European Time):

February 3 

10:30-11:00 Charles Nutter - Open Source Software Call to Action
11:00-11:10 Joe (more...)

A Young Woman Innovator Programs with Java

Hania Guiagoussou is a passionate Java developer and a high school student in Dublin, California. She developed a "Water Saver" system to control the water usage in any garden or field. She just won third place and the prize of ten thousand dollars in the Digital Innovative Challenges organized by the ITC/Telecoms  

Q: When did you start programming?

Hania: I started programming at the age of nine. My dad is a computer engineer and (more...)