Get selected row (single/multiple) from POJO based table in ADF by Ashish Awasthi

clip_image001Previously i have posted about populating af:table from managed bean using POJO and adding records in it, Check this- Populate af:table programmatically from managead bean using POJO
In this post i am extending previous post application
This post is about getting selected row from POJO based table , It is a common requirement while using af:table based on POJO

Get single row using custom selection listener-

SelectionListener  handles selection event of table , whenever user (more...)

Using Shared AM to Cache and Display Table Data by Andrejus Baranovskis

clip_image002This post is based on Steve Muench sample Nr. 156. In my personal opinion, ADF samples implemented by Steve Muench still remain one of the best source of examples and solutions for various ADF use cases. Sample Nr. 156 describes how to use Shared AM to display cached data in UI table. Typically Shared AM's are used to implement cached LOV's (session or application scope). But it could go beyond LOV, based on the use (more...)

Create shortcut of page on a button click in Oracle ADF using JShortcut library (For windows) by Ashish Awasthi

clip_image001This post is about a small trick to create shortcut file from ADF application
Actually this type of requirement doesn't come in picture when you are working in web application , for web application bookmarks replaces desktop shortcut
Still if you want to do this then you can follow approach mentioned in this post
Creating shortcut programmatically requires access of operating system but you need not to worry about that
There is a java library (more...)