Want to become a certified Mobile Expert? free training material available

clip_image001Enterprise Mobility delivers the most advanced solution for developing and securing mobile applications, data and cloud-based services. It is critical for enterprises to ensure that users are connected via any device to enterprise applications. Oracle Enterprise Mobility addresses this challenge by allowing developers to create more compelling user experiences and deliver them securely to mobile devices.

Free training material and free online training is available at our WebLogic Community Workspace (WebLogic Community membership required (more...)

IoT Hackathon by eProseed September 15th & 16th Utrecht Netherlands

clip_image002[4]The Internet of Things (IoT) is all the buzz in the consumer space. Whether your clock tells your coffee maker to start, an alert that a meeting is delayed automatically figures out a new time to adjust your alarm, or your phone controlling both access and the temperature of your house, the idea of everything being connected is here to stay. But, what does it mean for the enterprise?

Whether you are new to IoT (more...)

Extending the Weblogic Console by adding Books, Pages and Portlets by Peter van Nes

In this video is demonstrated how you can customize the weblogic console by adding Books, Pages and Porlets displaying SLA Information related to the domain.


Watch the video here.

WebLogic Partner Community

For regular information become a member in the WebLogic Partner Community please visit: http://www.oracle.com/partners/goto/wls-emea ( OPN account required). If you need support with your account please contact the Oracle Partner Business Center.

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Enterprise Manager (EM), WebLogic 12c Demo at GSE

clip_image002First please request access to our middleware GSE demo systems here

Global Sales Engineering (GSE) is proud to announce the availability of both the EM Cloud Control 12c Framework Administration SV2 (Sales Version 2) demo and the EM Cloud Control 12c WLS (WebLogic Server) Provisioning and Patching SV2 demo. These two related product demos showcase the latest plug-in releases for Database & Fusion Middleware.

Highlights of each demo

Framework Administration Demo

Podcast Show Notes: Docker and Virtualization


The latest OTN ArchBeat Podcast series features a four-part discussion of Docker and Virtualization.

The genesis for this program was a blog post about Docker on Oracle Fusion Middleware architect Mark Nelson’s RedStack blog, a post Mark co-wrote with fellow Fusion Middleware architects Edwin Biemond and Joel Nation.

Mark and Edwin are panelists for this discussion, as are Fusion Middleware architect Jim Clark, Oracle ACE Director and Fusion Middleware expert Lucas Jellema, CTO of AMIS (more...)

WebLogic Partner Community Newsletter August 2015

Demos are key as part of the sales process. You as a partner can use the same demo systems that Oracle pre-sales experts use every day. Demos for both PaaS and on-premises are available including sample applications and demo scripts. Some demo highlights include JCS, MCS or WebLogic 12c. Therefore a GSE demo credentials are mandatory for all community members.

Once again EMEA is leading the global OPN Specialization program with more than 50% of (more...)

Developer Cloud Service & WebHooks

Have you tried using WebHooks within Developer Cloud Service to integrate with third party tooling supporting WebHooks? In this demonstration I'll show you how it's done through integration with Slack. Slack is a team messaging tool (slack.com).

Taking an Eclipse Project to the Cloud

In this video I'll show you how to take a project created in OEPE and use DevCS to manage the lifecycle of the application. First, is to create a project in DevCS, create a connection to your cloud environment from your IDE and then simply drag and drop your OEPE project onto the git repo in your new DevCS project within the cloud view of your IDE. After this, it's business as usual creating/assigning/resolving tasks, (more...)

WebLogic Server 12.1.3 on Kubernetes

Most of you recall, that I have some little history in Oracle WebLogic server. Coming all the way back from BEA times. I don't want to comment on recent developments or features or standard support, but one thing is for sure: It is out there and having the chance to run it containerized is something many customers will appreciate. Maybe this is the one thing, that will make a real difference in our industry with (more...)

