Is Oracle Afraid of the Cloud?

More than 6 months after Oracle announced the Java Cloud and Database Cloud services at Oracle OpenWorld, we’re still waiting for these services to materialize. There might be technical reasons for this delay, but it is also obvious that Oracle hasn’t figured out a business plan for these services either.

At (more...)

Should I move from Oracle Forms to ADF?

Even though this question has been asked and answered a million times, it still pops up on various forums regularly. It’s not that difficult:

Oracle Forms or ADF?

If you end up on the right-hand side of this flowchart, you start at the JDeveloper ADF Getting Started Guide to learn ADF.

If you end (more...)

Real-Life Oracle WebCenter

When asked about public-facing, real-life examples of Oracle WebCenter in action, Oracle has for the last couple of years presented universities (Université Laval, Texas A&M University). But it is now rumored that BAE Systems‘ site is running Oracle WebCenter.

As it should be, you can’t tell from looking at the (more...)

Lean Times Ahead for Oracle User Groups

Over the last years, the Oracle ACE Program has offered generous travel support to Oracle ACE Directors like me. This has allowed even small and poor user groups in far-off places to invite world-class speakers to their events, with Oracle covering travel and accommodation costs.

This policy has now been (more...)

Some Clear Talk on Cloud from Oracle

To an IT professional, it’s obvious that not every system belongs in a cloud (whether public or private). However, with all the hype surrounding Cloud Computing these days, these voices of reason tend to be drowned out.

After receiving a deafening roar of “CLOUD” from the Oracle marketing machine at OpenWorld last (more...)

The Future of Financials Applications: Excel

I just completed another great training session held by the Oracle User Experience (UX) team. I am privileged to be part of the Oracle Fusion User Experience Advocates team, so Oracle is putting a lot of effort into teaching us about Fusion UX.

One of the topics was the new (more...)

WebLogic 12c: For Admins and Java-heads, Not for Me (Yet)

Oracle lists more than 200 new features in WebLogic 12c – unfortunately, I don’t get to use them.

The improvements fall in two main categories:

  • Management, Performance and High Availability (HA)
  • Java EE 6

As a developer, management and high availability is “somebody else’s problem” – I appreciate the work (more...)

Oracle’s Message to System Integrators: Go Away

As an Oracle Partner, you cannot escape the relentless push from Oracle to become “specialized” in one or more Oracle products.

If the purpose of this program had been to ensure that partners actually know what they’re talking about, I would have been all in favor. But unfortunately, the main (more...)

Oracle’s Cloud: Still mostly vapour

Oracle announced a number of cloud offerings at Oracle Openworld. However, as is often the case with OpenWorld announcements, we are still waiting for actual products to materialize.

The first cloud offering likely to appear as a real product is the Oracle Database Cloud Service. This is because Oracle has (more...)

Oracle, Social, Cloud and Mobile (OpenWorld 2011, part 3)

With social computing, cloud and mobile being the big buzzwords in IT right now, it makes sense to ask where Oracle is in relation to these hot topics. Having attended various briefings, sessions and keynotes at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, and discussing with knowledgeable people, I’ll offer my opinion below.


Oracle OpenWorld 2011, part 2

Well, the hardware part has been announced – more big iron from Oracle: Exalytics specialized BI box, big data appliance and yet another “plug in and forget” database appliance. Interestingly, Oracle is offering R (the open source statistics package/language) in a licensed enterprise version together with the Big Data box (more...)

Oracle OpenWorld 2011, part 1

After two days of ACE Director briefings at Oracle HQ, I’m starting the conference today with a presentation in the very first slot: 9.00 am in Moscone West room 2000. My topic is “Starting an Enterprise Oracle ADF Project”, and it covers the material in my book (slightly abbreviated (more...)

Another Oracle site bites the dust

Oracle is currently killing off their web sites, yanking lots of useful content off the web with little or no warning. Both the Oracle Wiki and  died this week, and all Oracle can offer by way of explanation is vague noises about maybe something else will come (more...)

Fusion Middleware: Where is the U.S.?

I’m just back from the ODTUG Kscope11 conference in Long Beach, where I presented my regular tools overview presentation, a WebCenter session, an enterprise ADF development session and an ADF tuning session as well as various panels.

One thing I noticed very clearly is that almost all the non-Oracle presenters (more...)

Should I use APEX or ADF?

The important discussion where to use APEX and where to use ADF tends to get bogged down in an unproductive argument about the relative merits of PL/SQL or Java. However, this is not really the most important factor that should drive your decision.

Instead, you must first determine if your (more...)

It’s (almost) here!

As part of the “Fusion UX Advocates” team, I visited the Oracle Applications User Experience team this week and had the opportunity to play with a real, running Oracle Fusion Application installation. And I can tell you:

  • It’s real
  • It’s good
  • It looks cool
  • It’s like no enterprise application you (more...)

Things I Wish From Oracle in 2011

Oracle Fusion Applications!

It’s been “announced” at OpenWorld 2009 and again in 2010, and we have seen demos and screenshots – now is the time for Oracle to deliver. I want to see real-life Oracle Fusion Applications installations, so we can really have a look at how Oracle is building (more...)

Oracle Team Productivity Center: Shows Promise, Must Try Harder

For my upcoming book (“Enterprise Applications with Oracle ADF”), I am currently writing a chapter on productive teamwork with ADF. This was a good reason to have another look at Oracle Team Productivity Center (OTPC), which is Oracle’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool.OTPC offers integration to Bugzilla, Jira, Rally (more...)