PL/SQL Web Service Utility: Accessing Web Services with PL/SQL is Simple!

This entry showcases a PL/SQL package called WebServiceUtils that makes accessing a web service from with the Oracle database very simple.  The package makes use of Tim Hall’s SOAP_API PL/SQL package (updated by me to get the SOAP response as a CLOB instead of a VARCHAR2) to do the SOAP encoding and processing.  The WebServiceUtils package puts a user friendly layer over the SOAP_API.    The WebServiceUtils package (here after known as the “utils” package) provides three structures (2 record types and 1 collection).  The two record types are:

  • service_definition_type – Contains attributes related to the service (more...)

Insert/Update XML data stored in CLOB Column

Recently I had a requirement to insert/update XML data stored directly in CLOB column of a table by the application.
There was a requirement to update the XML node values directly by-passing the application. I had no experience with using XML function provided by oracle, plus the column is a normal CLOB column, as part of the many columns the table has. Let me give you an example for such a table:

Columns Name Data Type
ID Number
First_Name VARCHAR2(128)
Last_Name VARCHAR2(128)
DETAILS CLOB ---> This column stores the XML information.

The process that we need to follow:

Convert (more...)

Our first official book review in on its way…

by Eduardo Rodrigues Great news! We have been contacted (surprisingly) by Packt Publishing a few days ago and asked if we would be interested in read one of their new books and then publish an...

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A comprehensive XML processing benchmark

by Eduardo Rodrigues h4 { margin-bottom: 0; font-style: italic; font-size: 110%; text-decoration: none; }Introduction I think I've already mentioned it here but, anyway, I'm currently leading a very...

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