VirtualBox 5.1.20

VirtualBox 5.1.20 has been released!

The downloads and changelog are in the usual places.

The installation on macOS Sierra and Oracle Linux 6 hosts went well and all seems to be working OK there.

I’m not 100% sure about the Windows 7 host though. The installation itself went fine, as did the installation of guest additions on a Linux VM running inside it. After a restart of the VM I attempted to do (more...)

My Vagrant Journey

This is probably nothing new.

Wanted to build my own Vagrant box with prerequisite to install GI/DB.

Instead of creating new network, use existing to assign IP.

Shared Folder uses existing location versus having to copy binaries into Vagrant location.

Same Vagrantfile can be used with a little search and replace.

You might ask, why not automate GI/DB install. I like to practice installating and cloning.

Next, install GG and DG.

After, create 2 RAC clusters (more...)

Oracle Linux Vagrant Boxes

Almost like finding gold.

Oracle publishes Vagrant boxes based on Oracle Linux

Vagrant + Ansible + Oracle

So, I finally got my act together and created the repositories I’ve been meaning to create for ages, to automatically spin up a VM running Oracle. They are: and uses Vagrant to provision the machine, and then Ansible to automatically provision Oracle. The readme’s for each repository should (hopefully) be enough to get […]

#Javaland 2017 wrap up

Yes – I did it again and attend Javaland conference in Phantasialand Brühl.

It was not easy this year to concentrate on the sessions because of the hottest march of the last 100 years. But the quality of the sessions beats the weather. Maybe again my invest in reading the abstracts and filter the sessions before the conference has payed off.

Day 1 Conference

Jens Schauderdocumentation & slides with AsciiDoc, Git, Gradle and Reveal.js


racattack-ansible-oracle Up and Running

From a time long ago –

With help from oravirt, I was able to install RAC VMs.

At this point, only the servers have been created and nothing has been installed; that’s coming up at some point.

Some clarification for setup=standard vagrant provision

setup=standard (shell environment variable)

vagrant provision (executable)

This is where the confusion was at first.

falcon@falconidae MINGW64 /e/racattack-ansible-oracle (master)
$ setup=standard vagrant provision

collabn2 eth1 lanip  :192.168.78. (more...)

Oracle Linux Vagrant boxes

I use Vagrant a lot. It is an awesome tool when it comes to quickly spin up a local VM for some testing. All my boxes are stored on Hashicorp’s Atlas. Atlas provides a lot more functionality than just being a box repository, but I only use it for just that. I try to create one […]

RAC Attack Vagrant FAILED

If anyone has successfully configured RAC Attack using Vagrant, I really would love to know how you did it.

First, instructions are all over the place and I finally followed the one below.

Does anyone know what the vagrant password is?

E:\vagrantfile\OracleLinux\racattack12cR1>vagrant up

collabn2 eth1 lanip  :
collabn2 eth2 privip :
collabn2 dns server role is slave
on first boot shared disks will be created, this  (more...)

Vagrant was unable to mount VirtualBox shared folders – Solved

My starting point of installing Vagrant on Windows:

If you are attempting to use Vagrant with VirtualBox, you may encountered issues with mounting shared folders.

Update VirtualBox to 5.1.18r114002

E:\Vagrant\sitepoint>vagrant version

Installed Version: 1.9.3
Latest Version: 1.9.3

You're running an up-to-date version of Vagrant!

E:\Vagrant\sitepoint>vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64

A `Vagrantfile` has been placed in this directory. You are now
ready to `vagrant up`  (more...)

Now available: Oracle Linux Vagrant Box

Vagrant is a tool to manage virtual machine-based environments. Read more about Vagrant here. Why use Vagrant? If you develop code that runs on Linux but use a MacOS or Windows machine to run your preferred browser, editor, debugger or development tools, Vagrant offers a consistent workflow to create disposable Linux environment whose configuration and dependencies are isolated from your development machine.

Vagrant Boxes are pre-built base images that can be imported into Vagrant as (more...)

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is Now Available…and so is our New VirtualBox Appliance!

