Engage at the Nexus of Social, Mobile, Information and Cloud

Embracing a mobile, social, context-driven world.

Social. Mobility. Context awareness. Nontraditional content. User experience. Consumerization. This confluence of trends is creating unprecedented opportunities but also unprecendented exposure and risk.

How do you capitalize on these trends? How do you ensure you exploit these trends now, so you don't fall behind (more...)

Join us at Collaborate 2013!

| Mar 29, 2013

We know many of our blog readers will be attending the annual Oracle user group conference, Collaborate13 in Denver, Colorado beginning on Sunday, April 7th.  This year, there will be over 50 sessions focused on Oracle WebCenter!   These sessions will range in scope from updated product roadmap sessions to (more...)

Zooming towards OpenWorld 2013!

| Mar 26, 2013

It's hard to believe, but preparations are already well underway for Oracle OpenWorld 2013!  So while we prepare to take over downtown San Francisco, it's time for you to think about what you would like to present at the show.  Your stories and lessons learned are invaluable to the other attendees that (more...)

Annual Planning Checklist: 10 Actions of Beloved and Financially Prosperous Companies

Note: In case you missed yesterday's Webcast featuring Jeanne Bliss in our Oracle WebCenter Social Business Thought Leaders Series, Jeanne has provided us a wonderful summary to use for your Annual Planning process. You can also watch the full webcast On-Demand.

Annual Planning Checklist: 10 Actions of Beloved (more...)

Today’s WebCast – Oracle Social Business Thought Leaders

Join us today (03/21/2013 10am PST / 1pm EST) for an interesting presentation by Jeanne Bliss on

"The Five Critical Decisions Made by Beloved and Prosperous Companies"

Oracle Social Business Thought Leaders Webcast Series

Meet Jeanne Bliss – This Week’s Oracle Social Business Thought Leader

So - people often ask us about our Social Business Thought Leaders Series and why we do it.

Want to make sure your Customer Experience Work Stays on Track? Manage these Seven Inhibitors of Customer Experience Work Success

Guest Post: Jeanne Bliss, President, CustomerBliss

1. Starting with a mantra, not an action plan.

a. Often companies decide that they want to get some early traction by telling everyone to “focus on customer experience” What happens next is that people realize this is a big corporate priority and begin (more...)

Customer Loyalty: The Hidden Humanity

How many of us have had the experience with an organization either in person, on the phone or online that just leaves us seething with feelings that we’ll never do business with that company again? I’d bet that most of us have (more...)

Configure Coherence for Oracle WebCenter Portal Framework Content Presenter Task Flow

This guide aims to give you complete configuration overview for how to configure Coherence Cache for Oracle WebCenter Portal Framework Application using the Content Presenter Task Flow.

This document is intended for WebCenter Portal Application administrators who have to improve performance by configuring Coherence cache for Content Presenter.

For more information about the Coherence Cache for Content Presenter have a look at the following link:



The Content Presenter and the Content Management Interoperability Service (CMIS) are delivered out of the box with in-memory Coherence cache. This cache is NOT enabled by default. You can (more...)

Which managed server needs Java Object Cache and how to verify JOC is running

My college Yannick already wrote very good article about how to configure Java Object Cache in clustered environment you can find HERE.

There are two things on top of that, I would like to share regarding the Java Object Cache: which managed server needs JOC and the second one is how to verify if JOC is running.

The documentation section here, says that the JOC should be configured on all servers running Oracle Web Service Manager OWSM and Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Spaces application. The tricky part here is where the OWSM runs. The application you have to look after (more...)

WebCenter Customer Spotlight: DDI

| Mar 12, 2013

Author: Peter Reiser - Social Business Evangelist, Oracle WebCenter

 Solution Summary

Development Dimensions International, Inc. (DDI) has been helping hundreds of organizations around the world―including half of the Fortune 500 companies―close the gap between where their businesses need to go and the talent they must have to take them there. With associates in 42 offices in 26 countries, the company’s expertise includes designing and implementing employee selection systems and identifying and developing talent, from front-line workers to executive leadership.

