Hello Oracle Security Readers, If we combine the following factors together then we can identify an escalation route from Index on SYSTEM to SYSDBA which does not require SELECT privileges on the indexed table: 1. SYSTEM passes it’s DBA role through it’s procedures. 2. Oracle indexes allow execution from read via functions i.e. INDEX can [...]

Oracle 12c Auditing Chapters

Spent a good amount of time yesterday and today reading about auditing in Oracle 12c.  Can’t say I read every word, but I think it was worth reading the three chapters in the Security manual related to auditing:

Chapter 21 Introduction to Auditing
Chapter 22 Configuring Audit Policies
Chapter 23 Administering the Audit Trail

I haven’t used these features but it seems like a major new piece of code with the Unified Audit Trail.


Come back when we’re open

I subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 and had a payment stuck on an expired credit card. Even though there was a new card, the billing system kept trying the old one.

In a modern cloud service, I would open a service request and expect things to be handled for me. But this is Microsoft. And with the arrogance of the monopolist they used to be, they require you to please show up when they feel (more...)

12c : Transportable Database

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Oracle 12c introduces full transportable export/import,  an  exciting new feature that greatly simplifies the process of database migration. It  employs

  •  Oracle Data Pump export  to extract  all of the system, user, and application metadata needed for a database migration
  •   transportable tablespaces mechanism to move user and application data i.e. datafiles containing user and application data are physically copied to the target. This results in a migration that is very fast, even for very large volumes of (more...)

Oracle SQL*Net Wait Events


Unfortunately, what Oracle calls “Network Waits” have little to do with Network but and almost exclusively to do with the time it takes to pack messeges for the network before they are sent.
Client = you, the tool, sqlplus, application
Not the client, the other side = the shadow process is communicating to the client

Of the three waits, only “more data” is possibly related to network issues and that’s not even clear, the (more...)

Learned a couple of things from RMAN restore

A RMAN restore and recovery that I completed today answered a couple of questions that remained after the recovery that was the topic of my post from June.  Both today’s recovery and June’s involved a restore of a production database on another host and a recovery of that database to a particular point in time.

Question 1: How to rename redo logs?

When doing a restore and recovery to a point in time RMAN (more...)

ADF Book Bundle – get one free!

Packt Publishing has a “buy one, get two” offer that runs until Wednesday. If you don’t have my ADF books, this would be a great opportunity to buy my new book Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple: Second Edition and get a free copy of Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials (or the other way around ;-)

Overlapping ranges with priority

A few years ago, Alberto Dell’Era blogged about product prices with overlapping date ranges; “on an overlapping range, the strongest priority (lower number) wins.” His analysis, explanation and solution are all excellent. I’m revisiting the subject to suggest a few improvements (and mention MATCH_RECOGNIZE yet again). To explain more easily, Alberto uses letters (a,b,c,d,e) instead […]

Don Burleson

This is the second in a series of posts about different performance tuning authors and speakers who have had a big impact on my career.  My first post was on Craig Shallahamer.  I am ordering these posts chronologically.  Craig was the first to impact my career by improving my Oracle performance tuning knowledge.  The next person was Don Burleson.

I have heard Don Burleson speak at several user group conferences and (more...)

Oracle : buffer busy wait

Oracle 10 and 11

Buffer Busy Waits usually happen on Oracle 10 and 11 mainly because of insert contention into tables or Indexes.  There are a few other rare cases of contention on old style RBS segments, file headers blocks and freelists.
Before Oracle 10 and 11 there was one other major reason which was readers waiting for readers, ie one user does a phyiscal IO of a block into memory and a second user (more...)

Health Care Crises in Application Development

The demand for healthcare application development is exploding and has been exploding over the past couple of years because of

  • Obama Care – Affordable Care Act
  • Regulatory – HITECH and HIPAA Privacy Acts
  • IDC 10
  • Pro-active Health Care (versus reactive health care)
  • Mobile devices

but to develop applications for health care requires the data to be masked. Why does masking data matter and matter especially for health care? If patient information gets out it can (more...)

Using hints with coe_xfr_sql_profile.sql

In an earlier blog post I showed how I used coe_xfr_sql_profile.sql from the sqlt toolkit from Oracle support to force a particular sql statement to run with a more efficient plan that it had used in the past.

Today, I’m trying a slight variation.  Take the problem query, run it with hints, and use coe_xfr_sql_profile.sql to apply the resulting plan to the original query.  I built a quick and dirty test (more...)

Delphix Modernization Engine

Delphix Modernization Engine is built on version 4 of our Agile Data Platform. Delphix built the Modernization Engine to help companies trying to migrate or consolidate data centers (including migration to private, public clouds) or retire/rationalize application portfolios. The product is designed to dramatically reduce project risk, as well as time and run-rate IT costs. Key functions include:

Virtualize entire application stacks: Delphix can now do for applications and file systems what we already did (more...)

Delphix 4.0 Performance Analytics

This is super cool, fine grain powerful performance analytics in Delphix 4.0 just released!

To understand what the analytics shows, it is important to understand the role Delphix plays and where  Delphix sits in the architecture of data.  Delphix is used to provide clones of a data. The most well know Delphix data cloning example is the use case of cloning Oracle databases. If I had three normal copies of an Oracle database, then (more...)

The Future of User Experience

I’m off to the Netherlands for the first and finest Oracle User Experience Event in Europe, arranged by Oracle Platinum Partner AMIS Services BV at their offices in Nieuwegein.

AMIS and Oracle are pulling out all the stops – Oracle is flying in their top UX talent to speak, AMIS has lined up some of their experienced consultants, and they’ve even invited a few outside experts (like me).

I’ll be co-presenting with Killian Evers (more...)

On the Topic of Technology… 6

March 16, 2014 (Back to the Previous Post in the Series) It has been a while since my last post on this blog – I guess that the simple answer is that I was busy with a lot of non-Oracle Database related items, and was suffering from a bit of a writer’s block (nothing that a […]

Two performance analytics examples this week

I attended two events this week that used the term “analytics” to describe a performance tuning feature that displays metrics in various useful ways.

On Tuesday, I attended a Delphix 4.0 Webinar where Delphix’s CTO Adam Leventhal described the new Delphix Analytics including the very interesting Latency Heat Map.  The latency heat map looked like a customer usable front end to the sort of performance information that Delphix support had collected when I (more...)

Enterprise Performance Tuning in the Age of Agile Data

The new Oracle Scene magazine is out. Checkout pages 48-50 for an article by  me.

Here are the awesome contents of Oracle Scene magazine Spring 2014:

  • READING EXECUTION PLANS by Jonathan Lewis  Ace Director 18
  • ANGELS IN THE ARCHITECTURE by Chris Muir & Frank Nimphius 28
    • The Ultimate Modernisation Challenge by Mia Urman Ace 35

views in 12c

Observed an interesting idiosyncracy in the creation of views in 12c (this is in a pluggable database, but not confirmed whether this is related or not).  This database was upgraded from 11.2 without incident…until we came to replace one of the existing views.

SQL> create or replace
3 as select * from other_schema.account;
ERROR at line 3:
ORA-01720: grant option does not exist for 'OTHER_SCHEMA.ACCOUNT'

Now that struck (more...)

How many stars do you need?

The latest Michelin Guide is out, and Copenhagen added another two stars for a total of 15 of the coveted Michelin Stars across 13 restaurants.

In order to reach the exceptional level of a Michelin-starred restaurant, you need to have an absolute world-class chef. And he (almost invariably a “he”) needs a good team around him.

However, most development team does not need temperamental world-class artists. For independent software vendors, who can sell thousands of (more...)