Want to get started on learning everything there is to know about the latest version of our Database? Don’t want to really have to install or create anything? Well, you’re in luck. Just go download our image. The image is up and running, complete with sample data for you to play with. In a few minutes,... [Read More]

Virtual Development Server: Provide Docker images in docker registry for Oracle via Jenkins

This is a follow up to earlier Virtual Development Server: Provide Docker images in docker registry for Oracle XE Database and others.

We now try to automated build of all needed images as soon as Oracle GitHub Sources changed or we need to build our Vagrant VirtualBox again from scratch.

After we have already installed Jenkins we now install first some needed plugins.

We select explicit plugins at Jenkins Configuration: Pipeline and Pipeline Stage View Git SSH Slaves and wait for the install process Later we add Blue Ocean Beta via "Manage Jenkins" -> "Manage Plugins" . After all is installed we restart Jenkins.

After this we create our Jenkins pipeline via “New Item”.

We give it a name and select pipeline. As we do not own the git repository and cannot create a hook there, we create a simple scm poll schedule. Then we add our pipeline script.

Here is the script (more...)

Virtual Development Server: Install Jenkins for Continuos Integration / Delivery / Deployment


For automation of all of my processes I need Jenkins in my development server.

First I had installed Jenkins as Docker container via Vagrant Docker provider. But with this architecture it was very complicated to create docker images and run Docker containers on the Docker host, in this case my Vagrant Virtualbox.

So for simplification I have decided to install Jenkins with the provisioning of the Vagrant Virtualbox via a shell provider in my Vagrantfile:


VirtualBox Manual DPK Import Failure: Ran out of Virtual Disk

The DPK scripts are simply amazing. I enjoy the flexibility of the new DPK system. I will confess, creating an HCM demo environment with DPK is not as easy as the prior PUM image method, but it is pretty close. As I prepared for OpenWorld 2016, I thought I would download the latest HCM DPK (update 18) and build out a new demo server on my MacBook. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the standard (more...)

Virtual Development Server: Provide Docker images in docker registry for Oracle XE Database and others

For later creation of containers as needed in the deployment process we have first to build docker images whenever we do not find suitable one in docker hub.

For most of my development I need a oracle database. On the internet you can find a lot of Dockerfile’s for this, but no ready image. This is because for running a database you have to accept a license and this happens when you download the installation (more...)

Virtual Development Server: Add swapfile to VirtualBox as requirement for installing Oracle or build Oracle docker images

As I want later build Oracle docker images, some of this need a swapfile.

Per default my used Vagrantbox, does not have one, so later steps will fail.

As in the last blog I use a Vagrant shell provider.

  # add swapfile to the box
  config.vm.provision :shell, :path => ""

This calls the script in the created VirtualBox machine.
Make sure, that you create your swapfile on a supported (more...)

Virtual Development Server: Add enough ram and disk space to VirtualBox for further server components

As I want later build docker images and run docker containers I have to provide enough disk space for this.

Per default the Vagrantboxes have vmdk disks, these have a static size and are to small for my purposes.

Therefore I convert the disk, which comes with the box, via Vagrant VirtualBox provider from vmdk to vdi, so that it allocate only the used disk space in the host system.
Additional I add a second (more...)

Developer Days VM Startup and Shutdown, SQLcl

| Jun 16, 2016
If you're developing on a remote platform, chances are that you are using a Virtual Machine. (VM)  In Oracle, we release a virtual machine called the  "Oracle Developer Days".    This is available on the Oracle Technology Network and ala google.  Todays hack is setting up headless vm's, ports and aliases to speed up your day. (This post took a lot longer to write that the aliases we set up!)

For this (more...)

VirtualBox 5.0.16 Released….

As always, Tim Hall was the first to find it out :=) . So if you haven’t done already-update your VirtualBox setup to VirtualBox 5.0.16 version. I have done the update on my laptop (this one, Win 7 Professional) and desktop(Win 7 Professional) with no issues.

Have upgrading!

Oracle VM file sharing with Windows host

This article talks about the process to share files between Oracle VM and windows host.

Open the VM and navigate to System -> Preferences -> Personal File Sharing as shown below.

Check the Share public files on network check box as shown below.

Open the Network as shown below.

Navigate to the following path