Fusion Middleware public Oracle Maven Repository

clip_image001is now online at https://maven.oracle.com What does this mean for developers?
Excitingly, this means that developers working with our Fusion Middleware stack (specifically, WebLogic, Coherence, SOA, ADF and OSB) will now have free and easy access to APIs, libraries and utilities they need to build, test, package and deploy applications via Maven or Maven-smart technologies (like Ivy or Gradle). This not only simplifies their build tasks, but also provides a  positive perception in (more...)

WebLogic on Docker by Bruno Borges

clip_image002Docker configurations to facilitate installation, configuration, and environment setup for developers. This project includes dockerfiles and samples for both WebLogic 11g 10.3.6 with JDK 7, as well WebLogic 12c 12.1.3 with JDK 8.

Based on Official Oracle Linux Docker images

For more information please read the Docker Images from Oracle Linux page.

How to build and run

This project offers Dockerfiles for both WebLogic 11g (10.3.6) and WebLogic 12c (more...)