Exposing Web Services as Database Views

In recent years, Web Services have become the defacto standard in passing  data between applications.   They make communication between disparate computer languages and architectures relatively simple.  For the most part, we tend to think of web services in terms of traditional application development (Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, etc …) and inter-process communication.  What if we looked at them from another perspective?  What if we could easily integrate web services into the database?  Make them consumable by Business Intelligence tools, and Data Mining engines WITHOUT having to change the traditional manner in which these tools access (more...)

PL/SQL Web Service Utility: Accessing Web Services with PL/SQL is Simple!

This entry showcases a PL/SQL package called WebServiceUtils that makes accessing a web service from with the Oracle database very simple.  The package makes use of Tim Hall’s SOAP_API PL/SQL package (updated by me to get the SOAP response as a CLOB instead of a VARCHAR2) to do the SOAP encoding and processing.  The WebServiceUtils package puts a user friendly layer over the SOAP_API.    The WebServiceUtils package (here after known as the “utils” package) provides three structures (2 record types and 1 collection).  The two record types are:

  • service_definition_type – Contains attributes related to the service (more...)

Our first official book review in on its way…

by Eduardo Rodrigues Great news! We have been contacted (surprisingly) by Packt Publishing a few days ago and asked if we would be interested in read one of their new books and then publish an...

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A comprehensive XML processing benchmark

by Eduardo Rodrigues h4 { margin-bottom: 0; font-style: italic; font-size: 110%; text-decoration: none; }Introduction I think I've already mentioned it here but, anyway, I'm currently leading a very...

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