Overview of WebLogic 12c RESTful Management Services

Inspired by a presentation given by Shukie Ganguly on the free Oracle Virtual Technology Summit in July (see here); “New APIs and Tools for Application Development in WebLogic 12c”, I decided to take a look at an interesting new feature in WebLogic Server 12c: the RESTful Management Services. You can see here how to enable them. In this post I will provide an overview of my short study on the topic.

RESTful management services (more...)

Developer Cloud Service and Oracle ADF

ADF Spotlight sessions demonstrate features of Oracle ADF. Recently I delivered a session providing a DevOps solution in the cloud for Oracle ADF developers. This was broadcast live on June 30, 2015. You can view the full recording on YouTube here.

DevCS / ADF Spotlight Event: Tuesday, June 30

Tue, Jun 30, 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EDT

Online Webcast


ADF Spotlight Webcast Serie presents


Topic: Better Team Development with the Cloud
Speaker:  Dana Singleterry (Oracle Product Management)
Category: Was gibt es Neues


The Oracle Developer Cloud service provides a cloud-hosted platform for your development team to manage the full development lifecycle. In this session we'll show how you can simplify tracking requirements and bugs, efficiently manage code versions, streamline code (more...)

Leveraging the Oracle Developer Cloud from Eclipse by W Brian Leonard

This entry looks at how Eclipse, in combination with the Oracle Developer Cloud Service, can be used to support the complete application lifecycle, from inception to production. In between we'll create bugs, create code branches, initiate code reviews, and merge code branches. We'll also slip in some continuous integration and continuous delivery. This is often also referred to as DevOps.

Check out Brian's full entry here.

How to Recover Weblogic Administration Password of Enterprise Manager

As you may know, Weblogic is a part of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control environment, and it’s automatically installed and configured by the EM installer. The Enterprise Manager asks you to enter a username and password for Weblogic administration. This information is stored in secure files, and you usually do not need them unless you need to use Weblogic console. So it’s easy to forgot these username and password, and that’s what happened to me. Fortunately (more...)

Découverte : Java Cloud Service Workshop

Installing ORDS 3.0 (Early adopter) in Weblogic.

Now the Oracle REST Data Services 3.0 Early Adopter is available, let us have a look how it’s to be installed in Weblogic 12c!

I’ve ommitted the installation or upgrade of Apex here as there is plenty of documentation on that topic, and the ORDS can be applied for other uses than being an Apex Listener since v2.0.4.

Installing ORDS

Download the Application Express and ORDS 3.0 installer from the Oracle (more...)

Test your WebLogic 12.1.3 enviroment with Robot

Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework which has an easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and it utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach. This means we can write our tests in readable and understandable text. If we combine this with the REST Management interface of WebLogic 12.1.3 we are able to test every detail of a WebLogic domain configuration and when we combine this

Create with WLST a SOA Suite, Service Bus 12.1.3 Domain

When you want to create a 12.1.3 SOA Suite, Service Bus Domain, you have to use the WebLogic config.sh utility.  The 12.1.3 config utility is a big improvement when you compare this to WebLogic 11g. With this I can create some complex cluster configuration without any after configuration. But if you want to automate the domain creation and use it in your own (provisioning) tool/script then you

Oracle SOA Suite 12c tips – Tuning the SOA infrastructure thread pool

One of the new capabilities of Oracle SOA Suite 12c is the ability to control the SOA infrastructure thread pools, except the resource pools for EDN and the adapters, with Oracle WebLogic Server work managers. Each partition will has its own work managers defined. This allows you to separate services in partitions and, to some extent, tune them separately based on for example specific SLA requirements.

Well, this blog posting is not about explaining the (more...)

The WebLogic Server and Trust Stores

I will describe how you configure trust stores for the WebLogic Server.


Chain of trust

When a SSL server certificate is issued by a CA it is signed by a another certificate. Normally this will be an intermediate certificated, that is again signed by the CAs root certificate. So there is a chain of trust between the (more...)