Applied July Patch Sets To Test Databases

I applied the current July patch sets to a 11.2 and a 12.1 test database.  Now I have a and a test database.  It is helpful to have test databases that are on the most current patch sets and releases.  If I see unexpected behavior on some other database I can try the same thing on the patched test databases to see if some (more...)

Success Factor: Framework Longevity

I just read an interesting article about  Longevity (or Lack Thereof) in JavaScript Frameworks, and Brian Moschel makes the same recommendations I make to my customers.

Mainly: You do not want to pick the tool that’s hot this year.

hot_js_frameworks(picture from blog above)

The reason is that choosing this year’s hot framework is an unnecessary leap of faith that places your project at risk. What happens if you choose wrong? You’ll watch your application (more...)

dbms_redefinition houskeeping

dbms_redefinition actually is a nifty, but powerful little toolkit that let’s you change table-definitions without actually locking the table in such a manner that it would prevent regular operations from being interrupted.

You can read loads about it in the Oracle documentation or in the wealthy library by Mr. Tim Hall.

housekeepingOne thing I noticed, and which I want to share here has lots to do with the house keeping that is automatically done by (more...)

Why users or sysadmin login is taking time

If users or sysadmin user trying to login in r12, Its taking time for login process. The problem most probably its is something to do with profile option. Please make sure the debug and diagnostics is not enable at the user level for sysadmin user or users.

Oracle Standard Cluster: New Location / Name For Alert Log

RSS content

In my last post, I had presumed there is a bug since I discovered an empty clusterware alert log in its conventional location i.e.  $ORACLE_HOME/log/<hostname>in standard cluster.

[grid@host01 ~]$ crsctl query crs activeversion;
Oracle Clusterware active version on the cluster is []

[root@host01 host01]# ls -l /u01/app/12.1.0/grid/log/host01/alerthost01.log

-rw-rw-r– 1 grid oinstall 0 Jun 15 14:10 /u01/app/12.1.0/grid/log/host01/alerthost01. (more...)

Registered for Oracle OpenWorld

I registered myself for Oracle OpenWorld and I have my hotel reserved and my flights ticketed.

I think it has been over 12 years – probably more like 15 years – since I went to OpenWorld. I went at least once between December 1994 and November 2003 when I still lived in Florida and was working on Oracle databases.  But since I moved from Florida I do not believe that I have been to the conference. (more...)

Porting Installation Files to Different tmp Directory

If a full /tmp directory is blocking you from running an installer script, try this:


Matching Your Database to Your Application

I’ve just been troubleshooting an ADF application that ran fine on one environment and not on another. After some searching, I discovered that a script had not been run on one of the environments so the database was different.

That reminded me of a simple database check that I often include in my applications: I simply calculate a hash value of all tables and views with an SQL statement like this:

select sum(
+ (more...)

Linux Shell Script To Monitor Space Usage and Send Email


LC_ALL=C df -hP | column -t | grep -vE ‘^Filesystem|tmpfs|cdrom’ | awk ‘{ print $5 ” ” $1 }’ | while read output;
echo $output
usep=$(echo $output | awk ‘{ print $1}’ | cut -d’%’ -f1 )
partition=$(echo $output | awk ‘{ print $2 }’ )
if [ $usep -ge 90 ]; then
echo “Running out of space ”$partition ($usep%)” on $(hostname) as on $(date)” |
mailx -s “Alert: Almost out (more...)

Modernizing New Jersey: One Forms System at a Time

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the New Jersey Government Oracle User Group (NJOUG).

It was incredible to see such a dedicated group of people; almost 50 people came out just from the government to hear all different types of topics with regards to database, middleware, etc.

I was actually asked to speak on a range of topics to basically map out what I see as the future for Oracle Forms from (more...)

ASM 12c, OCR and voting devices II

I finished the installation of 12c cluster and noticed that I haven’t been asked for voting and registry devices as was previously the case. I had to create a single disk group. John Franklin, from LinkedIn RAC SIG suggested running ocrcheck command, so I did:

[grid@rac1 ~]$ ocrcheck -details
Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
Version : 4
Total space (kbytes) : 409568
Used space (kbytes) : 1612
Available space (kbytes) : (more...)

ASM 12c – no voting/quorum device and OCR?

I installed my first 12c ASM (database is still and I made the 11G disk layout: 2GB for voting/quorum, 2 GB for OCR. However, the installation procedure did not ask me for the voting and OCR devices. ASM came right up without them. So, the devices are not needed for 12c? What about upgrading from 11g, which did need the devices? The “crsctl” utility confirms that voting and OCR devices are (more...)

Check out 6.00.1x computer science class on edX!

I just finished the last program for a computer science class on edX and I urge you to try it.

I took this class:

MITx: 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

I was more interested in how MIT taught the class than in the material itself because I already know the subjects covered.

The class taught the basics of programming – expressions, variables, loops, if statements, and functions.

It also had a large focus on bisection or binary (more...)

Oracle 12 and latches, part 2

In my previous post, I looked at non shared latches and how the latching is done by Oracle. This post is a description on how the latching works for shared latches.

The information is quite internal, if you landed on this page it might be a good idea to start with my first post on this topic: first post.

A famous example for shared latches is the ‘cache buffers chains’ latch.

For the sake (more...)

My picks for UKOUG_Tech15

I went over the agenda for UKOUG_Tech15 and took my picks & suggestions.
Then I thought, why not share these…


Is Oracle the Best Language for Statistics
Brendan Tierney – Oralytics

Standard Edition Something for the Enterprise?
Ann Sjökvist – SE – JUST LOVE IT

Looking for Performance Issues in Oracle SE – Check what OraSASH Can do for You
Marcin Przepiorowski – Delphix

Silent but Deadly : SE Deserves Your Attention
Philippe Fierens (more...)

Oracle 12 and latches

Oracle DBAs who are so old that they remember the days before Oracle 11.2 probably remember the tuning efforts for latches. I can still recall the latch number for cache buffers chains from the top of my head: number 98. In the older days this was another number, 157.

But it seems latches have become less of a problem in the modern days of Oracle 11.2 and higher. Still, when I generate heavy (more...)

Oracle APEX 5.0.1 now available

Oracle Application Express 5.0.1 is now released and available for download. If you wish to download the full release of Oracle Application Express 5.0.1, you can get it from the Downloads page on OTN. If you have Oracle APEX 5.0.0 … Continue reading

Managing identity information from multiple sources with Oracle Identity Manager, Part 2

Consolidating identity information in Oracle Identity Manager

In part 1 one this article we saw several options for managing identities in an environment where multiple sources for identity information are used. In this part, you’ll find more information on how to set up Oracle Identity Manager in a scenario like the one described in the Swift&Safe Inc. use case.

First of all, the identities based on the input from CUST1 will be placed in dedicated (more...)

Inserting million of time series data (rows) per second inside oracle database part2

In the previous post we have demonstrated how index columns order (matching or not, the data arrival pattern ) can impact the performance of the insertion.

Going a little bit further we will try to increase again the insertion performance rate.

One of the available options is to use direct path insert, since 11.2 release the APPEND_VALUES hint is available for standard insert statement.

Again using the two different column order, we will check the impact using (more...)

Delphix Express – a free version of Delphix




photo by Yannis (CC 2.0)

On the website there is a “Free Trial” download which is a fully functional 30 day trial version of Delphix. Unlike the 30-day trial version, Delphix Express is yours to use, as long as you’d like.

Delphix Express is a free version of Delphix limited to 1 vCPU and 25 GB of managed storage.

Delphix Express is in pre-release status. If you’d like to join (more...)