Question of the Day: “Big Solaris Launch… for a Dot Release??”

| Apr 22, 2014

"This is only a dot release, right?" the question goes. Well, yes and no.

For those who tuned in late: on April 29th, we'll be launching Oracle Solaris 11.2 in New York City and on the web. But don't let the dot fool you—there is some very significant stuff that we're putting in.  Significant enough that yes, the idea of calling this "Oracle Solaris 12" did come up.  But, c'mon, gratuitously (more...)

Finding And Deleting Old Files (on Unix and Windows)

I needed to write short scripts to delete old files on a Windows Server. It’s a very easy task on UNIX flavors but the limited capacity of Windows command line made me worried. You can use a simple “find” command to find old files on UNIX. For example, the following command will be enough to find and delete files older than 7 days:

find /folder/ -type f -mtime +7 -exec rm {} +

For the (more...)

My Presentation on Oracle Solaris Zones Capacity Management

So one more successful annual conference of All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG) happened on November 9th and 10th at Hyderabad, India.

Earlier I used to attend Oracle database sessions at AIOUG but this time AIOUG board had done a remarkable job by extending the coverage to Solaris topics. Obviously as (more...)

New White Paper Compares SPARC/Solaris to Power/AIX Costs. Guess Who Wins?

| May 15, 2013

One thing that's been clear since the launch of Oracle's new Sun SPARC T5 and M5: it got IBM's attention. Judging from their response, they seem to be... I'm going to go with concerned.

And as I've said before, I don't blame them. A company with a long history behind (more...)

Should I Disable RPC Devices to Increase Oracle Solaris Security?

| May 15, 2013


Recently someone asked me what Oracle's official position was regarding disabling RPC devices to increase security on Solaris 10 and Solaris 11.

Oracle has no official position on securing your Oracle Solaris 11 systems; however, I recommend the standard security best practice of removing network facing services that are (more...)

On Demand Webcast Replay: How To Manage Your Data Center With Oracle Virtual Networking

Learn how to improve infrastructure performance, significantly reduce costs and complexity, and simplify storage and server connectivity with Oracle Virtual Networking products. View a demonstration of the Oracle Fabric Manager and find out how the Oracle Fabric Interconnect, the core of the data center fabric solution, simplifies data center management (more...)

Oracle Solaris Security Recommended Reading

| May 10, 2013

A few recent security-related items you may not have seen yet:

First off, we have a new paper on security standards compliance using Oracle Solaris 11: Oracle Solaris 11 and PCI DSS Compliance.

This paper specifically takes a look at how customers can use Oracle Solaris 11's extensive security feature (more...)

How to Build A Cloud for Family and Friends Using Oracle Solaris 11

| Apr 30, 2013

When we talk about cloud, we tend to focus on The Cloud. Enterprise. Government. Scalable. Fast. Big. Bigger. Fastest. That's all wicked impressive, but it's not something I can do on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Now, I like and use Dropbox. There are other easy-to-use cloud services out there similar (more...)

How Oracle Solaris Engineering Thinks: Liane Praza

| Apr 11, 2013


It's not often you get a glimpse into how the brightest minds at Oracle think. And Liane is certainly one of the brightest minds at Oracle. In these two short videos (about 2 minutes each), taken at the recent Oracle Solaris Innovations Workshop, she explains:

Why We Build Virtualization (more...)

Massive Solaris Scalability for the T5-8 and M5-32, Part 3

Today I conclude this series on M5-32 scalability [ Part1 , Part2 ] with enhancements we made in the Scheduler, Devices, Tools, and Reboot areas of Solaris.


The Solaris thread scheduler is little changed, as the architecture of balancing runnable threads across levels in the processor resource hierarchy , (more...)

Oracle Solaris and SPARC performance, Part 4½

A couple of quick pointers to wrap up this series, at least for now.

First, Steve Sistare's added a couple of meaty posts to his blog, on "Massive Solaris Scalability for the T5-8 and M5-32":

And I'll let Rick Ramsey at OTN Garage (more...)

Oracle Solaris and SPARC (and x86) Performance, Part 4

East or West?

I admit it. Being a bit removed from my days as a system administrator, and not necessarily steeped in the day-to-day existence of network design, I was slightly perplexed when I first saw the original of the illustration on the right.

This was shortly after we'd acquired (more...)

Oracle Solaris and SPARC Performance, Part 3

Moving on from database, more world record performance, this time with Java. From the BestPerf blog:

And there's a new white paper available, which discusses the specific advantages for Java performance that Oracle (more...)

Massive Solaris Scalability for the T5-8 and M5-32, Part 2

Last time, I outlined the general issues that must be addressed to achieve operating system scalability. Next I will provide more detail on what we modified in Solaris to reach the M5-32 scalability level. We worked in most of the major areas of Solaris, including Virtual Memory, Resources, Scheduler, Devices, (more...)

The Screaming Men of Finland and Oracle SPARC Chips


In response to the release of Oracle's SPARC T5 and M5 chips, which are dramatically faster than those of IBM, IBM responded by saying that speed was not as important as other qualities. Forbes begged to differ:

Forbes Article: For Big Data Customers, Top Performance Means High Speed And (more...)

Oracle Solaris and SPARC Performance, Part 2

Continuing on the performance theme: Oracle's SPARC T5-8 server is now the world's fastest single server for Oracle Database.  In a server-to-server comparison, T5-8 has a sevenfold price advantage over a similar IBM Power 780 configuration for database.

This is a perfect example of what we can do by (more...)

Miss MoneyPenny and the Oracle Solaris 11 Provisioning Assistant


In the following video, Bart Smaalders, from the Oracle Solaris core engineering team, explains why they decided not to provide a direct upgrade path from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11, and the best way for a data center to perform an indirect upgrade.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Why Engineering (more...)

超人気のあのセミナーをオンラインでもう一度! ~Oracle Solaris 技術トピックス編~

「Oracle Database & DBA Developer Day」(通称:”DDD”)の動画コンテンツとプレゼンテーション資料ご紹介の第弾です。


Oracle Solaris 技術トピックス

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center で始める、次世代 Oracle Solaris 統合管理システムの構築

オラクルのハードウェアと OS、仮想化リソースを包括的に管理するソフトウェアである Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c と Oracle Solaris を組み合わせた統合管理システムについて説明します。
Ops Center 12c を導入することにより、物理ハードウェアやオラクルが提供する仮想化環境を資産として一元化することができ、効率的なシステム運用が可能となります。
また、Oracle Solaris の最新情報も併せて紹介します。

Oracle Solaris 仮想化環境と OS プロビジョニング環境の構築

本セッションでは、Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c (more...)

Massive Solaris Scalability for the T5-8 and M5-32, Part 1

How do you scale a general purpose operating system to handle a single system image with 1000's of CPUs and 10's of terabytes of memory? You start with the scalable Solaris foundation. You use superior tools such as Dtrace to expose issues, quantify them, and extrapolate to the future. You (more...)


| Mar 28, 2013

The big SPARC launch took place earlier this week. As usual with these events, it was a lot of fun to attend, even if no gimongous tents were involved. I was standing in the back, next to the control booth; as the music went up and the lights went down, (more...)