As DDI continued to grow, it experienced escalating costs associated with searching, storing, and recreating critical, expense-related documents for its operations (more...)

Oracle’s Global Customer Experience Survey Reveals the Challenges, Strategies and Lessons Learned for Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era

Today's customers are "plugged in" 24/7. They demand instant access to information and transactional capabilities when they want them, are savvy when it comes to making purchase decisions, and are not afraid to change brands if a company no longer meets their expectations.

How are companies responding to the new environment of rapidly rising customer expectations and disruptive innovations like social, mobile and cloud technologies?

Oracle’s recently released global survey of 1,300 senior-level executives from 18 countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America yields new insights on the challenges, strategies and lessons learned for succeeding in the (more...)

Web Experience Management: The Key to Exceptional Online Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect an experience that is both relevant and interactive across web, mobile and social channels. By focusing on creating experiences that demonstrate how well you know your customers, that promote social interactivity, and that allow for anytime, anywhere access across web, mobile and social channels, you can successfully drive customer engagement, and unlock the door to greater sales and loyalty for your business.

The key to delivering the kind of exceptional online customer experiences that can help drive the success of your business is web experience management. A web experience management solution such as Oracle WebCenter Sites, (more...)

Are You Providing Your Customers with an Engaging Online Experience?

As we saw in Tuesday’s screencast about delivering exceptional online experiences, today's customers expect an online experience with your brand that is personalized, interactive and social. In order to drive sales and loyalty, you need a web experience management solution that empowers your business to easily create and manage contextually relevant, targeted and interactive experiences that are optimized for web, mobile and social channels. Oracle WebCenter Sites can provide you with the capabilities you need to manage large-scale, global online presences that engage and captivate your customers.

Ready to engage?
Learn more today:

    • See a demonstration of the exciting new (more...)

    Quarterly Customer Update Webcasts

    Quarterly Customer Update Webcasts

    Oracle offers a series of live Webcasts for all Oracle WebCenter customers (content, portal, sites and social) to get the latest info from product management about their WebCenter products.

    Next WebCenter Customer Webcast – March 14th / 15th
    Join the Oracle WebCenter team as we provide insights into hot new products and roadmaps that you would want to consider for your WebCenter deployment. With Social Computing and Mobility being 2 of the hottest topics in the industry, we would like to present WebCenter's offerings in these areas. This next Oracle WebCenter Quarterly Customer Update (more...)

    The Online Customer Experience Challenge

    Web, mobile and social channels have ushered in what Altimeter analyst, Brian Solis, referred to in a recent Oracle WebCenter Social Business Thought Leaders webcast as connected consumers. These connected consumers have more choices, influence and access to online information than ever before. Engaging these customers and earning their sales and loyalty can be a great challenge.

    Customers decide how, when, and where they want to engage with your brand--whether it's in the store, over the phone or on the web. They expect you to know who they are and what they need, and to seamlessly recognize them at (more...)

    Real-Life Oracle WebCenter

    When asked about public-facing, real-life examples of Oracle WebCenter in action, Oracle has for the last couple of years presented universities (Université Laval, Texas A&M University). But it is now rumored that BAE Systems‘ site is running Oracle WebCenter.

    As it should be, you can’t tell from looking at the (more...)

    Web 2.0 Solutions with Oracle WebCenter 11g (book review)

    by Fábio SouzaHello People! This was supposed to be a post to celebrate the new year, but, as you all can notice, the things didn't happen the way I was expecting (again haha). Today I will talk...

    This is a summary only. Please, visit the blog for full content and (more...)

    Comparison of Oracle Portals

    In one of my presentations at this year’s UKOUG Conference, I made a comparison of the five Oracle portal products:

    • WebCenter Services
    • WebCenter Suite
    • Oracle Portal
    • WebCenter/AquaLogic Interaction
    • Weblogic Portal

    The comparison included framework capabilities, content management and built-in functionality, and I came to the following conclusion:Comparison of Oracle Portal ProductsThe evaluation applies (more...)