Oracle Learning Library on SOA and BPM

Do you want to learn more about Oracle SOA Suite and BPM Suite? Do you need to get quick product details for your project? Make sure you visit the Oracle Learning Library - for free online trainings on-demand. You can search by product e.g. Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle (more...)

Review: Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer’s Cookbook

As the title says, this is a “Cookbook” containing specific recipes for handling specific tasks. Most of the tasks are development tasks faces by a SOA developer with a few that are more relevant to a SOA administrator.

The 67 recipes cover many components and technologies used in the very (more...)

First two chapters of “Industrial SOA” articles series have been published both on OTN and Service Technology Magazine

Industrial SOA is a 14-part  article series focused on service orientation, written collaboratively by a group of recognized experts and community leaders in service oriented architecture. I’m really happy and proud to be part of that group. 


SOA and service-orientation have laid the foundation for a variety of emergent (more...)

Oracle Fusion UX Design Patterns and Tools for the Cloud Crowd by Ultan O’Broin

The Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience Design Patterns and Guidelines are out-of-the-box, developer productivity enablers. As ready-made, yet flexible, usability solutions, the patterns are easily applied when building Fusion applications and UI integrations in the cloud with the Oracle toolkit.

Design patterns as reusable solutions to common problems when designing (more...)

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – March 2013

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clip_image001SOA CommunityB2B samples and training material available

clip_image002SOA Proactive Check out Oracle Learning Library for videos and demos on SOA and OSB

clip_image001[1]SOA CommunityGenerate Tradingpartners for Oracle B2B 11g with (more...)

EMEA Partner Community Treffen by Richard Schaller, IPT – thanks for the nice ink

8. EMEA Partner Community Treffen

Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum, Portugalimage

Bereits zum 8. Mal fand im Februar das Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum statt, bei dem auch dieses Jahr die [ipt] wieder vertreten war. Es trafen über 120 Partner, hauptsächlich aus Europa, in Faro/Portugal zusammen. Am ersten (more...)

Oracle SOA Poster-BPEL Process 2.0 by EAIESB

Our friends from EAIESB published the latest SOA BPEL 2.0 Poster - thanks J.

SOA & BPM Partner Community

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Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community (SOA and WebLogic) Forum in Faro by Simon Haslam – thanks fort he nice ink

Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community (SOA and WebLogic) Forum in Faro

Last week I attended Oracle's Fusion Middleware Partner Community event in Vilamoura (near Faro, Portugal). This is maybe my fifth or sixth forum in succession now so I thought I'd outline the latest one to show why I find (more...)

OASIS SOA reference architecture

This document specifies the OASIS Reference Architecture Foundation for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA-RAF). It follows from the concepts and relationships defined in the OASIS Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture as well as work conducted in other organizations. While it remains abstract in nature, the current document describes the foundation (more...)

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning – Webinar Series by C2B2

C2B2 is running a new series of short and snappy educational webinars about Oracle SOA Suite 11g. Delivered by our experienced middleware consultants, the webinars provide insight and ideas for the performance tuning of Oracle SOA Suite 11g. Over the next few weeks we will take a bottom up walk (more...)

SOA testing utilities

Soa-testing-snippetsProvides infrastructure for service testing and Oracle's SOA specificities, such as TaskList Service interaction, business events, AuditTrail access, and so on. Uses JAX-WS (for the WebService client implementation), Ant, JUnit, and Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS). Check out the wiki.

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SOA Solution – End to End B2B Scenarios DSS Demo

For access to the Oracle demo systems please visit OPN and talk to your Partner Expert

  • Comprehensive document management and trading partner management
  • Extensive B2B protocol support
  • Secure and reliable message exchange
  • B2B batching feature
  • B2B Security & B2B Reports/Metrics
  • Complete end-to-end processes tracking
  • B2B - BAM Integration (New)!!

Demo Flow

This demo primarily provides hands on experience of B2B. It illustrates various stages of setup required to electronically transfer the documents between the business partners.

The demo flow continues with Creation and setup of Document Definitions, Partner Profile Management, Creation and deployment of Agreements, Deploying SOA composites, Executing (more...)

BPM, SOA, big data, fast data, cloud, mdm–what is important for you?

In today's fast moving world of tighter budgets and higher expectations businesseimages and IT need to ensure resources and timescales are fully aligned delivering a user experience of the highest level.  As a leading Oracle BPM and SOA Specialized partner Griffiths Waite is undertaking a cross sector market survey to provide visibility as to these needs and their priority within the business.
This five minute survey covers all the key aspects facing business and IT leaders from issues on integration, planning for mobile development, the use of Cloud as well and Business Process efficiency, BIG and Master Data (more...)

Additional new content SOA Community

SOA & BPM Partner Community

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Connect to multiple SOA / BPM Virtual Machines from different computers in your network by Danilo Schmiedel

Today I’d like to explain how to share instances of Oracle's Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite across different computers in your network.

Three requirements I had to address:

  1. Call of external services like GeoNames ( from within the BPM Suite VM
  2. Connection to multiple BPM Suite VMs from Host (e.g. JDeveloper and Browser)
  3. Connection to multiple BPM Suite VMs from different developer computers in the network
  4. Share data between VMs and developer computers via FTP

The default options already support connections between host and client. However the target here was to (more...)

eProseed Delivers Processes Skillfully with Oracle BPM Suite

Geoffroy de Lamalle, CEO and Founder of eProseed, discusses how Oracle BPM Suite enables businesses to integrate business processes and achieve higher efficiency.

You want to publish your BPM success? Feel free to make use of the partner reference program:

  • Enables partners to be recognized by both Oracle and our customers
  • Provides an opportunity for partners to showcase successes with their customers on Oracle solutions
  • Helps raise awareness of our partners’ capabilities, elevating them above their competition

Time to submit a BPM & SOA reference request today.

SOA & BPM Partner Community

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EDN Debugging

| Mar 10, 2013

I have a customer asked me about how to debug EDN. This blog will show you how to debug EDN and the tools that can be used to debug EDN.

1. Using EDN-DB-LOG

EDN comes with a useful EDN DB logging servlet to view logging information generated by the EDN component. It is only available for END-DB which is based on AQ, it will not work for EDN with JMS. The servlet uses a table called “EDN_LOG_MESSAGES” in SOA_INFRA schema. It logs the operation on “main” operation of event_queue and oaoo-queue with timestamp information.

The default URL is http://<host_name>:<port_number>/soa-infra/events/edn-db-log(more...)

RDA Health Checks for SOA By Shawn Bailey

What is a health check in RDA?
A health check evaluates something in your environment to determine whether a change needs to be considered in order to avoid a problem or optimize fuctionality. Examples of what this 'something' might be are:

  • Configuration Parameters
  • JVM Options
  • Runtime Statistics

What have we done for SOA?
In the latest release of RDA, 4.30, we have added a Rule Set for SOA called 'Oracle SOA 11g (11.1.1) Post Installation (Generic)'. This Rule Set contains 14 SOA related health checks.
These checks were all derived from common issues / solutions we see (more...)

Cloud Conversations

Recorded live at OTN Architect Day in Los Angeles in October 2012, these programs in the OTN ArchBeat podcast represent the Q&A between the audience and the experts panel assembled for the event, which included speakers from the day's technical sessions.

Fusion Middleware Community Forum 2013

A few weeks ago I went to the Fusion Middleware Community Forum 2013. Unfortunately I wasn't in the opportunity to write anything about it, until now.

First it was great to meet many peers in our interest-area. Not only because it was in a splendid environment:
And we had a (more...)