B2B 12c – What’s New! by Tiago Teixeira

clip_image002This post serves as the first of a series of posts dedicated to Oracle B2B. What better way to start this series than to highlight the many new features have been added to Oracle B2B 12c which can change the landscape of the target usage for B2B.
Let's look at some of these new features:

· Document Translation Callout Framework

o Introduced Document Callout for custom document parsing (inbound), validation and construction (outbound)

· Regular (more...)

B2B 12c – Listening Channel activation and deactivation in bulk Bruno Neves Alves

clip_image002With the version 12c of B2B the possibility to activate and deactivate all listening channels in one single command was introduced. Previously, it was necessary to provide the name of the listening channels to perform the action, what, in scenarios with a considerable number of listening channels, made the task ineffective.

Different scenarios can be pointed out where this functionality is extremely useful:

· After importing a B2B configuration the channels are always in deactivated (more...)

SOA Suite 12c: Topology Suggestions by Jay Kasi

In this article, I make some suggestions and provide opinions on topologies recommended in SOA Suite 12c.

· Typically Service Bus and SOA Suite belong in different tiers in an end to end architecture so they would be in separate domains. However if Service Bus is used primarily for mediating and providing routing for SOA Suite Composites in a domain, it could be in the same domain, but typically in separate clusters for optimum performance (more...)

SaaS-OnPremise Integration with Fusion Middleware demo available

clip_image002To get access to the Oracle demo system please visit first OPN (OPN account required)

With the increasing popularity of software as a service (SaaS), there is a key imperative to quickly, efficiently and securely integrate the newer SaaS applications with their existing on-premise counterparts. Using an incident management/service delivery scenario, this demo shows how Oracle Fusion Middleware streamlines this integration via a unified framework of middleware components that masks the technical differences (more...)

Oracle Fusion Middleware @inspire|IT – May 11th & 12th Frankfurt Germany

image inspire|IT a Best Practices Conference will take place on May 11 & May 12 at the Radisson Blue at Frankfurt.

Besides the topics “Software Development”, “BI/ Analytics”, “Infrastructure & Services” and an Oracle BIG Data|Update, “BPM & Systemintegration“ will be a main theme at the conference. The topic will be discussed on May 11. Leading figures will explain their User Experience and Solutions. Don´t miss the opportunity and join sessions of e.g. (more...)

SOA Suite 12c High Level Overview free on-demand overview

clip_image002[4]See the features included in the Oracle SOA Suite 12c release. Some highlights of the features include automated conversions REST/SOAP, cloud adapters to simplify on-premise to cloud integration, new SAP, JDE Adapters, and Managed File Transfer (MFT) for file-based integration (new SKU), memory footprint reduction, startup acceleration, pre-tuned database profiles, one-click install, improved integration with JDeveloper, debugger & tester, templates, support for mobile-friendly standards (REST, JSON, …). Watch the video here.

SOA & BPM Partner (more...)

Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 presentations and key announcements

clip_image002Thanks for an excellent Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015! Special thanks for our excellent speakers for the great presentations and everybody to be a real community. With 175 attendees from all over Europe Middle East and Africa including friends across the world from US, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica. Once again the largest group with 25 attendees came from the Netherlands! In case you couldn’t come to Budapest make sure you read the blog (more...)

Protecting Sensitive Data in SOA Suite 12c by Jennie DeRosa


Given the recent security breaches, data security should always be a concern when designing and creating IT solutions. In particular, what are some considerations that should be made when implementing a solution within the Oracle SOA Suite? Is it sufficient to protect the data using WS-Security/SSL or is additional security needed? If you have sensitive data traversing through the SOA Suite then additional security must be considered.

As noted within the National Institute Standards and (more...)

SOA Suite 12c – Business Events and Consistency Levels by Siva


I have chosen Business Events as first feature to explore in recent release of SOA Suite12c. Also, I want to cross verify my earlier observations in 11g.

The initial observation is, now the new SOA project will have the folders for different artifacts and the folder Events is for edl files.

Secondly, 12c   supports One and Only one and  Guaranteed consistency only and no longer supports immediate. Also new property Durable is added to event (more...)

Responding in Real-Time with Big Data By Mala Ramakrishnan

| Aug 4, 2014

For an organization to respond in real-time it needs to acquire or develop systems
that can respond in real-time. Such systems need to be able to rapidly
determine that a response is required and determine also what the
appropriate and relevant response should be – they need to decide when
and how to act. These kinds of decision-making systems are known as
Decision Management Systems. To ensure that a response is delivered in
real-time, more (more…)

First two chapters of “Industrial SOA” articles series have been published both on OTN and Service Technology Magazine

Updated: 14.4.2013

Industrial SOA is a 14-part  article series focused on service orientation, written collaboratively by a group of recognized experts and community leaders in service oriented architecture. I’m really happy and proud to be part of that group. 


SOA and service-orientation have laid the foundation for a variety of emergent service technology innovations, while the original building blocks of SOA and service-orientation continue to evolve by embracing fundamental service technologies, concepts (more...)