The Unicorn Project : My Review

| Dec 24, 2019

The Unicorn Project is a follow-up to The Phoenix Project. Actually, it’s more like the same book again, but written from different person’s perspective.

I loved The Phoenix Project, but absolutely hated The DevOps Handbook, so I was a little reluctant to start reading The Unicorn Project, as I was really worried I would hate it, and it would tarnish the memory of The Phoenix Project.

Overall it was fine, but IMHO it was (more...)

Back to the “good old days”, and other cases of denying change!

| Dec 15, 2019

This is going to be about the technology industry, but I’m going to liken things to what’s going on here in the UK…

Things are pretty depressing at the moment. The latest political fiasco in the UK makes me realise I have little in common with the majority of the British voting public, and I’m starting to think I have little in common with a lot of people working in the technology industry.

I was (more...)

What are you really measuring?

| Dec 9, 2019

File this under the “Lies, damn lies and statistics” section.

As I walked into the office the other day I looked at a monitor used to display various bits of news and information. One of the things it displayed was the number of service desk calls over the last period. I’m sure my reaction was meant to be, “Wow, the service desk are smashing it by answering all those questions!”, but my actual reaction (more...)

API Platform – Developer Portal Delegated Authentication

| Nov 18, 2019

The API Platform when you configure IDCS to provide the option to authenticate users against a corporate Identity Provider such as Active Directory will automatically update the Management Portal Login screen accordingly. However today it doesn’t automatically update the Developer Portal login page.  Whilst perhaps an oversight, it is very easy to fix manually when you know how. As result you can have a login that looks like:

The rest of this blog will (more...)

Notifications from Oracle API Platform Cloud Service

| Nov 11, 2019

There are circumstances in which notifications from the Oracle API Platform CS could be seen as desirable.  For example, if you wish to ensure that the developers are defining good APIs and not accidentally implementing APIs that hit the OWASP Top 10 for APIs. Then you will probably configure things such that developer users can design the APIs, configure the policies, but only request an API to be deployed.

However, presently notifications through mechanisms (more...)

More Free Oracle Cloud than you might know

| Nov 4, 2019

free-750x536The news about Oracle offering some free cloud services ‘for life’ is making an impact.  But, the free services don’t end there. The pricing of some other native cloud services includes some free bands. So it’s worth keeping an eye on the fine print. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see limited capacity access in other areas.

Oracle Functions – whilst the core of this service is built on the open-source Fn Project (also (more...)

Turning your Raspberry Pi into a science research station via BOINC

| Oct 26, 2019
Use your computing power for the greater good

How to resize a btrfs root partition on Oracle Linux

| Oct 19, 2019
Resizing a root partition (/) of a running Oracle Linux isn’t hard but the information out there on the web is limited. In my situation, I was given access to an already installed Oracle Linux environment that wasn’t using all the available space of the disk. The root partition, formatted with the btrfs filesystem, only … Continue reading "How to resize a btrfs root partition on Oracle Linux"

OGB Appreciation Day : Support of Hybrid

| Oct 10, 2019

This is my blog post as part of the Oracle Ground Breakers Appreciation Day (more about this with oracle-base) isn’t about a specific product or feature but an approach or possibly two approaches that exists with many of the PaaS services available from Oracle.

One of the key things that many of Oracle’s products such as Integration Cloud, API Platform and the foundation of Functions (Fn) and Containers is the recognition that (more...)

Handling Socket connectivity with API Gateway

| Aug 30, 2019

At the time of writing the Oracle API Platform doesn’t support the use of Socket connections for handling API data flows. Whilst the API Platform does provide an SDK as we’ve described in other blogs and our book it doesn’t allow the extension of how connectivity is managed.

The use of API Gateways and socket based connectivity is something that can engender a fair bit of debate – on the one hand, when a client (more...)

Costs in Multi-Cloud

| Aug 28, 2019

Over the last couple of years we have seen growing references to multi-cloud. That is to say, people are recognizing that organisations, particularly larger ones are ending up with cloud services for many different vendors. This at-least in part has come from where departments within an organization can by meaningful resources within their local budgets.

Whilst there is a competitive benefit of the recent partnership agreement between Microsoft and Oracle given the market margin AWS (more...)

How to install Oracle Database 18c XE on Windows

| Aug 19, 2019
Get up and running with the free Oracle Database edition on Windows

How to install Oracle Linux on a Raspberry Pi – the easy way

| Aug 11, 2019
In one of my past posts I showed how one can install Oracle Linux on a Raspberry Pi from a Mac via the command line. Luckily my colleague Philippe pointed out to me that things can be even much, much easier thanks to Etcher, an open source tool to flash SD cards and USB drives. … Continue reading "How to install Oracle Linux on a Raspberry Pi – the easy way"

How to set the date and time on Linux

| Aug 4, 2019
Here a quick post for how to set the date and time on Oracle Linux via the date command. This is more for my own documentation but it might help others as well. To set the date you have to pass on a date in a given format. I find the +%D format option the … Continue reading "How to set the date and time on Linux"

London Oracle Developer Meetup – OIC Patterns and more

| Jul 9, 2019

This Meetup was put together quickly as it presented an opportunity to align with other events happening in the Oracle offices. Despite the relatively short notice we a turn out that really made great use of our speaker – Sid Joshi who walked through the Enterprise Level patterns supported by Oracle’s Integration Cloud (OIC) including a demo showing how PaaS4SaaS worked using Service Cloud and OIC making use of VBCS and integration (formerly ICS) parts (more...)

Managing API Gateway Costs with Oracle API Platform

| Jul 3, 2019

The Oracle API Platform adopted an intelligent pricing model by basing costs on API call volumes and Logical gateway node groupings per hour. In our book about the API Platform (more here). We suggested that a good logical grouping would be to reflect the development, test, preproduction and production model. This makes it nice and easy to use gateway based routing to different environments without needing to change the API policy configuration as you (more...)

How to install Oracle Linux on Raspberry Pi

| Mar 18, 2019
Did you know that Oracle Linux is also available for ARM processors? That means that you can install Oracle Linux on an SD card for a Raspberry Pi as well. Below I will show you how to do that with a Mac. tl;dr Download the latest Oracle Linux image for ARM Uncompress the image with … Continue reading "How to install Oracle Linux on Raspberry Pi"

csv2db – the little CSV command line loader you always wanted

| Jan 29, 2019
It was over the last holiday season that I wanted to take some time and play around a bit with data. The outcome was rather different than I initially expected. Rather than having worked with the data, I spent a lot of time trying to get some CSV data loaded into a database. I knew … Continue reading "csv2db – the little CSV command line loader you always wanted"

How to download the latest GitHub repo release via command line

| Jan 15, 2019
I just fiddled around a bit to find out how to download the latest GitHub release via the command line. Turns out that GitHub doesn’t provide a universal download URL to release binaries like it does for the release browser page itself. The latest release page can always be reached via, e.g. Unfortunately that … Continue reading "How to download the latest GitHub repo release via command line"

How to install Python 3 on Oracle Linux

| Jan 8, 2019
You can install Python 3 on your Oracle Linux 7 environment with three simple steps: sudo yum install -y yum-utils sudo yum-config-manager --enable *EPEL sudo yum install -y python36 As a first step, in case you don’t have it yet on your system, is to install the yum-utils package. This package includes the yum-config-manager which allows you … Continue reading "How to install Python 3 on Oracle Linux"